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Order Cannabis Self Care Topical Online At Toronto’s Best Online Dispensary

Self-Care topicals have been around since the dawn of cannabis, and they are often viewed as uninteresting. That’s why producers commonly bundle them in anti-aging creams, athletic boosters or even period relief products. Yet this shouldn’t deter you from exploring topicals! They can be just as beneficial to your wellness regimen if used correctly.

Self-CareAlthough topicals may not be as popular or accessible as other cannabis products like zaza strains, vape pens and hash gummies, they are still highly beneficial and worth your time. Plus, you can even make them at home with the help of this informative guide! Don’t miss out on all that topicals have to offer; give it a try today.

What is a cannabis self-care topical?

Cannabis-infused topicals are specifically designed to be applied directly onto the skin, not inhaled or swallowed. Consuming topical products in this manner will have no effect and any attempts of doing so would produce absolutely nothing as a result. Therefore, it’s essential to understand that there is a distinct difference between marijuana products meant for ingestion or inhalation and those intended solely for external use. At Gas-Dank weed dispensary we offer Toronto same day delivery for all customers at age off 19 to enjoy the best cannabis self-care products. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop to satisfy your topical cannabis needs, then look no further than the local dispensary! Here, you can find an array of products ranging from classic creams and balms to cutting edge body oils and sexual lubricants. If what you need is skin care benefits or just a little extra boost – spray it on, rub it in with bath salts or bombs, or patch up with transdermal patches containing cannabis-infused ingredients – your choices are practically endless!

To maximize the therapeutic potential of topical applications, look for formulas that include a range of cannabinoids like THC and CBD. For an even more comprehensive approach to wellness, products with CBN, THCV, CBDA or THCA can be particularly effective. Not only do these compounds provide distinct healing benefits but they can also amplify the effects when used in combination!

How do topicals work?

What separates topicals from other cannabis products is that they do not enter our bloodstream unlike smoking, vaping or consuming edibles. Thus, the effects of topicals are localized and limited to a particular area without any psychoactive reactions achieved through inhalation or digestion. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without feeling intoxicated!

Our physique has a complex endocannabinoid system, an assortment of receptors that regulates bodily activities like digestion and immunity. Buy weed self-care topical online with Gas-Dank weed delivery online. THC mainly interacts with CB1 receptors situated in the brain and central nervous system which results in feelings of elation or being high. Interestingly enough, both types of receptor can be located on our skin but cause variations when activated by cannabinoids; whereas CB2 receptors are scattered throughout our organs and immune cells.

Our epidermis and dermis, the outermost layers of our skin, protect us from dangerous toxins while simultaneously blocking cannabinoids from entering. Commercial topical products may not provide a high, but they can still activate your cannabinoid receptors on the epidermis. What sets them apart from other substances is their power to target alleviation specifically for inflammation, nerve pain, arthritis and muscle cramps along with headaches at its source.

Best Infused Products for Cannabis Self Care

If you want to experience the delights of cannabis self-care, our selection of products is for you! We have organized them into five groups so that it’s easy for you to find exactly what meets your needs. No longer will hunting down precisely what you need feel like a chore – explore our collection and discover just how effortless caring for yourself with cannabis can be!


Though pain is a fact of life, it doesn’t have to be the only thing that defines us. Infused topical creams offer an effective solution for sore and tense muscles and joints with varying CBD and THC concentrations, as well as additional features such as warming or cooling effects. Use these topicals for maximum relief – don’t let your pain define you!

Bath Bombs

After a long and exhausting day, nothing is more tranquilizing than an indulgent bath. To enhance this relaxation experience even further, Kush Queen has created two invigorating infused bath bombs: Relax & Relieve – both with the ideal THC/CBD ratio of 1:1 and 25mg each that provides ultimate sensory pleasure. Unwind in complete bliss as you soak in the luxurious effects of these Infused Bath Bombs!


Everyone is well aware of how great sex can be, yet sometimes it’s hard to get in the mood – especially for women. Thankfully, Foria’s Pleasure THC-infused lubricant provides an incredible solution! This lube has been specifically designed with female pleasure and comfort as its top priority, making it ideal for setting the perfect scene. Order cannabis topical at our Toronto‘s Best Online Dispensary to relax. At Gas-Dank weed dispensary we offer same day delivery for all customers at age off 19. Not only does this product significantly increase stimulation and lubrication while relieving any tension; its effects go even further by dramatically boosting orgasms! It comes as no shock that countless people have rave reviews about their experiences using this remarkable product.

Look no further, Foria Pleasure offers the perfect solution for all your lubricant needs with both 10 ml and 30 ml bottles. The smaller bottle provides 147 mg of THC – ideal for 50 single-serving experiences while its bigger counterpart contains 513 mgs to be enjoyed repeatedly! Whether it’s one time or multiple times, Foria has got you covered.

