Incredible Hulk Weed Strain Review & Information

Despite what its name may suggest, the Incredible Hulk isn’t going to be a super-powerful strain. Cannabis consumers enjoy classic choices such as comic books and films based on them, in addition to the comics themselves. However, don’t undervalue this plant because of its flavor or effects; it can be easy to overindulge in too much of it.

Knowing what to anticipate from a strain can be useful. You want an enjoyable experience that certain strains may not provide in some cases. The Incredible Hulk marijuana strain will be discussed in the sections below.

Incredible Hulk Strain Genetics

Incredible Hulk is a 70/30 Sativa-dominant hybrid of Green Crack and Jack Herer, containing Green Crack and Jack Herer as parent strains. You’ll experience a burst of energy followed by a physically relaxing high. Strains bred from Green Crack are said to excel in social situations. This strain allegedly helps people fight insomnia every night.

The amazing smell of The Gorilla is sure to wake you up each morning, and the high THC content is perfect for tackling a laundry list of tasks. This strain’s popularity makes it very accessible at nearly every dispensary. Even experienced users may find this strain to be quite powerful, with THC levels up to 25 percent!

The Jack Herer strain has a THC level of 24 percent and tastes citrusy with floral undertones. Another one that’ll be ideal for a nice wake and bake session is this strain. After consuming this strain, you might find yourself considerably more productive.

Incredible Hulk Weed Strain Yield

The Incredible Hulk is resilient enough to be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. The strain won’t offer too many obstacles when it comes to growing. Depending on the area utilized to grow, an indoor grower may expect to produce around 2 ounces each square foot. A grower who farms outdoors will get a yield of around 15 to 20 ounces per plant, which is quite a significant amount.

A few strains have a low yield and may be difficult to cultivate. These strains are for more experienced cultivators since they might cause novice growers to abandon their plant cultivation project early. Begin with simple marijuana plants to build your confidence and expertise in the process of growing cannabis over time.


Incredible Hulk has a strong fruity scent, with subtle earthy undertones that add complexity. Rolling a bud of Incredible Hulk in your hand is comparable to rubbing freshly plucked herbs between your fingertips and leaving behind pungent odor on your hand that you keep smelling? Incredible Hulk offers a strong blueberry scent that transports you back to summers spent picking berries as a kid. You may appreciate the earthy, almost skunk aroma hiding behind the blueberries if you take a thorough look at the contents of your grinder.

Incredible Hulk has a pleasant smoke and smells just like blueberries when baked in a pie. The heat enhances the skunk odor even more and can linger in the air for some time after smoking, which may be worth thinking about if you’re attempting to be inconspicuous.


If you enjoy blueberry pie, you will be thrilled to learn that the Incredible Hulk strain’s fragrance profile also has a blueberry taste. When you breathe in Incredible Hulk, you are greeted with a warm blueberry flavor that lingers on your tongue as the smooth smoke travels down your throat. The woody aroma of Incredible Hulk is rather enjoyable, and the tastes are not far off from its namesake. More puffs of Incredible Hulk offer you the opportunity to delve into some of the subtler nuances that you may have missed at first. There’s an earthy pine note that works well with the blueberry flavor, but there are also touches of pineapple that seem strange in this mix but which are nevertheless good.

Incredible Hulk has a strong skunk after taste that lingers in your mouth for some time and is only somewhat removed by swirling a glass of water around your mouth. While this is not the most awful flavor that you could encounter, it is unfortunate to lose the warm blueberry taste, which contributes to the Incredible Hulk’s legendary flavor.


Plants are usually tall and outgrow everything around them, much as you would anticipate from a strain named after the Incredible Hulk. Buds are round in form and substantially larger than those of most sativa-dominant strains, keeping with the strain’s name. The buds are a vibrant green color with fine orange hairs that work their way from the middle out to the sun, shouting for notice. A thin layer of amber trichomes covers the buds, mixing with the buds’ hue to create a yellow sheen across the surface of the nugs.

If Incredible Hulk’s flavor profile and effects sound like they may be exactly what you’ve been looking for in a strain, you might be thinking how to begin producing your own Incredible Hulk plants at home. Let’s look at what it takes to cultivate a robust Incredible Hulk plant.

The Incredible Hulk is the high that smacks you with a strong pressure around your eyes and temples. These physical sensations are soon overwhelmed by a buzzing sense of mental stimulation. Users may experience their thoughts flowing in rapid succession. In the appropriate setting and setting, this cerebral high might lead to euphoria, allowing smokers to find interest in whatever external stimulus they choose. Such an intense, focused mentality is naturally conducive to doing tasks — whether they’re free-flowing and creative or concrete and analytical. The strain may also provide the physical motivation needed to exercise with the vigor of the Hulk himself. As the high wears on, users may feel some slight physical stimulation, ranging from increased tactile sensitivity to thorough relaxation; this simultaneous action on mind and body can make Incredible Hulk a potent aphrodisiac under the right conditions. Incredible Hulk is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that produces buds with high THC levels and an emphasis on cerebral effects. Reports of time dilation, in which users may get lost in rabbit holes of their own thoughts, are common among fans of the variety. This trippy edge makes Incredible Hulk an excellent pairing for stimulating discussions and compelling films. Incredible Hulk isn’t suitable for use before bedtime because it’s likely to leave smokers wired and awake.

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