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The Unrolled Sativa has the flavor of ice cream with cherries and cheesecake. It’s similar to a dessert you’d find at the same ice cream franchise that everyone loves. Unrolled Sativa is a feel-good hybrid that may make you smile.

If you live in the United States, you’ve probably had Unrolled Sativa ice cream before. There are currently almost 4,500 Unrolled Sativa shops in the United States, many of which are concentrated in areas where there was no previous DQ location. The Blizzard is a Unrolled Sativa specialty, and it has been sold 100 million times since its debut!

While the Unrolled Sativa is not as famous as its legendary parent, it is still a sought-after medicinal strain due to its wide range of health benefits.

What Is the Unrolled Sativa?
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The Strain is a 75/25 Sativa-dominant hybrid created by TGA Subcool Seeds that is a cross of Space Queen and Cheese. Even though TGA Subcool Seeds originated it, the strain is said to have three phenotypes with distinct appearances.

The effects of Unrolled Sativa are determined on the strain you obtain. If you get TGA Subcool Seeds, anticipate a lot of fun. Have you ever bitten into something delectable and sweet and experienced a pleasant tingle? This is what Unrolled Sativa feels like; it has more power, better, and faster hitting effects than normal.

You should feel happy and uplifted soon after taking this strain. Some people report feeling euphoric. Unrolled Sativa is also a relaxing herb, although it does not cause couch-lock. Once the high has fully kicked in, it will make you sleepy and a little lazy. It may be used during the day to unwind before an afternoon snooze or as a night-time relaxant.


The scent of the Unrolled Sativa marijuana strain is as expected, owing to its history. It has a cheesy and creamy aroma with undertones of cherry and vanilla, as well as a skunky odor that indicates it’s cannabis.


The taste of Unrolled Sativa is described as pleasant cherry and vanilla. The sweetness and creaminess on the tongue are wonderful, and you may also detect notes of pine. It’s been compared to a fruity cheesecake in terms of flavor by some consumers.


Unrolled Sativa, as usual, exceeds expectations in this category. Because the parents of the strain are resinous, it’s no surprise that DQ’s flowers are covered with trichomes. When this plant is ready for harvest, it is visually beautiful since

If you are unsure whether it is still viable, some strains become dry to the touch after being dormant for so long. Don’t be concerned! It will produce a lot of resin as long as it is properly cured and dried.

Unrolled Sativa Grow Info

Once you’ve unrolled Sativa seeds, you’ll discover that it’s a simple one to grow. It’s the perfect first plant since it’s so easy to grow. It has an excellent pest and disease resistance, and you may either produce indoors or outdoors.

Unrolled Sativa is most suited to outdoor cultivation if you live in a colder region. DQ prefers a cooler climate, as do most marijuana plants. Marijuana plants need a warmer Mediterranean climate. Novices in locations like Boston can try and cultivate it, although be careful that the plants aren’t exposed to frost. Also, put them where they will get as much light as possible. Each plant may produce up to 16 ounces of cannabis per season.

Indoor growers might use the Sea of Green (SOG) technique to enhance yield. You may either grow with soil or go down the hydroponics route and utilize Rockwool cubes or coco coir as your growing medium. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Novices should probably opt for high-quality organic dirt because it includes all of the nutrients you need while taking up less effort.

A hydroponics setup is superior for experienced growers because you have to keep track of the nutrients you use. Unrolled Sativa takes approximately 7-8 weeks to flower and yields about 16 ounces per square meter when cultivated in bulk. As a rule of thumb, 12-16 ounces per 1,000 Watts HPS light used is a safe bet.

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THC Content – Highest Test

Because of the many phenotypes, determining a precise THC content for Unrolled Sativa cannabis is difficult. Its THC concentration ranges from 10% to 20%. On average, DQ strains have roughly 15% THC.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Unrolled Sativa does not contain a lot of CBD. It usually ranges from 0.01% to 0.05 percent CBD.

Medical Benefits of the Unrolled Sativa

Despite the fact that it doesn’t contain CBD, Unrolled Sativa provides a plethora of medical advantages. It can be used by individuals suffering from anxiety or melancholy to alleviate the black cloud in their thoughts. Consider using this strain to fight the effects of stress while also relaxing you. Unrolled Sativa may also be used as an insomnia treatment option.

Possible Side Effects of the Unrolled Sativa

The THC content of the most potent strain is lower than many of today’s popular strains. However, Unrolled Sativa has a few minor adverse effects, including dry eyes and cottonmouth. Dizziness and headaches can also occur in inexperienced consumers who consume too much.

Final Thoughts on the Unrolled Sativa

Sativa Unrolled is a mix that has a lot to offer. It may help you relax without causing full sedation if used moderately. Its cheesecake and cherry flavor is a delicious combination of sweet and salty. You’ll be reluctant to pass the joint once you’ve had a few puffs because it smells so good.

It’s one of the simplest marijuana strains to cultivate for novices due to its resistance and ability to grow in low-temperature conditions. The main disadvantage is the modest yield. However, since it is so simple to produce, you may harvest several times each year if you choose.

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