Muscle Freeze

Mary’s Medicinals’ Muscle Freeze is the best cannabis-infused self-care treatment on the market! As one of the nation’s premier medical marijuana brands, this lotion delivers all its promises! Our recipe of full-spectrum cannabis oil, massage oil and menthol creates a delightful harmony between icy-hot lotions and genuine marijuana topicals. Each 1.5 oz container contains 146 mg CBD as well as 5.53 mg THC to ensure the powerful effects you desire! Enjoy our beautiful blend with maximum activation today!

Body Oil

Body oils, as opposed to topicals which only provide relief from pain and inflammation, make a fantastic addition to any massage therapy session. Buy CBD and cannabis-infused self-care at Gas-Dank online cannabis store with mail order marijuana service. By calming down the tension that builds up in our bodies over time and incorporating cannabis into your self-care routine, body oil is an all-inclusive solution for relaxation.

Don’t let a single day go by without experiencing the remarkable advantages of Papa & Barkley Relief Body Lotion! Blending THC and CBD to bring maximum comfort, jojoba oil and shea butter provide nourishing hydration. Pamper yourself with this all-inclusive cannabis self-care product and feel renewed today!

Ways to use cannabis for self-care in high stress times

Not only is investing in self-care essential, it’s also the entire point of being selfish. Without setting aside time for ourselves, we might experience burnout, irritability and become sick more often – all of which stop us from having enough energy to take action on pressing social issues. Cannabis as a tool for self-care can make all the difference!

In the current ‘Roaring Twenties’, self-care is more pertinent than ever. Order cannabis to try the best cannabis self-care products at our Toronto‘s best online dispensary. We are tackling a pandemic, social distancing protocols, demonstrations and making vital adjustments to our governmental systems – just like those who lived during this era 100 years ago when they fought against alcohol prohibition and women’s struggle for voting rights. Now as we approach one of the most momentous (and stressful!) presidential elections in history, it’s time to take down another oppressive law: cannabis prohibition!

This year, let’s prioritize self-care and our own wellbeing as we rally for cannabis legalization in 2020. Here are nine ways to use this wonderful plant so that we can heal both body and mind. Let us nourish ourselves with self-care – it could be the key to success!

Meditate on marijuana

Generations of Americans were taught false information about marijuana, yet science has proven that overdosing is impossible. While it’s critical to be aware of psychological addiction, the truth is cannabis isn’t habit-forming. Even when discussing gateway drugs – chances are higher for taking harder drugs after consuming alcohol than smoking a joint! Furthermore, in some cultures like Rastafarian culture from Caribbean countries for example; weed use and appreciation have special meanings as Cannabis there is deemed sacred.

Even the most knowledgeable among us can gain insight by investigating cannabis and its complex history of racism. You may be amazed at all that you were unfamiliar with—but once we have a better understanding, it’s time to take action beyond our feelings of guilt. This year, let’s fully embrace the wonderful world of marijuana!

Experiment with dosing

Whenever I come across someone who feels overwhelmed after consuming cannabis, I suggest that they take a low-dose edible of 2.5mg THC and 2.5mg CBD along with taking a calming bath to relax their mind and body. Yet, even though it is safe to explore various doses of THC without overdosing on the substance, remember that 2020 still regards this as an illegal drug; use caution when discovering your own comfortable dose levels in these last few months before 2020 officially begins!

Once you identify your perfect dosage, monitor its effects for the best results when it comes to social anxiety, headaches or enhancing music and colors. It’s also important to remember that cannabis has psychedelic properties in larger doses – if microdosing doesn’t do the job, sometimes an ego death is exactly what we need without needing to join an ayahuasca ceremony!

Use cannabis bath products

Do you know that marijuana has several anti-inflammatory properties? That’s why CBD is used to treat some form of epilepsy and a topical cream containing it can relieve sore feet quickly. Have you ever considered immersing your entire body in the natural benefits of cannabis? Adding cannabis oil or an infused bath bomb to hot water will help saturate your skin with the plant’s soothing and pain-relieving effects!

Keep a topical at your desk

Typing for most of the day can cause an immense amount of pain and swelling in your wrists, which may lead to tendonitis or carpal tunnel. Luckily, CBD topicals are a great solution to reduce inflammation and offer relief from such discomfort. Keep some close so you can give yourself regular massages with this healing salve during breaks at work or while typing away on your job!

