Distillate & Rick Simpson Oil

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THC Distillate Canada and Rick Simpson Oil: Cannabis oil distillate and Rick Simpson Oil are the ideal solution if you're searching for the cleanest, clearest, and most powerful cannabis concentrate on the market.

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Distillate & Rick Simpson Oil

Goo Goodness 1000mg THC Rick Simpson Oil


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Distillate & Rick Simpson Oil

Goo Goodness Distillate – 1000mg THC


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Distillate & Rick Simpson Oil

Goo Goodness Phoenix Tears – 1:1 THC & CBD


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Difference Between Distillate & Rick Simpson Oil Overview

There are many ways to consume THC distillates, including orally, sublingually, or through the transdermal application. You can also vaporize or inhale them (e.g., dabbing).

Full-spectrum RSO products, like CBD and THC, are recommended for oral consumption only. Distillates are created by isolating one cannabinoid through distillation and don't include the full spectrum of cannabinoids found in RSO products.

Using Distillate Products in Canada

People smoke distillate in the same way that they would shatter.

The most common way to smoke distillate is through a dab rig, which closely resembles a bong made of glass. In addition to having a vertical chamber, it has a mouthpiece and space to insert a small nail or banger crafted from either glass or metal.

To smoke shatter, you must first heat the nail with a blowtorch until it becomes crimson. Next, using a metal dabber, scoop up some distillate and apply it to the hot nail. The oil will instantly combust, resulting in a thick plume of smoke. You may then breathe in the smoke through the rig. Dabbing is the greatest method to consume smoking shatter, but you may also roll it into a joint or "hot knife" it.

Consuming cannabis with hot knives, or hot knifing, is a popular method. To do this, two flat metal objects that are shaped like knives, such as actual kitchen knives, are heated until they are glowing red. Normally, people will use the stove's burner to heat up the knives but any other source of fire will work too (e.g., a blow torch).

Distillate & RSO Edibles

To have a pleasurable edible experience, it is best to take things slow. This is more crucial when indulging in homemade edibles as they are notoriously difficult to dose. You can create edibles using concentrates such as distillate or RSO; however, our pre-made edibles provide an easy solution for getting accurate dosages.

Where to Buy Distillate & RSO in Canada

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