Runtz Marijuana Strain Review

One of cannabis‘ most famous monarchs is Runtz (50/50), an evenly balanced hybrid. Its phenotypes are numerous, and its tastes are almost synonymous with Los Angeles. It comes from a beautiful line that includes Zkittlez and Gelato strains and is currently conquering the Colorado cannabis market. Dispensaries all over the state are jumping on board with Runtz, encouraging customers to try something new.

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The Runtz strain, as compared to normal Cookies cuts, is light and wispy. Its trichomes stick out and develop in stringy calyxes with a distinct alien allure of their own. When cultivated outside, the plant blooms in 8-9 weeks and produces harvests at the end of September. Whether cultivated outside or indoors, yields are excellent: about 450-500g per square meter of garden.

Runtz Effects

The Runtz strain’s effects are almost immediate. Even after the sweet taste has worn off, the powerful, euphoric head high begins to manifest itself. Most users experience euphoric, giggling feelings of happiness within minutes of their first puff. It’s a creative high that doesn’t quite induce enough enthusiasm to want to leave the house. Have hobbies or films planned ahead of time so you can enjoy this hour-long head high for as long as possible.

The body high occurs approximately fifteen minutes after the head high. It begins in the rear of the head and works its way down the spine, eventually reaching the extremities and creating tingling in your fingertips.

Sativa is a nice strain for evening use. When the body high kicks in, you’re likely to find yourself sitting in one place thinking clever ideas or watching your favorite movies.

Runtz is a California (now Colorado) favorite for a reason. The strain is high in three prominent terpenes: Beta-Caryophyllene, Linalool, and Limonene. It has both the sweet candy sweetness of fruit and woody citrus tones layered over tropical citrus fruitiness. The fruitiness is delectable, while the earthiness leaves just enough depth to satisify those with a more complex palette.

Runtz Strain Fragrance

If you’ve smelt Runtz candy and got a puff of sugar in your mouth, you’ve had a good experience with the smell. It’s sweet, fruity, and mild, as if it came from a box of sweets.

Runtz Strain Flavors

The flavor is sweet, fruity, and a little creamy, just like the aroma. The aftertaste is quite sugary. There’s a touch of berry in the Pink Runtz variety, according to some users.

Adverse Reactions

Runtz’s most common side effects include dry eyes and a cracked or bleeding mouth. Users who dive in too rapidly, on the other hand, occasionally report anxiety or paranoia as a result of the strain’s high THC level.

Users tend to underestimate Runtz for these reasons. Taking the candy-flavored kush in small doses, rather than all at once, can help reduce these adverse effects and keep everything cool.


Runtz is a strong body high strain that has earned a solid reputation among users. People who use the plant therapeutically rave about it, as it has significant pain-relieving qualities. To begin with, its pain-relieving effects help to reduce chronic pain to the point where it becomes unnoticeable.

The tingly body buzz works its way through your whole body and relieves everything from headaches to minor aches and pains. It also aids in the reduction of tightness and inflammation, which is beneficial for arthritis, chronic stress, and injuries. Do you have an empty stomach? Runtz may assist with nausea and other physical effects owing to chemotherapy.

Sleep problems can be treated with Runtz, as the indica begins to take over. Most individuals report that their dreams are actually delicious after a night in bed with Runtz. The euphoric, uplifting high is an ideal way to unwind from stress on the mental side.

The cheerful, happy buzz that Runtz provides alleviates anxiety in patients. Patients notice their concerns dissipating as the calm, joyful buzz enters their thoughts instead of staying there. Even those who are suffering from depression discover that Runtz can assist them in their fight.

Growing Runtz Strain

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on some Runtz seeds, you’re in luck. This strain is quite robust and simple to cultivate. Even a modest Runtz strain crop may provide plenty of lovely kush as long as the grower is ready for some big plants.

When you’re growing your Runtz strain, the sativa strains are plainly visible. It’s an aggressive up-and-out grower that doesn’t naturally branch off. It responds favorably to high-stress training methods for growers who want to train it to grow out rather than up.

The Screen of Green growing technique may assist Runtz gardeners in making the most of their plants in this situation. Prepare to fertilize and water your Runtz plants to help them thrive. Because Runtz plants develop quickly, they require more nutrients than compact varieties do. In fact, don’t be afraid to give them extra nitrogen if necessary. Keep an eye on the leaves to verify that they aren’t being damaged from lack of nutrition.

Flowering Time


Runtz has a high yield potential in indoor environments. Indoor crops may be harvested after 7-9 weeks on average. Depending on training techniques, the Runtz strain creates 14-16 ounces of excellent bud per square meter while growing indoors.


Runtz plants may be grown outside in the northern hemisphere all year, with harvest beginning in mid-October. Each Runtz plant can produce up to 18 ounces of bud under favorable conditions.

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