Black Bubba ($40.00)
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Og Gas ($40.00)
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Breaking Dab Shatter

Citrus Farmer - Sativa
Colorado Sunset - Hybrid
Dancehall - Sativa
Dopemine - Indica
Genghis Chron - Indica
High School Sweetheart - Sativa
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Dab Habit Shatter

Animal Crackers - Hybrid
Biscotti - Hybrid
Black Mamba #8 - Indica
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Burt Reynolds - Indica
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DANK Shatter 1g & 7g

Cafe Racer-Sativa
Pink Dream-Hybrid
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Blue Fin tuna
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Death Star
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Order Cannabis Concentrates Online At Toronto’s Best Online Dispensary

As a newbie to the cannabis world, diving into concentrates can seem like an overwhelming fear. Don’t worry – with some research and dedication you will confidently know your way around marijuana concentrate terminology in no time! Take advantage of its diverse chemical profile descriptions and product range to explore what type of concentrate best suits your desired effects and advantages. Understanding how these products are produced is a great place to start when discovering which one works for you! Using weed delivery Gas-Dank all customers at age off 19 and over can order the best marijuana in Toronto. If you possess knowledge of the strenuousness levels connected with various types of concentrates, it will be simpler for you to track your THC consumption and stay away from excessive ingestion.


What are cannabis concentrates?

Are you searching for a powerful cannabis experience? Look no further than cannabis concentrates! These condensed mixtures of resins provide an intense concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes, with some reaching up to four times the potency found in traditional buds. For this incredible experience, there’s only one place you need to shop — Gas-Dank cannabis dispensary! Shop online today and unlock a whole new world of weed concentrates possibilities. Cannabis concentrates come in a variety of forms and packaging, from small round containers that resemble lip-balm to flat plastic bags. The consistency and compound profile of the concentrate are both directly impacted by which extraction method has been used – determining not only its texture but also its potency.

How to smoke and dab concentrates

Ready to take your cannabis experience up a few notches? Look no further than “dabbing”! This consumption of concentrates involves special apparatus and methods, such as rigs, vapes, and nectar collectors. Make Gas-Dank cannabis delivery in Toronto your first stop for this exciting journey; here you can find all the equipment and concentrates you need to start dabbing right away. Get ready for an amazing adventure that will let you discover the many ways one can consume their concentrate with ease!

Dab and rig

When consuming cannabis concentrates, dabbing is the current go-to method. A rig functions as a filtration system similar to that of a bong and can be composed either of glass or silicone. You must heat up the metal/glass bit attached to one side of the rig with an open flame torch in order to ignite your concentrate – so don’t forget this step! Introducing the banger or dab nail, a metal or glass piece that’s sure to change your smoking experience. Heat it up and drop in some concentrate – malleable ones are ideal! As soon as your desired substance touches the warmed surface, you can simply inhale the flavorful smoke like you would with a classic bong. It’s time to upgrade your sesh!

Nectar collector

Take your dabs with ease and convenience using the Nectar Collector, a tool that looks like a glass or silicone straw. With just one torch flame to heat its tip, simply tap the concentrate onto this heated part while inhaling through the top – so easy! Use mail order marijuana from our Toronto’s best online dispensary for some of the best weed strains and concentrates. Unlike other dabbing techniques, nectar collectors offer immense enjoyment in addition to simple preparation and convenient storage when not in use.


For a good reason, the trend of vaping cannabis concentrates is rapidly advancing! To be able to partake in this form of dabbing entails having on hand a THC or CBD extract filled cartridge and a battery that heats it up. When combined together, these components are usually referred to as “weed pens” or weed vapes”. Weed vapes have an edge over others because they’re small enough for you to hide away wherever you please; plus operating them is so effortless! Out of all the ways I’ve tried consuming marijuana extracts, vaping stands out from the rest and remains my top pick.

Pros and cons of smoking concentrates

Cannabis concentrates boast a variety of benefits, but one must bear in mind the potential risks involved. Smoking these products often exposes users to residual chemical contaminants (especially when using solvent extraction). That’s why it is essential to choose your dispensary carefully and purchase only from reliable sources – like our Toronto online store! Here we offer top-notch mail order marijuana services and same day weed delivery for ultimate convenience. When deciding if you want to partake in this form of smoking, make sure that you carefully weigh the pros and cons. To guarantee your safety, do some research on smoke filtration techniques so that you can enjoy a more wholesome high!


  • According to research published in the Journal of Cannabis Research, isolating chemical compounds found within cannabis gives us the opportunity to manufacture tailored concentrates that meet a wide range of demands and preferences among members of the marijuana community.
  • Through isolation and extraction, beneficial and psychoactive compounds are purified to create concentrates that offer a powerful yet more refined high. This process of chemical purification ensures an improved experience for users.
  • In comparison to flowers, concentrates offer a much more detailed chemical profile. This knowledge allows us to understand better the substances we are consuming and make wise decisions regarding our health.


