Durban 95


Durban 95 is a South African native landrace strain nicknamed because of its origins, but thankfully it is completely non-toxic. It’s the complete opposite in fact, assisting to elevate, stimulate, and provide a spaced-out kind of comfort. It also has a wonderful flavor profile with undertones of vanilla, orange peel, spices, and cream.

Durban 95 is a true sativa strain from Durban, South Africa, whose lineage goes back to a single common ancestor from the southern coast of Africa. Pure-grown Durban 95 (which is extremely difficult to locate) has a 100 percent sativa genetic makeup – nothing else, nothing less.

In the end, there are a lot of reasons why we’re all fond of Durban 95 marijuana. Some adore its straightforward and clear-headed high, while others appreciate it for its ancient history and origins. Most importantly, we adore Durban 95 because of its pure, uncomplicated, sativa beauty.

This is a highly medicinal marijuana strain that has shown to be a must-have flower for people suffering from a range of illnesses. In reality, you’ll find that DP is a common best seller in many MMJ dispensaries across the United States.

In terms of THC concentration, Durban 95 has been found to average around 17-26 percent in lab tests, which is remarkable when you consider that it hasn’t been bred or genetically selected for in any way. There’s no doubt about it: a few puffs of Durban 95 will have an impact on you.

Durban 95 has always been popular in places like Holland, where certain strains are capable of finishing their growth cycle outside — even in a colder northern climate. This is certainly not the norm for a sativa, which might be why it’s become such a popular strain throughout the world.

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