Terp Pearls and Banger Beads: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

terp pearls 23 - Terp Pearls and Banger Beads: The Ultimate Buyer's Guide

Not sure what terp pearls are? No problem! This article will explain everything you need to know about these little balls that enhance your dab rig experience. Not only will we tell you the benefits and how to use them, but we’ll also give some ideas on which terp pearl products are best for you.


Terp pearls, or terp balls/dab pearls, are small but have big impacts. They’re mainly used in dabbing rigs: you put them into your banger and they spin rapidly as you take a dab. The spinning breaks up some concentrate globs so that you can take bigger hits. By using terp pearls in your banger, you can use lower temperatures and avoid the long wait time for heat-up. Terp pearls also help to distribute the heat more evenly. They come in different sizes (6 or 4mm) and material types (borosilicate glass, quartz, ruby).


Not only are terp pearls aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide multiple valuable benefits to any dabber’s experience. Terp pearls improve the overall function of your dab rig by evenly distributing heat. They also help to cool down the banger so you can enjoy longer and low-temperature hits. Furthermore, terp pearlson the bottom of your banger will prevent puddles from forming and ensure that every bit of concentrate is heated evenly.

Terp pearls serve two functions: they help to distribute heat more evenly, and also prevent puddles from forming on the bottom of your banger. This makes for better hits with less build-up, which can be difficult to clean otherwise. Terp pearls also allow you to take larger hits while still enjoying great flavor. By swirling around the vapor inside the banger as you take your draw, terp pearls cause the vaporize to be more aerated—giving you deeper hits that are packed with flavor.

terp pearls 21 - Terp Pearls and Banger Beads: The Ultimate Buyer's Guide


Although it’s not complicated to use terp pearls, there are two methods that users prefer. Some people like to put the terp pearls into the banger after heating it up and before adding concentrate. Others find that using a cold banger and heating both simultaneously works better for them. No matter how you choose to use them, be cautious when handling hot materials! Too much heat can quickly turn your good time into a trip to the ER. Adding the terp pearls to your banger before heating is not only safer, but we recommend it. This won’t affect how well the terp pearls work at all. To use terp pearls, simply drop them in your banger, heat it up, add your concentrate, and take a deep breath. You’ll see the terp pearls spinning around inside the banger which creates a nice visual effect. Then sit back and relax as you enjoy both the high and flavor that these terp Pearls provide.


Terp pearls needs to be cleaned after every use or else bacteria will start to grow, changing the taste of your banger. Not cleaning them will also result in a decrease in performance. To clean your terp pearls, simply get some q-tips and swab out your banger and Pearce sides. If you want a deeper cleanse, soak them in isopropyl alcohol for 30 minutes.


While many carb caps don’t work well to create terp-spinning pearls, some are better than others. To get the best hit, look for a carb cap with good airflow so that air moves around in the banger and pushes the terp pearls. The Tornado Carb Cap on Fat Buddha Glass provides one of–if not THE–best dabbing experience with terps today thanks to its quick spinning action and deep inhales.


Now that you understand what terp pearls are and their advantages, it’s time to decide which type is best for you. The four primary types are ceramic, borosilicate glass, quartz, and ruby. Ceramic models require the most delicate care but can withstand high temperatures better than other varieties. They may be more difficult to clean but have a taste profile similar to quartz terp pearls. The most popular material used for quartz watches is borosilicate glass; however, it’s essential to be aware that if this type of glass gets heated at high temperatures, there is a risk it will melt or distort. If you desire a more reliable quartz watch that can stand up to heat better than other materials, they are reasonably priced. If you’re looking for a luxurious watch, consider one with a ruby or sapphire. These two precious stones hold heat better than any other material. When cleaning your stone, be sure to wait until it has cooled as this can damage the pearl surface coating. With proper care and regular maintenance your ruby or sapphire watch will last forever!

terp pearls 11 - Terp Pearls and Banger Beads: The Ultimate Buyer's Guide

What Size Terp Pearls Do I Need?

There are different sizes of terp pearls for sale, with the most popular ones being 4, 6, and 9 millimeters. However, before you purchase any size pearl, think about which carb cap you have as well as what quartz banger own. Also consider other factors that might affect your decision to buy a certain size pearl.

4 mm Terp Pearls

If you have a small banger, it likely has an tiny bucket. This 4 mm will fit perfectly for a small-carb cap, and thus if your device is battery operated, 4 mm is the right size for you.

6 mm Terp Pearls

A 6 mm terp pearl is the best size for a “normal” sized banger if you’re looking to use it with joints that are 10 mm to 18 mm.

9 mm Terp Pearls

This pearl is relatively large, and you should only buy it if your banger is big enough to support it. It looks amazing, but it’s meant for bangers that are around 30 mm. So be sure to choose the right size according to which banger you own. If you buy a bigger pearl than necessary, there’s a risk of ruining your quartz banger.

How Many Terp Pearls Should I Use?

You only need one pearl if you select the size of your pearl banger appropriately. It is easier to spin a single pearl than it is to spin multiple because two or more pearls might slide instead of spinning as they should.

The number of pearls you use depends on the size ratio of your banger to your pearl. For example, multiple 4 mm terp pearls can spin in a standard size or 30 mm banger, but only one 4 mm terp pearl fits in a small portable banger.

So, how many terp pearls should you use? The answer is usually one. However, depending on your taste and what your banger can afford, you can experiment with more.


Now that you’re aware of what terp pearls are, how to utilize them, and the various types available. What’s stopping you from enhancing your dabbing experiences by purchasing some terp pearls? You won’t regret increasing the level of coolness in your hits when using terp pearls. Not to mention, impressing all your friends with their appearance will be an exciting added bonus!

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