CBD Oil for Fragile X Syndrome

CBD Oil for Fragile X Syndrome 4 - CBD Oil for Fragile X Syndrome

Fragile X syndrome is a rare genetic disease. According to the US National Library of Medicine, it affects just 1 in 4000 males and 1 in 8000 females. Males are also far more likely than women to have fragile X syndrome.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 1 in 5 children develops ADHD at some point during their development. The symptoms can range from minor to severe, and they might manifest themselves in a variety of ways, including anxiety and developmental delays. There are also few treatment choices available, leaving many people unable to live a full life due to their condition.

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CBD oil, on the other hand, is a novel treatment that appears to be very successful. CBD oil is currently being investigated by scientists for fragile X syndrome, and people’s experiences have been good.

In this post, we’ll look at what fragile X syndrome is, its signs and how CBD may help.

 What Is Fragile X Syndrome?

Fragile X syndrome is a neurological disease that causes learning and communication difficulties. It causes cognitive impairment, behavioral problems, and possibly mental retardation in males. Some people with fragile X syndrome have milder symptoms than others. Among other names, it’s also known as FRAXA syndrome or fra(X) syndrome. It’s a rare genetic and developmental condition that predominantly affects males but can impact females as well.

A condition known as Fragile X syndrome affects the brain in a variety of ways. A defect in the FMR1 gene causes this disorder.

The maturation of brain synapses is aided by the formation and maintenance of FMRP. It plays an important role in the development and maintenance of synapses, which are a network between nerve cells.

The protein FMRP is important for the development of synapses, which are the connection networks between nerve cells. It also contributes to the formation of other proteins that are necessary for growth and maintenance.

The DNA of fragile X chromosomes is altered. Some may be aware that females have two X chromosomes, whereas males only have one X and one Y chromosome. This information explains why men are more likely to develop fragile X and how severely than women. It also explains the name of the condition.

When a part of DNA in the X chromosome is duplicated excessively, it becomes fragile X. The number of repeats will have an impact on how severely the patient is harmed. As a result, the symptoms of fragile X syndrome can differ considerably from one individual to the next.

The symptoms of fragile X syndrome include:

  • Anxiety
  • Social avoidance
  • Sleep problems
  • Delayed speech and language development
  • Learning disabilities
  • Autistic spectrum disorders
  • Sensory processing disorders
  • Seizures

Some characteristics of persons with fragile X begin to appear around puberty. These might include a long, thin face with big ears, brow, and chin. Men that have fragile X

How Does CBD Oil Help Fragile X Syndrome?

There is presently no truly effective treatment for fragile X syndrome. Medication can, however, help with certain problems, including:

  • Antidepressants for anxiety issues
  • Sleep medication
  • Stimulant drugs for ADD or ADHD
  • Antiseizure medication

All of these drugs have the disadvantage of having unpleasant side effects. These problems have driven researchers to look for new therapies for fragile X syndrome symptoms, including CBD oil.

CBD has the capacity to help many of the symptoms of fragile X syndrome, including anxiety, sleep issues, epileptic episodes, and cognitive problems. While it cannot cure fragile X but may alleviate some of its effects.

In animal studies, researchers found a link between fragile X and the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The endocannabinoid system is one of the main biological systems in which CBD interacts. Endocannabinoids are a type of chemical that makes up the ECS.

Endocannabinoids are chemical compounds produced by the body’s own cannabinoid receptors, which have a wide range of functions, including social interactions, memory, mood, and learning.

People with fragile X syndrome have less endocannabinoids than usual, according to research. This deficit causes issues with the central nervous system and brain activity. As a result, it appears reasonable to infer that increasing the amount of these chemicals would benefit.

This is where CBD comes in. CBD can impact the ECS and slow down the rate at which endocannabinoids are broken down by the body. These helpful compounds are concentrated, allowing CBD to provide a number of advantages.

CBD may also help to improve neurotransmitters such as serotonin and GABA. These chemicals have an essential role in mood, attention, and relaxation by allowing neurons to communicate with one another.

Research on CBD Oil for Fragile X Syndrome

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CBD for fragile X syndrome presently has no published clinical trials. However, two major research projects are currently underway.

The two projects, known as ZYN2-CL-016 and ZYN2-CL-017, are being conducted by Zynerba Pharmaceuticals, Inc. These studies will assess the efficacy and safety of a pharmaceutically manufactured CBD gel for fragile X syndrome. The solution is called ZYN002, and it’s applied to the skin.

Meanwhile, we’ll have to take anecdotal evidence to see if CBD can help with fragile X syndrome. Fortunately, a case study series published in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research found encouraging results.

Two adults and one child with fragile X syndrome took part in the research. CBD oil was used to treat all of the patients, with reduced anxiety, sleep disorders, social withdrawal, language difficulties, and motor skills among them.

Symptoms were rapidly reversed in all three patients when they stopped using CBD for an extended period of time. All three patients are now taking CBD oil on a daily basis and continue to experience benefits.

However, more study is required to determine whether CBD aids in the treatment of fragile X syndrome and how. What’s certain is that further research is needed.

Using CBD Oil for Fragile X Syndrome

People who are affected by fragile X and their loved ones might be wondering how to utilize CBD oil for any potential advantages. There are, however, a few things to think about.

CBD and Drug Interactions

CBD, like any other chemical substance, can have interactions with other medicines. As a result, if somebody is taking medication, they must first consult with their doctor before using CBD. Not taking the appropriate measures might lead to unwanted effects, which can be harmful in and of themselves.

If patients use a topical CBD product in the studies above, they may be lower. They should still seek medical advice before using such treatments.

Choosing the Right CBD Oil for Fragile X Syndrome

Second, individuals with the condition and their caregivers must carefully evaluate the type of CBD oil purchased and from where. This is due to the fact that CBD oil can be manufactured in two forms: full-spectrum or isolate.

Full-spectrum oils include a variety of other cannabinoids in addition to CBD. Many experts feel this is advantageous since these substances all have useful qualities that improve the overall impact.

However, if you’re giving CBD oil to a kid, it’s better not to use products that have a lot of THC. THC is the psychoactive component in marijuana and can be harmful to developing brains.

CBD oils available on the market today would only have traces of THC and are therefore entirely safe. Some individuals may, however, choose to utilize an isolate CBD product on children.

The Best CBD Oil for Fragile X Syndrome

Finally, anyone who uses CBD oil should only purchase from a reliable manufacturer. There are hundreds of different CBD product brands on the market; not all of them are created equal.

Charlotte’s Web CBD oil, which was used by one of the individuals in the case study series, is produced by a CBD firm called Charlotte’s Web. Charlotte’s Web is a well-known brand that uses CBD-rich hemp to make its goods.

However, there are a number of other excellent brands on the market as well. Before deciding on a CBD oil that works, sufferers and their loved ones should do thorough study and read numerous reviews.

Final Thoughts

Despite the fact that CBD oil can’t cure fragile X syndrome, it appears to give comfort. Anxiety, sleeplessness, and seizures are some of the most frequent reasons for which people take CBD. People who have fragile X may experience all or any of these issues.

Furthermore, CBD may assist the ECS in performing its function. The ECS appears to be involved in the development of fragile X and many of its symptoms.

The exact advantages of CBD for fragile X syndrome have yet to be proven in clinical trials.

The precise advantages of CBD for fragile X syndrome have yet to be proven in clinical studies. However, case reports and pre-clinical research suggest that it has a lot of promise.

A fragile X syndrome diagnosis requires an expert medical practitioner. Patients should always discuss anything new, including CBD, with their doctor before beginning any form of fragile X therapy.

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