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All orders will be shipping through Canada Post’s Xpresspost Service. With this service, the majority of orders will be at your door steps within 2-3 business days. Please be advised it may take up to 5 business days to remote locations. We ship to all major cities across Canada such as Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Quebec City, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our broad selection of cannabis, edibles, concentrates and extracts are conveniently shipped straight to your door.

Oakville is a peaceful, tiny town located midway between Toronto and Hamilton on Lake Ontario in Halton Region, Ontario. Oakvil is one of Canada’s most densely occupied localities.

Oakville is a lovely metropolis with magnificent buildings, lovely parks, and well-known personalities. However, we’re confident you weren’t aware that it has some of the finest livraison de cannabis services in the country! In Oakville, you’ll find something for everyone: whether you like to smoke or eat cannabis, oils or concentrates, there’s a lot of choice available to its fortunate people.

We do provide weed delivery, of course, but we’re also proud to be a part of Oakvilen and the neighboring community, which allows all of its residents more choices than smoking. We’re seeing an increase in demand for cannabis products among our older clients with an increasing number of seniors like many dispensaries and online cannabis delivery services across the country.

Cannabis à Oakville : ce que vous devez savoir

Les personnes en Ontario qui souhaitent acheter, utiliser, posséder ou cultiver du cannabis à des fins récréatives doivent être âgées d'au moins 19 ans. C'est le même que l'âge minimum d'achat de cigarettes et de boissons alcoolisées en Ontario.

Marijuana has been legal for both recreational and medical purposes since October 2018 thanks to the Cannabis Act of Canada. It’s crucial to remember that every Province and Territory may have different marijuana laws, so check your local cannabis legislation carefully. You may get more information on Oakville marijuana regulations by going to the Ontario government’s cannabis page. Here are some of the most relevant laws governing cannabis in Oakville:

  • Vous devez avoir 19 ans ou plus pour acheter, posséder, consommer et cultiver du cannabis récréatif.
  • Vous pouvez utiliser de la marijuana dans les résidences privées, les espaces publics extérieurs, les fumoirs désignés, les véhicules résidentiels et certaines zones contrôlées.
  • Il est illégal de fumer de l'herbe dans les espaces publics intérieurs, les espaces publics fermés, les écoles, les lieux de rassemblement des enfants, les hôpitaux, les maisons de retraite, les propriétés publiques et les véhicules en fonctionnement.
  • Vous pouvez posséder jusqu'à 30 grammes de marijuana séchée ou l'équivalent d'un produit connexe (1 gramme = 5 grammes de bourgeons frais, 15 grammes de produits comestibles, 70 grammes de produit liquide, 0,25 gramme de concentré ou une graine de cannabis)
  • Vous êtes autorisé à cultiver jusqu'à 4 plants de cannabis par résidence. Cependant, il existe des restrictions sur les maisons mitoyennes et si vous n'êtes pas le propriétaire.
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Les meilleures choses à faire à Oakville après avoir acheté de la marijuana en ligne

Oakville is a lovely seaside town on the north shore of Lake Ontario with a small-town feel about it. It has been recognized as one of Canada’s top five places to live, as well as a fantastic holiday spot. Despite Oakvilles’ proximity to Toronto, it is frequently overlooked. It offers much to offer, including an active cultural scene and natural beauty that may be discovered.

If you want to visit Toronto, Ontario, spend at least one night in Oakville. Alternatively, simply visit the town for a few days on its own. Old Oakville is a lively area located along Lake Ontario in South-Central Oakville. It’s a wonderful place to visit.

Oakville’s Old Village has a trendy motif, with trendy restaurants, wonderful pubs, and specialist stores. There are also a few high-end boutiques along Lakeshore Boulevard, the majority of which are located within walking distance.

Oakville Harbour abrite de nombreuses galeries d'art, en plus d'être un site touristique populaire dans la région. Le Oakville Yacht Club est également situé ici.

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