East Gwillimbury is a town (lower-tier municipality) on the East Holland River in the upper-tier municipality the Regional Municipality of York. It is part of the Greater Toronto Area of southern Ontario, in Canada. It was formed by the amalgamation of the Township of East Gwillimbury with all the previously incorporated villages and hamlets within the township. The main centres in East Gwillimbury are the villages of Holland Landing, Queensville, Sharon, and Mount Albert. The Civic Centre (municipal offices) are located along Leslie Street in Sharon. The northernmost interchange of Highway 404 is at the North edge of East Gwillimbury, just south of Ravenshoe Road. The hamlets of Holt and Brown Hill are also within town limits.

East Gwillimbury takes its name from the family of Elizabeth Simcoe, née Gwillim, wife of Sir John Graves Simcoe, the first Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.

The main centres in East Gwillimbury are the villages of Holland Landing, Queensville, Sharon, and Mount Albert. The Civic Centre (municipal offices) are located along Leslie Street in Sharon. The northernmost interchange of Highway 404 is at the North edge of East Gwillimbury, just south of Ravenshoe Road. The hamlets of Holt and Brown Hill are also within town limits.

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Things to Do in East Gwillimbury That You Shouldn’t Miss


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This is a great spot for jogging and biking as well as nature observation. It consists of a path through forest along the Holland river just north of Green Lane. There’s a surprisingly rich variety of flora and fauna to see. Red squirrels, woodpeckers, and wild raspberries were among recent highlights of my visit. Mosquitoes can be a bit vicious in the summer, so I would recommend bug spray if you want to take your time enjoying the sights.


This park, plus the extension of walking trails located nearby, makes this place a truly fantastic park to enjoy. A lot of events are held at the park throughout the year. This is a wonderful place to walk, sit and meet your friends / neighbours.