Banana Pound Cake Strain


The Banana Pound Cake strain is a evenly balanced hybrid (50 percent indica/50 percent sativa) created by Holy Smoke Seeds. It’s named for its exceptionally delicious flavor, and it’s a cross between the Purple Kush x Vietnamese Black strains. The Banana Pound Cake Strain is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) developed by Holy Smoke Seeds breeders. It’s a cross between Purple Kush and Vietnamese Black, and it was given its name because of its wonderful taste.

Unfortunately, Holy Smokes wants to maintain Banana Pound Cake Strain’s potency a secret. It is considered to have a THC concentration of between 19 and 23 percent, which is rather high. Banana Pound Cake Strain has strong initial sativa effects as well as a nice, laid-back comedown. Despite this strain’s name, you won’t necessarily be infused with tons of energy. This strain is ideal for smoking at social gatherings or on the couch with your pals while watching TV.

The high from this cannabis strain is both physical and mental. Because you will soon be wanting to relax and unwind when the indica effects begin, make sure to take advantage of the Banana Pound Cake Strain’s sativa properties while they last.

Unfortunately, the creators of Banana Pound Cake Strain (Holy Smoke Seeds) haven’t revealed the strain’s THC content. Many individuals, on the other hand, believe that it is quite potent, with levels of 23% to 25%. However, keep in mind that this has not been confirmed. There is no indication of CBD in Banana Pound Cake Strain. However, it appears to be just traces present.

Banana Pound Cake Strain can be an effective medical cannabis strain. This strain may quickly brighten your spirits for individuals who deal with persistent negative thoughts on a daily basis. Users will begin to experience a boost in their mood and thought processes after just a few puffs.

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