Top Cannabis Strains For Creativity And Focus: Marijuana for Artists

top cannabis strains for creativity and focus marijuana for artists 43 - Top Cannabis Strains For Creativity And Focus: Marijuana for Artists

Many people have had a great idea while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you haven’t, we likely haven’t met yet.

Brainstorms that are fueled by weed may not always produce notable results. It’s one thing to come up with an idea like “a spaceship that will visit other planets to gather all the natural resources we could ever use!” but it’s a whole different challenge to solve a difficult work-related problem or take a beautiful, artistic photograph.

Although neurologists are undecided about whether cannabis spurs creativity, some studies suggest that smokers may do better on a test measuring one aspect of creativity (divergent thinking), and pot consumption has been linked to increased blood flow in the part of the brain associated with creativity (the frontal lobe).

While many experts disagree, people claim that smoking allows them to be more creative. Some say that cannabis just helps them focus or relaxes the mind so they can think better. Whether or not weed makes you a genius is still up for debate. However, it’s safe to say that enhanced focus and less stress would be great benefits of smoking cannabis.

The Case For Weed And Creativity

Despite what skeptics say, many people have had success using pot to increase their creativity.

Many artists across disciplines give credit to marijuana for jumpstarting their creativity, and it’s not just limited to contemporary figures like Willie Nelson and Snoop. Musicians such as Louis Armstrong and Madonna, artists like Modigliani, comedians including George Carlin, even entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs have all attested to the benefits that weed had on their ability to think creatively or write productively.

If you want to use weed to enhance your creativity, know that too much of a good thing is possible. This is something experts, celebrities, and everyday smokers agree on.

Cannabis has been shown, in research studies, to actually increase divergent thinking and originality with only small doses. However, larger doses can have the adverse effect and lead to marked decreases. Also, from personal experience of those who enjoy marijuana recreationally, it is easy to overindulge which results in couch lock (falls asleep on the couch) or simply passing out.

There is proof that marijuana can help with creativity, but it works best in small dosages and only affects certain people.

Choosing the right type of cannabis can be daunting.

top cannabis strains for creativity and focus marijuana for artists 42 603x400 - Top Cannabis Strains For Creativity And Focus: Marijuana for Artists

Jack Herer

Jack Herer was created by crossing Northern Lights #5 with Shiva Skunk and Haze. It was created in the Netherlands in the mid-1990s and named after famous cannabis activist Jack Herer. A fan favorite, it has won many Cannabis Cups.

The first few minutes after consuming this cannabis strain will bring forth an exhilarating headrush that quickly spreads relaxation throughout the entire body. This increased sense of calmness and focus is perfect for those seeking a balanced hybrid experience. As the effects progress, users will feel uplifted and energetic, making it ideal for social situations or creative endeavors.

Jack Herer is a tall, thin plant with long branches and extensive internodal gaps that flourishes in warm weather climates. With an average flowering period of 60 days, it emits a sweet fruity smell mixed with hints of pepper and spice.


The Michka strain is inspired by the life of French author, explorer, and activist Michka Seeliger-Chatelain. A sativa-dominant phenotype of Eagle Bill, it combines Thai, Jamaican, and Colombian genetics with a pure sativa.

You can expect this particular strain of cannabis to have a sweet taste with spicy undertones, similar to fresh lemons mixed with pepper. The effects of the sativa leaves users feeling energetic and focused, making it an ideal choice for writers, painters, and musicians.

If you’re looking for a beautiful classic sativa, Michka is the strain for you. With its tall, slender build and long flowering period, it’s perfect for anyone who loves gardening or spending time outdoors. Additionally, its open structure enables superb airflow to reduce the risk of mould buildup. For best results,Michka should be grown in Mediterranean climates with lots of sunshine during summertime.


Tangie is a hybrid of California Orange and Skunk #1 that was first popularized in the Netherlands during the mid-1990s. It can now be found at most coffee shops throughout Amsterdam.

Tangie’s lovely sweet flavors come from terpenes like fresh oranges and tangerines, earthy undertones, myrcene, pinene, terpinolene, and linalool. It is a tall strain with closely packed buds and large internodal spacing. Its flowering time indoors can be up to 70 days long, while outdoors it will flower late September to early October.

Tangie’s uplifting effects will encourage creativity and mental focus. After consuming Tangie, users can initially expect a sense of euphoria which dissipates into a soothing cerebral high. This strain promotes productivity by keeping one’s focus while enhancing creativity.

Silver Haze

Silver Haze is a classic sativa that gets its name from the many trichomes that glisten under light during flowering. It was created by crossing Haze with Northern Lights, and has become the breeding block for many modern sativa-dominant hybrids.

This sativa is one of the sweetest around–you’ll taste notes of freshly-squeezed lemon with every puff, and undertone hints of sandalwood. Once you exhale, the flavors will have combined to leave a delicious citrus aftertaste on your tongue that’ll remind you terpene limonene.

The impacts of this weed are incredibly powerful and should not be underestimated. The smoker can feel an energetic head rush that elevates the mood within a few puffs, and is the perfect daytime strain for creative inspiration.


AK-420 is a cannabis strain created by Sensi Seeds, intended to be reminiscent of the iconic AK-47 strain. It first became available in 2022. This particular hybrid has dominance over sativa genetics, and draws from Columbian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani lineage.

With a maximum flowering period of 65 days, this strain does best in warm climates. As is typical for sativas, plants have long, thin frames and can get very tall if grown outdoors. Buds form along the length of the branches on these medium-sized plants. For bigger, denser buds that are mostly green with some hints of yellow or lime, trim off some of the extra leaves near the bottom during flowering.

AK-420 has a intricate and exquisite terpene profile. You will detect deep, earthy aromas with fresh pine and citrus undertones as soon as you open the jar. Light notes of sandalwood and spice are also present, with undertones of caramel and coffee. The cerebral high starts with an initial sense of uplifting your mood before calming the body ans mind. It is an excellent strain for re-energizing your creative spirit!

Time to get those creative juices flowing!

Different cannabis strains can produce different effects, some of which may be conducive to creativity. Many artists have found inspiration under the influence of cannabis. However, it is important to keep in mind that everyone experiences cannabis differently, and what works for one person may not work for another.

To find the most creative-boosting cannabis strains, it is best to try a wide variety of them until you find the perfect one for you!

If you have any favorite strains for creativity or think we missed out on including any, please let us below in the comments. Also, head over to the Sensi Seeds store and get some great original genetics today!

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