 Use cannabis as a nutritional supplement

THC has been the main cannabis component for some time, as it can generate euphoria in users. Nowadays however, CBD is quickly becoming popular and trendy by itself. Both THC and CBD create a wide range of compounds that are excellent sources of protein, fatty acids and essential minerals like phosphorus, potassium and magnesium! Let us be more imaginative with incorporating marijuana into our lifestyles this year; why don’t we start off strong by including hemp milk or seeds to your breakfast smoothie?

 Explore different intake methods

Routine is something that humans inherently desire and appreciate, so if your habit consists of loading your THC vaporizer or CBD tincture each night – awesome! But why not take cannabis’s potential for self-care a step further? Have you ever sought out the possible benefits of using a vaginal suppository to ease period cramps? We can confidently assure you there isn’t anything else as effective. Broaden both your relationship with the plant and appreciation by trying something unknown yet noteworthy.

Add it to your sex life

Inhale and exhale deeply – cannabis suppositories, inserted vaginally or anally, can potentially enhance the blood flow to that region while also diminishing discomfort without completely sedating you. Studies even reveal that consuming cannabis with your partner may amplify intimacy due to its capacity of decreasing our biased thoughts. At Gas-Dank, we proudly offer mail order marijuana to Toronto and all Canadian provinces – including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and beyond.  If kink play is your thing – apply a marijuana-infused cream on any bruises brought about by spanking for added delight!

Know your local laws

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get a medical card! Make sure you’re aware of your state or country’s possession laws – knowledge is power and knowing them will bring more peace-of-mind. If growing cannabis plants excites you, then take time to understand the local regulations before taking any steps forward; being responsible with cannabis is an act of self-care as well as being conscious in general.

Use cannabis to heal

THC and CBD have the ability to not only serve as natural painkillers, but also help with relaxation and recovery! Next time you experience symptoms of a cold, try incorporating some form of cannabinoid tincture into your healing process. After all, that’s what we call them – medicinal products! We need every one of our revolutionaries at full capacity in order to make history together!

Use cannabis to heal

When it comes to sinus infections, many people choose to abstain from smoking. Yet cannabis is known for its potent anti-inflammatory properties and inflammation is often the source of our illnesses. Additionally, THC and CBD have natural pain relieving capabilities that can help us sleep better when we are unwell – making adding a CBD tincture into your healing regimen an advantageous decision! Don’t forget: if the revolution begins now, then we will all need every bit of strength possible!

Do topicals get you high?

Generally, the answer is no. One of the biggest advantages to using topicals is that they won’t get you high or appear on drug tests. This applies to most topical formulas since these are absorbed into our skin and only interact with local receptors there – meaning it will not go through our blood barrier in order to cause any mind-altering effects nor be detected during drug testing.

On the contrary, cannabis lubricants and sexual wellness products are a booming industry. These items have been designed to boost arousal while giving you plenty of options – water-based or oil-based, among others. In addition, some even contain penetration enhancers that enter your bloodstream when applied which allows for tailored benefits just for you! With so many permeable membranes in the genital area these lubes offer an array of advantages sure to satisfy any user. Transdermal topicals such as gels and patches are applied to a vein-rich area of the skin, allowing cannabinoids to slowly enter your body over several hours. The inner wrist or tops of feet is particularly ideal for these products because they offer effective results with minimal effort. Some formulas contain enhanced penetration agents which allow cannabis to penetrate into the bloodstream when wearing a patch – something that could lead to intoxication from THC and even fail drug tests!

CBD vs THC Topicals: What is the Difference?

If you’re deciding between CBD and THC topicals, it’s essential to consider the unique properties of each compound. CBD is known for its ability to quickly penetrate your skin—10 times faster than THC—which makes it a great option for treating issues such as inflammation and migraines. On the other hand, if muscle spasticity or insomnia are your primary concern then opting for an infused topical containing THC may be better suited to providing relief. In any case, make sure that you take into consideration all aspects of what you need before selecting which topical is appropriate for you! It is entirely up to you which one of these two options – CBD or THC topicals – works best for your needs, but if the effects of either don’t match your expectations, why not give its counterpart a shot?

How Much Should I Use?

When it comes to topicals, there is no one-size-fits-all dose that works for everyone. It’s best to start with small doses and then increase them depending on your body’s response. Apply the topical until you attain relief before determining the dosage that will allow you to successfully manage your symptoms. To avoid any potential allergic reactions, we highly encourage you to test a small amount of the product on your elbow or knee before applying it to larger body parts.

How to Pick the Right Cannabis Topical For You?

Topicals are a great gift for yourself or others because they’re convenient, budget-friendly and deliver visible results. However, there are some essential factors to consider before deciding on your purchase. Before selecting a product, carefully consider your budget and desired outcome so you can get the most out of your investment. Make sure to opt for a dosage that is tailored to achieve the results you want!