Rosetta’s Stoned *Hybrid*


Rosetta Stone strains were created from P75 and Jack Herer with a medium THC potency. This makes Rosetta Stone a child version of one of the world’s most powerful marijuana strains. Jasmine, musky and sweet scents are just a few of the many characteristics derived from this strain.

This kush is Sativa-dominant because it gives you a boost of energy and a cerebral uplifting high. You can smoke it during the day for a midday pick up when you’re feeling down. Brother’s Grimm Seeds bred this strain of cannabis under the best possible conditions.

The crystalline trichomes surrounding the buds and leaves of Rosetta Stone will grab your attention. When you squeeze this kush it will leave some stickiness on your hand because of these trichomes. Apart from providing a beautiful appearance, these crystals lock in a potent high that is unlocked by smoking it.

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