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What Is Crumble Wax?

The finest marijuana you could hope for decades ago was brick weed, which was legendary. It’s likely that it had less than 3-4 percent THC. However, it was sufficient to get people high back then. Growers today have developed sophisticated cultivation techniques that yield plants with a THC concentration of 25% or more. If this […]

THC Diamonds: The Most Potent Extract

We mention how it was formerly the only high-quality safe cannabis concentrates on the market. THC Diamonds are the fresh new leaves at the top of that huge tree, where hash stands for concentrate culture’s roots. There is a world of alternatives and distinctions between the two. Cannabis sativa, or marijuana, is the most common […]

THC Edible Dosage

The cannabis-centric industry has seen significant expansion in recent years, owing to policy change and innovation. Since the early days of adding low-quality shake to brownies, edibles have come a long way. Now that cannabis cooking is so popular that there are Netflix and Hulu shows dedicated to it. Cannabis edibles, on the other hand, […]

Where’s a Better Environment to Grow Cannabis: Indoors vs Outdoors Weed?

Humans have used cannabis for medical and/or recreational purposes for thousands of years. Indoor cannabis growth has been commonplace among cannabis farmers only relatively recently, in comparison. The argument over whether to cultivate marijuana outdoors or indoors, on the other hand, may feel as old as the plant itself. It’s tough to pinpoint the first […]

Desert Cannabis Strains

Growing cannabis in the heat and dryness of a summer sun can be tough. You can’t expect all strains to survive equally well under such harsh circumstances. However, certain cannabis strains have what it takes to thrive under greater freedom than usual in hot and dry conditions. We’ve put all of our strains through their […]

10 Legacy Strains in the Legal Market

We base our vision on the future while acknowledging and respecting the history that brought us to where we are now. We look forward to participating in Ontario’s legal cannabis market as a cannabis retail store (CRS) that is licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) to sell recreational marijuana. One of […]