Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Benefits

autoflowering cannabis seeds 33 - Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Benefits

If you’re confused about autoflowers, here are a few reasons that tell you why they are worth it.

Though autoflowers have become increasingly popular in recent years, some people question if the pros outweigh the cons. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to switch to autoflowers, this article will provide some clarity.

Autoflowers are cannabis plants that don’t need seasons to grow and flower. They automatically start flowering after a certain amount of time has passed, basing it off the plant’s age rather than changes in season. This is why they’re called “auto.” In addition to being fast growers, autoflower plants yield high amounts of cannabis, making them ideal for commercial growers.

Advantages and disadvantages exist for everything we do in our lives. Before you can decide if something is worth your time, you should understand both the pros and cons of that thing. In this case, I will be comparing photoperiod or regular cannabis plants to autoflowers; more specifically, if those growing traditional cannabis varieties now can start producing autos as well.

What is Autoflowering Cannabis

Autoflowering strains utilize the cannabis subspecies ruderalis to generate plants that develop and flower regardless of the light cycle or photoperiod. This means they blossom depending on their age, rather than according to the number of hours of sunshine and night. Because ruderalis is from Central Asia, where the light conditions are a little different, this is why it’s called “autoflower.”

Autoflowering cannabis is advantageous because you can outdoor crops and harvest them quicker than photoperiodic plants. Additionally, autoflowering cannabis usually doesn’t grow as tall, which makes it more manageable in a smaller space. This type of marijuana plant is also less delicate, making it a good choice for beginner growers who may not have all the tools or experience yet.. Plus, since ruderalis sometimes has a higher concentration of CBD, patients seeking relief from their symptoms might find these genetics helpful.

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1. Pros of autoflowers

Helps in stealth grows

Autos are tiny and compact. Not all of them, but some of them are genuinely tiny. For instance, if you train it well, you may easily grow a strain like Mimosa Cake Auto in your closet. The majority of autos reach a height of 4-5 feet, which is manageable in small grow rooms. They do, however, grow considerably more when cultivated outside. They are still tiny compared to other types of cannabis plants, making them ideal for people who want to cultivate discreetly.

As disappointing as it may be, cannabis is still illegal in a number of countries. However, some have been leading the charge with legalization while others are significantly slower to change their laws. Growers in these behind-the-times nations find smaller autoflowering cultivars appealing because they can more easily hide them—both indoors and out.

In general, indoor cultivation offers more secrecy. Growers can take genetically small autoflowering varieties and cultivate them in small grow tents or equipped cupboards. In the interest of stealth, some growers even go to extremes–like raising autos in converted buckets and computer towers equipped with lights and fans–to minimize the chances of getting caught green-handed.

Though indoor growing helps to keep smells at bay, many outdoor growers are embracing guerrilla growth—the art of cultivating cannabis in rural areas such as wooded borders and meadows. Autoflowering types are ideal for this method. Their diminutive size allows them to hide in the bushes and avoid curious eyes, and their tough genetics let them withstand the elements. Aside from their favorable CBD to THC ratio, these plants are perfect for growers with large gardens. They will still smell quite potent, but they manage to blend in perfectly amongst other plants. Furthermore, if you grow them alongside other aromatic species such as basil and tomatoes, the smell of their terpenes will be barely noticeable.

Mimosa Cake Auto

Although it took 12 weeks total, I usually prefer to harvest my autoflowers after only 70 days. Otherwise, I enjoyed the process of growing this one.

Autoflowers are of the Ruderalis species, which is pretty small compared to Sativa and Indica. Genetically, they aren’t as big; however, breeders have been successful in pollinating Ruderalis withSativa and Indica to produce autos that we see today. The result? Although the plants are smaller, they still perform decently.

Breeders have developed this because all forms of cannabis are under the same species, Cannabis sativa L. Although they differ in terms of height and leaf form, they all originate from the same genetic stock, making interbreeding feasible. In conclusion, each subspecies is a different variety of the identical plant.

Grows fast

The growth cycle of autoflowers is as quick as you may anticipate. The majority of automobiles complete their entire cycle, including the vegetative and flowering stages, in 10-11 weeks. There is simply no way to do it any faster.

Autoflowers can be produced in as little as 8 weeks, from seed to harvest! Many people enjoy growing cannabis plants, but not many are patient enough to wait up to 5 months or 20 weeks for them to mature. If you’re one of those who want your marijuana garden pruned right away, autos are made specifically for you.

Why do autoflowering cannabis plants grow so quickly, when photoperiod strains take longer to mature? It all comes down to natural selection and genetic mutations. Cannabis originated in Central Asia before traveling around the world on its own accord. Some groups settled in areas like Siberia as a result of natural dispersion. The short growing season made it difficult for plants to reproduce and set seed early in the year due to the northern latitude. Those with longer growth times were naturally weeded out of the gene pool, while those with fast growth cycles flourished.

In time, these groups developed the trait of flowering based on age instead of seasonal light cues. Instead of waiting for the shorter days of autumn to commence flowering, the original autos began flowering according to an internal genetic clock that allowed these populations to adapt to severe conditions. The wild form of Cannabis ruderalis, which includes all modern cultivated forms that have been selected intentionally, were introduced to Western Europe by Spanish explorers in the early 1500s. The species also developed unique morphological features that led botanists to categorize them as subspecies of Cannabis ruderalis. Breeders subsequently crossed these kinds with photoperiod cultivars that included both fast growth and attractive yields as well as cannabinoid profiles from diverse sources.

