Sandman *Hybrid*


Sandman strain is an 80% Indica dominant hybrid that has little information available. It is a cross between Anesthesia and Blueberry with an average THC level of 15-23%. Users describe the Sandman high as a euphoric stone that leaves you completely relaxed with the significant muscle and body relief. Despite these potent Indica body effects, you’ll still feel mentally activated and possibly dizzy with an intense cerebral high. Upon coming down, you’ll be intensely couch-locked and sedated with a moderate case of the munchies. Sandman has a bright green bud with orange hairs and delightful, crystal-white trichomes. It’s hard to find but is excellent for THC concentrates because of its high resin content. The banana has a mild aroma and a very subtle flavor. A strain of weed that is effective at putting people to sleep quickly without the heavy sedative effect of some other strains. If you want some peace and quiet, turn to this relaxing activity.

Due to its strong Indica effects, Sandman is an ideal strain for treating conditions including chronic anxiety, stress, mild depression, and migraines. The hybrid strain has both indica and sativa effects, which some people prefer. New users might want to stay away from this strain.

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