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London Donovan uses only the highest quality flash frozen flower featuring unique genetics to offer the best possible terpene profile. A hydrocarbon extraction method followed by a purge is used to ensure that this product contains the highest amount of cannabinoids and terpenes as possible. This process produces a “moist sand like” concentrate. Live resin is considered to be one of the highest quality extracts due to its outstanding flavour while still being able to deliver the potency that consumers are looking for. This product is packaged in 1g glass jars with child resistant lids and a tamper evident seal. Live resin is best consumed through a dab rig but can also be used in concentrate vapes specifically designed to control the consistency of the product.

Is a concentrate with a high potency, smooth flavour as well as strong aromas. Flavours include: Zsweet insanity & Cookies and Cream.

Zsweet Insanity

Ethos Genetics Bred Zsweet Inzanity, a cross of Durban Poison, Rainmaker, and Original Glue. Consumers can expect massive colas that feel nearly sweaty thanks to the depth of quality resin. Noted for reeking of numerous flavors including pungent earthy and pine notes, this variety is a must-try.

Cookies and Cream

Bred by Exotic Genetix, Cookies and Cream is a hybrid of Starfighter and an undisclosed phenotype. This sweet-tasting variety provides long-lasting relief for patients treating symptoms throughout the day, but high doses can induce an early night’s sleep. A Cookies and Cream strain took first place in the hybrid category of the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup.

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