African Weed Strain

African Weed Strain - African Weed Strain

The African strain is a pure sativa variety that was given its name after the geographical region in which it originated. This sort has an average THC content of around 10% and thrives in a dry, hot setting. It’s quite uplifting, and it may also be used to treat mental disorders including chronic stress and severe depression.

The term African refers to landrace variants that thrive in the continent’s native areas on the African continent. The elements influencing its growth cycle cause these strains to display as pure sativa plants as they grow in these latitudes and climates.

This strain can help you feel happier and more relaxed almost instantly, making it perfect for people who want to improve their mood. African also has many medicinal benefits and is energizing, which makes it an ideal medical strain for regular daytime consumption without feeling sluggish.


African Weed Strain 3 353x400 - African Weed StrainAfrican has a high that will initially make you euphoric, and you’ll feel a pleasant body buzz. This bud can help lift your mood and be used during the day to set the right tone for the day.

This plant is extremely stimulant, and it may be more beneficial than your favorite cup of coffee – it can help you stay motivated for longer. African can also have a big impact on your general happiness, allowing you to get through the day with greater enthusiasm than usual.

The indica-dominant African can help you come out of your shell, especially if you are naturally introverted. This bud may cause you to want to socialize more and transform you into a more talkative version of yourself. This strain will keep you in an uplifted and satisfied state, which will infect people around you.


The fragrance of African is extremely rich and distinctive, owing to its many bright hues. This strain has a musky, earthy scent with spicy and fiery undertones. With this pure strain, there’s a pungent and sweet note, as well as an aroma that is difficult to disguise due to its powerful nature.


The overall flavor of African is complex and intense, with a distinct dank aftertaste. Its smoke has a pungent, spicy quality upon inhalation, with sweet and foul notes that become most apparent and powerful on the exhalation of the smoke.

Adverse Reaction

Although African poisons are not as severe as Western ones, they can sometimes cause significant discomfort. However, this effect is uncommon when it is consumed in low doses. As a cotton-mouth is the most typical side effect of this strain, you may expect to feel thirsty and parched.

The high THC content of this bud may irritate and inflame your eyes, making them feel itchy and uncomfortable. This plant can make some users feel anxious if they consume more than they should. The high amount of THC in this product may cause headaches or anxiety for people who aren’t used to it.


African Weed Strain 4 364x400 - African Weed StrainChronic diseases, especially those relating to mental health and stress, are within the realm of possibility for african. This strain is one of the most effective methods to start your day stress-free because it may relax the mind while also providing a sense of concentration.

Use this bud to also treat severe and chronic depression by inducing an optimistic mood. African can be used as cancer treatment since it encourages patients to eat when they generally have a loss of appetite.

The use of White Rhino cannabis may help with chronic back pains, muscular spasms, and severe headaches. This strain can be utilized to alleviate nausea in many people and can also be used as a daytime medicine to restrict their symptoms.


Cannabis ruderalis is an easy-to-grow, high-yielding plant that thrives in a range of conditions. This strain may be cultivated both indoors and outside, and its yield reaches its peak when harvested in a hot and arid climate.

Flowering Time


You can expect to harvest around 12 ounces of weed per square meter of indoor-grown African plants. These buds usually take 8-9 weeks from flower to finish until they’re ready for harvest.


On average, African plants grown outdoors should be ready to yield around 14 ounces per plant by the middle of October.

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