Rotten Runtz Strain


Rotten Runtz Strain is a 60:40 indica-sativa hybrid. It was derived from Chemdawg-4, but it also includes Pakistani Kush and Lemon Thai genes. Rotten Runtz Strain has a strong pungent and musty fragrance with an identifiable citrus and lemon scent. It contains notes that are earthy and musky as well, which give it a more robust aroma.

The Rotten Runtz Strain is a hybrid of two of Canada’s most popular strains: OG Kush and Sour Diesel. It has a lovely balanced ratio between indica and sativa, allowing for the best of both worlds. THC levels in the Rotten Runtz Strain are quite high, with estimates ranging from 17 to 22 percent.

The high of the ‘Rotten Runtz Strain’ will strike you fast. You might notice a head-high that begins strongly. Users report a clear and concentrated head high that helps them see things more clearly and be more productive. Rotten Runtz Strain’s physical relaxing effects become increasingly apparent over time.

It’s not a strong enough sedative to put you completely asleep, but it might assist you relax and feel less stressed. It’s mostly utilized during the day or at night and for the treatment of inflammation, discomfort, and depression.

The Rotten Runtz Strain marijuana strain, at first whiff, is quite distinctive and powerful. From a mile away, you could sense it. It’s initially lemony and citrusy before becoming earthy, musky, and pine-like when ground. It may also be somewhat sweet in some cases. The flavor of the Rotten Runtz Strain is lemon-like with a hint of spice. Many customers describe it as tasting like sour lemon candy when exhaled. Because of its distinct flavor and solid strength, the Rotten Runtz Strain can exhilarate and excite the taste buds.

The Rotten Runtz is one of the most common cannabis strains used by doctors. This strain’s uplifting qualities can provide relief for people dealing with mood disorders like sadness and anxiety, according to some users. According to others, this strain’s initial uplifting effects may offer a short-term energy boost. As a result, it could be useful for individuals who suffer from chronic tiredness.

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