How to Save a Joint

Any experienced pot smoker knows that pre-rolling a few joints and storing them is the best way to be prepared for whenever the mood strikes. But how do you store a rolled joint so that it stays fresh? We take a look at some of the best methods.

Some smokers like to have a steady stash of rolled joints on hand for whenever the urge to get high hits. This kind of preparation is practical, but some might question if it is better to keep their bud in a glass jar or bag to prevent deterioration. These individuals raise a good point–it’s important store rolled joints in an airtight container to preserve freshness and potency as long as possible. It’s also essential that the container can withstand being transported without damaging the contents inside.

Why Storing Your Cannabis Joints Is Important

Now imagine this: you’re in the process of rolling your joint, and you pull out weed from your most relaxing strain. You take a deep inhale only to find that your weed has gone stale because you left it sitting out for a few days.

If you don’t store your weed properly, not only are you endangering your health by smoking subpar bud, but it will also be less flavourful and aromatic. Worse yet, you’ll have wasted the money spent on the initial purchase.

If you don’t want your cannabis to go bad, follow these storage tips:

  • Mould can quickly form on your flowers or product if left exposed to moisture, not only ruining your project but also leaving you at risk for inhaling spores that could be harmful to your health.
  • Over time, your cannabis will likely lose its original flavour and aroma as the terpenes break down because of light and air exposure. Once this occurs, the quality of your weed diminishes.
  • Not only does smoking your product lose its potency, but you also don’t get the high and effects as you used too. You would need to smoke more marijuana than before to feel any effect, costing you much more money in purchasing this drug.
  • If you expose your weed to too much sunlight, it can dry out and become brittle. This makes it difficult to handle and smoke, which ruins the experience.

Although it’s efficient to buy your smoking materials in bulk or prepare them ahead of time, all that work goes to waste if you don’t preserve your joints and buds properly when not in use.


Joints can last for a prolonged period, especially if you Cure the plant matter used inside of them. Of course, if you store your joint in a moist place, it will mold eventually. If you leave it out in open air, it will still degrade overtime and lose its potency regarding taste and smell.

Storing your joint in an airtight container will help it last longer and stay fresh, so it’s tasty when you’re finally ready to smoke it. If you leave your joints out on a desk or shelf, they won’t be as fresh compared to if they were kept in a sealed environment.

Let’s explore some of the available storage methods to help you keep your joints fresh and protected while in transit.

BEST JOINT storage methods


The Saverette is an incredibly useful tool for smokers, especially those who prefer joints over bongs or pipes. It has multiple functions: it can be used to store a pre-rolled joint, or even a partially smoked joint. Plus, it will put out the joint for you! The Saverette is the perfect way to extinguish your joint without having to damage it by putting it out yourself. In just 5 seconds, the joint will be extinguished and you can go about your business without worry. The Saverette is made from heat-proof, hard plastic, so you never have to worry about it melting or creating toxic fumes.


Not only do cigar tubes keep cigars fresh, but they’re also the perfect size for joints! Their solid structure eliminates bruising and makes transportation a breeze. And if you need to roll a blunt, you can use the cigar wrapping inside the tube.


Have you ever painstakingly rolled a joint, only to watch it get crushed in your pocket en route to its final destination? If so, you’re not alone—but there is a solution. Torpedo cone tubes offer an efficient way to store joints while being transported. These sleek-looking tubes act as containers for your precious product, keeping it safe until you’re ready to smoke. Their hard plastic protective layer will twist and crush your joint, so it’s the perfect way to travel with a jay. What’s more, torpedo cone tubes come in varying colours to suit your preference including black, orange, red, yellow, and blue.


Pill bottles make a great way to store rolled joints. Although they’re not usually very tall, they have enough room to fit small and fat joints, or those that are partly smoked. Just like they do with pills, pill bottles work to keep out moisture and free radicals, preserving your joints for a long time.


Although zip bags are not the most innovative storage method, and have some cons–for example, a lit joint will easily burn through the plastic–they certainly do have their upsides. For instance, they’re an amazing way to keep joints fresh when stored at home since they prevent air and moisture from entering. Additionally, they offer more protection during transport than traditional methods.

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