With a population just short of 3 million people, the city of Toronto is the largest in Canada, and one of the largest in North America (behind only Mexico City, New York and Los Angeles). The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) includes around 6.5 million people, stretching along the shore of Lake Ontario and including suburban communities further inland.

Toronto is also one of the most multicultural cities in the world, making life in Toronto a wonderful multicultural experience. More than 140 languages and dialects are spoken in the city, and almost half the population Toronto was born outside Canada.

Toronto city center is relatively easy to navigate, with many of the top attractions within walking distance of each other and a subway system to cover longer distances. If you are visiting Toronto in winter, head indoors to explore the extensive PATH network of underground walkways that connect shopping, entertainment, and attractions. In summer, wander along the beautiful waterfront and enjoy the beaches and parks.

Legalization has drastically changed the way we access medical and recreational cannabis. Gone are the days where you have to wait around for a text from a friend of a friend. Today, Toronto residents enjoy access to a massive stock of high quality cannabis products featuring a broad range of variety that was previously inaccessible to consumers. 

Online cannabis delivery services in Burlington may assist anybody searching for medical marijuana delivery or simply looking for a cannabis dispensary online for marijuana delivery Toronto. Having internet cannabis delivery services accessible enables you to get your marijuana supply taken care of without having to visit a cannabis dispensary in person. 

But you should know, where it is legal to consume cannabis in the following places:

  • Private residences
  • Outdoor public places, so long as it doesn’t violate any other consumption restrictions (e.g., consuming too close to a school, hospital, or care facility)
  • Designated smoking areas in hotels and motels
  • Residential vehicles and boats, so long as it meets other legal requirements for these types of vehicles
  • Research labs and testing facilities
  • Other controlled and specifically designated consumption spaces

What do in Toronto after you get your marijuana

Visit the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

The Royal Ontario Museum, known as the ROM, is one of Canada’s premier museums, with an international reputation for excellence. It houses an outstanding collection, which covers natural history, art, and culture from a great variety of periods from all over the world. It is also well-known for featuring exhibitions from across the globe.

Catch a Show or Dine in the Entertainment District

The Entertainment District in Toronto covers a large area of the city center, and includes many of the city’s top attractions, like the CN Tower, Scotiabank Arena, Rogers Centre, and many museums. It’s also known for fantastic dining, and most importantly, shows and performances. Most of the action is centered around King Street, between Spadina Avenue and University Avenue.

Visit the Aga Khan Museum

The Aga Khan Museum is one of the best institutions devoted to Islamic Arts in North America. It is housed in a spectacular light-filled modern building with beautiful, peaceful surroundings consisting of large reflecting pools.