Afghan Gas Mask *Indica*


Created by backcrossing a Cherry Pie and Alien Kush F2 hybrid, the Gas Mask smells like fuel with a distant hint of overripe citrus. The gas mask has an uplifting effect that does not increase your energy level, but rather immerses you in a state of intoxicating relaxation. The Gas Mask is reported to have a smelly scent of gasoline, skunk and soft floral notes. Its sour smoke has citrusy and nutty earthy aromas, according to consumer reports. This effect will soon spread throughout the body, causing a tingling sensation, lulling you into a state of severe sleepiness. This heavy indica is a luxurious escape from a long day or work day. As you would expect from such an indication-prone strain, a gas mask buzz can manifest itself in a few minutes.

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