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Harvest perpetually

One of the primary cons to growing regular cannabis strains is that you are restricted to collecting twice per year. Your plants rely on the photoperiod for growth and flowering, so even with careful planning, more than two harvests isn’t possible. If you choose to grow indoors, changing lights may help slightly but harvesting can at most be done bi-annually.

Autoflowers have the advantage of being able to be harvested in a short amount of time, as little as 11-12 weeks or 3 months. This means that they can be grown continuously with no break. Another plus is that if you’re growing regular cannabis plants, you can’t add any other plants to your grow area once they reach their flowering stage. Why? Because the smaller vegetative growth plants cannot be added under the same lighting conditions.

However, with autoflowers, there are no such limitations. You may put all plants, regardless of their age, in the same grow room and still get a lot out of it. This also allows you to pick as many buds as possible without having to worry about lighting schedules or plant development cycles.

No need to change photoperiod

It’s a major benefit of autoflowers that they eliminate the need for regular maintenance. Plants in bloom are quite demanding in terms of upkeep. They endure indefinitely as long as they get at least 18 hours of sunshine. However, once you change the light cycle and they receive just 12 hours of sunlight, they begin to blossom.

Autoflowers are a type of plant that will grow from seed to harvest regardless of the light cycle.

If you’re growing plants outside, you’ll need to sow seeds and anticipate seasonal changes. However, if it’s indoors, the lighting must be altered. You’ll run into difficulties no matter how careful you are if you don’t follow these steps. Even if there is a leak in the light, you will encounter similar problems.

However, autos grow according to their age. As soon as the plant reaches a particular age, the plants begin to flower–no interference necessary. They don’t require special care and will do fine on their own whether you provide 24 or 12 hours of light; more light just means they’ll grow more but there won’t be a difference in terms of their life cycle. You can grow autos under:

  • 12/12
  • 18/6
  • 20/4

Keep in mind that the more you give, the more you will get back, so it’s usually not recommended to grow under 12/12 unless absolutely necessary.

Allows you to use maximum space

Autos are small, so you can fit more plants in one room. However, don’t go overboard. If you plan carefully, then you can use all of your space efficiently and to its maximum potential. This also increases the likelihood of getting greater yields from a smaller space simultaneously

2. Disadvantages of autoflowers


Because autoflowers are smaller than typical cannabis strains, they don’t produce as much. However, you can grow two autoflowering strains in the same amount of space that one photoperiod plant takes up. If you look at the yields, they will generally be about the same. As a result, this isn’t considered to be a disadvantage. However, if you compare the yield of a single autoflowering plant with that of a photoperiod strain,

Cloning doesn’t work

If you’re a commercial grower, you can save money by cloning the strains of plants you love instead of buying new seeds. To do this, set up two separate grow rooms: one for the cloned plants and one for the mother plants. While this is achievable ifyou have plenty of space, it can be tough for small-time growers.

Marijuana clones can be produced by anyone, but they typically only produce 2-3 grams.

While you can clone autoflowers, the resulting plants are often small and unscenic. This is because autos grow and flower based on their age; if you clone a mother plant that’s 30 days old, for example, the smaller plants will be 30 days old as well. Since they don’t have time to mature, they appear unhealthy. Ultimately, it’s not worth your time to clone autoflowers.

Most commercial growers pollinate two distinct or comparable autoflower strains to produce seeds in order to overcome this issue. You may save time and money by doing this. Cloning photoperiod plants is a fantastic concept, but you will lose time while doing it. Instead, you can grow and harvest autoflowers in the same amount of time by quickly growing and harvesting them.

In conclusion, are autoflowers really worth it? Compared to the downside of cloning not yielding much produce, they are just as good if not better than photoperiod strains in numerous aspects. The most crucial element is that you save time while growing autoflowers. And, based on the saying “time is money” you’ll definitely find thatautoflowers are well worth your investment!

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3. In Conclusion

In conclusion, autoflowers are just as good if not better than photoperiod strains in many ways. The most crucial factor is that you save time while growing autoflowers. If you believe the saying “time is money,” then it’s safe to say that autoflowers are worth your investment!

Autoflowers may provide you with a significant edge, especially if you wish to cultivate top-shelf cannabis more quickly while taking up less space, water, light, and nutrients. Autoflowers can save you 30% of time each cycle, allowing for up to four cycles every year. But always keep in mind that in order to reap the benefits of all this, you’ll need good-quality and resilient genes. You will avoid any potential problems by using the finest auto genetics, which will provide the following advantages:


Advantages of Autoflowering Strains

  • Seed to harvest in as little as 8 weeks
  • Same yields in less space
  • Perpetual harvests in 1 single grow tent
  • Save water and nutrients
  • No need to change the light cycle to trigger flowering
  • Autos can grow perfectly in harsher climates


Make sure to only buy autoflowering seeds from reputable seed banks that have good reviews. This way, you know that the genetics are top-shelf.

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