NightFire OG Marijuana Strain Review

White Fire OG is a stunning herb on its own. Its buds are coated in trichomes, giving them the appearance of little snowballs that allude to their strength. Furthermore, the smoke produced by this strain‘s lemony flavor with subtle diesel undertones has an intense euphoric effect that immediately lifts people.

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To enhance it, Sin City Seeds used the somewhat Sativa-dominant hybrid White Nightmare to complement it. Like the previous, it has milky white trichomes with a wonderful smoking experience. What sets it apart from White Fire OG is its rapid maturation period, which it conveniently transmits to its offspring NightFire OG – a bud that gained attention in the cannabis industry for its brilliant green nuggets despite having a thick layer of crystallized sugar.

NightFire OG is another strain from Sin City Seeds that’s similarly potent as other varieties. It has THC levels of up to 23%, which when consumed, transport consumers to new heights. Nonetheless, it fulfills its medical purpose by relieving symptoms of sadness and tension.


The fast-acting Sativa strain is named Bloodline. Almost as soon as the initial puff, it takes users up in a miasma of happiness. The majority of the time, individuals enjoy the uplifted mood and joy that the buds provide.

However, for many casual users, the revitalizing mood helps them get to work. After all, the mental clarity stimulates a burst of creativity. The ebb and flow of ideas gives rise to ground-breaking concepts that are enhanced by a passionate interest. The wake-and-bake qualities also translate to the physical as an uplifting sensation begins to trickle from behind the temples. Rather than break the streak of profundity, it enhances it by maintaining a relaxed state for users.


Users of ‘NightFire OG’ may be startled by its strong odour. Of course, in a good way. It combines berries and lemons with a clean scent of pine that is very similar to an air purifier as the buds release a chemical odor.


Its flavor is described as citrus and woody notes of pine, with a sweet taste like ripe berries and lemons. It has the scent of fresh fruit with a hint of dirt on the exhale.

Adverse Reaction

As with other all strains, NightFire OG has a case of dehydration. Its most apparent signs are in the eyes. Users who take NightFire OG are likely to get cottonmouth, especially if cannabinoids start to interfere with saliva production. The dry spell is easily manageable but may be rather unpleasant for novices, especially when coupled with the fact that cannabis has a drying effect on your mouth and throat. It’s a good idea to have a few glasses of water after smoking if this happens to you.

In high doses, NightFire OG overstimulates the senses and leads to a highly keen awareness of one’s surroundings. Though rare, it can stun users with a feeling of paranoia. As such, marijuana must always be used with caution.


Hybrids and sativas that lean toward it are uplifting, invigorating, and revitalizing. As a result, NightFire OG is highly beneficial in the treatment of depression. It is also beneficial to persons suffering from other mental disorders such as PTSD.

At the same time, NightFire OG is an excellent stress reliever. It soothes both a person’s fast-paced thoughts terrified of anxiety and any accumulated tension in the body. As a result, the flower performs well at alleviating both mental and physical tiredness.

THC, in addition to producing the euphoric high, is a natural pain reliever. Its relaxing effect relieves strain on the eyes caused by unopposed pressure behind them, which can lead to glaucoma. It also relieves headaches and other types of pains throughout the body.


Because of its finicky grow, NightFire OG is not recommended for novices. Its stalks are fragile, and its branches readily fracture off. The strain is susceptible to wind gusts, sudden dips in temperature, and high humidity levels when cultivated outside. Not to mention that pests may damage the batch while it’s being grown. As a result, while the plant performs extremely well in gardens, many commercial producers cultivate their plants indoors instead.

Breeders can fine-tune numerous factors, such as lighting and temperature, and air circulation, in controlled settings. They may also keep pests at bay by keeping them isolated. However, NightFire OG’s height necessitates management. To preserve the plant short, aspiring growers might top it early and utilize tactics such as bending and super cropping to do so. These strategies also encourage higher yields from a crop that is already producing vigorously.

At present, Sin City Seeds offers only feminized NightFire OG seeds, therefore breeders will most likely have at least half a crop of males. Plant more seeds or use pre-germination tactics such as soaking to increase the chance of producing a calyx-filled female. Once it’s flowering time, Low-Stress Training will prevent the plant from developing into hermaphrodites.

Flowering Time


Compared to other Sativa-leaning strains, NightFire OG has a shorter flowering period of about 9 to 10 weeks. Using certain methods such as the Screen of Green can even lessen the blossoming phase by a week. With that said, it produces up to 18 ounces of buds per square meter.


In the northern hemisphere, NightFire OG blossoms between the second and fourth weeks of October. Each plant produces at least 11 ounces of trichome-frosted buds.

Have you ever smoked or produced your own NightFire OG? Please leave a remark below if you’ve ever fired up with this cannabis strain.

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