  • Concentrates can be much more powerful than traditional cannabis, making them a potentially hazardous choice for inexperienced smokers. If consumed in too large of quantities, the psychoactive compounds found within concentrates could lead to unpleasant consequences such as anxiety attacks, heart palpitations and paranoia. To prevent any unsavory experiences from occurring due to overconsumption, it’s highly suggested that new consumers take extra caution when partaking in concentrated products.
  • Residue from fertilizers, pesticides, and solvents used for cultivation and extraction processes can linger in concentrates. This is especially alarming because the National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that 80% of tested samples contained hazardous contaminants.
  • When dabbing, it is essential to be wary of your torch’s heat levels. Even the slightest mistake could lead up to an injury or even harm a fellow smoker! To avoid any burning incidents, make sure you prioritize safety first when indulging in smoking concentrates. Don’t take risks that will leave scars or marks on yourself and others; ensure everyone stays safe while having a good time.

Different extraction methods

Exploring cannabis extracts, or more commonly termed as cannabis concentrates, is made possible via an extraction process that isolates the beneficial and psychotropic compounds found in marijuana. With ongoing technological advancements providing us a heightened understanding of this herb’s components with accuracy, we are able to develop unique types of cannabis concentrates. By exploring the chemistry and medical properties of cannabis, humanity has unlocked a plethora of potential benefits. Through making use of different extraction techniques, we can identify which compounds are best suited for your requirements – such as cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other beneficial elements. With cannabis at our disposal, let us embark on an incredible journey full of exciting opportunities!

Uncovering the difference between extraction techniques assists us in obtaining first-rate cannabis extracts that fulfill our preferences when it comes to taste and potency. With cannabis delivery Gas-Dank, all customers aged 19 or older can order marijuana concentrates in Toronto. With several extraction methods on the market, there is a vast array of concentrate types to choose from. Learning about each process and its corresponding pros and cons is critical if you are new to consuming concentrates; it will help ensure that you select one which best meets your needs.

Solvent extractions

Through extraction with solvents such as ethanol, propane, hexane and butane, it is possible to isolate desirable compounds found in cannabis. By purifying these components into concentrates through evaporation of the solvent used for extraction, consumers are able to reap the benefits of a carefully crafted compound profile which results in an intensely enjoyable experience.


For those seeking a powerful dose of cannabinoids, look no further than Isolate Concentrates. Through our cutting-edge extraction process, we are able to completely remove any unwanted elements from the concentrate until it harnesses its full potency. By doing so, you can be sure that these concentrates have nothing but pure CBD or THC in them! At Gas-Dank weed dispensary we offer same day delivery and mail order marijuana (MOM) services for all customers at age off 19. After this method is executed, heat and commotion are employed to provoke crystallization which guarantees that our isolates accomplish their highest possible strength when ingested.


The distillate production technique follows a similar process as isolated production, although it does not offer complete cannabinoid isolation; thus resulting in less potent outcomes than isolates. However, this method provides users with a more balanced high since multiple cannabinoids are encompassed rather than just one from an isolated extraction.

Live resin

Unlike traditional extraction processes, live resin production harnesses the most powerful elements of cannabis – its cannabinoids, terpenes and essential compounds – by rapidly freezing it before extracting these compounds with hydrocarbon butane and propane. This method preserves all of the plant’s finest qualities in their purest form before they can be oxidized. As a result, live resin extracts are far more potent than those created through conventional drying techniques; this potency is why many prefer to use them for a variety of purposes.


BHO, or “butane hash oil,” is a designation used to refer to any cannabis concentrate that has been extracted with nothing but butane. By exclusively utilizing this solvent extraction process, the finished product obtains an incredibly potent consistency that makes it far superior to other methods.

Solventless extractions

Cannabis users favor solventless extraction methods like heat and pressure, ice and agitation or sifting over those using solvents for the potential of residual contaminants. Buy the best concentrates at Gas-Dank online cannabis store. This is why many have opted to go down this preferred route instead.


Rosin is a go-to solution for those looking to quickly and effortlessly produce remarkable cannabis extracts. By utilizing low temperatures combined with substantial pressure, you can draw out both psychoactive and non-psychoactive compounds without having to undergo the often laborious process of isolation or refining! At Gas-Dank, we are proud to deliver Mail Order Marijuana all across Canada – from Toronto in the East right through British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and beyond! Making your own rosin is surprisingly simple – all you need to start are these few items:

  • Cannabis flower, kief, or hash
  • Parchment paper
  • Flat iron


Hash, or hashish, is a powerful form of cannabis concentrate that has no need for solvent extraction. This product consists entirely of trichome resins found on the marijuana plant – those minuscule glands known to create potent cannabinoids and terpenes within the industry. In fact, research from Frontiers in Plant Science states that these same trichomes are essential in providing consumers with top-notch cannabis products. The cannabis plant and its flower are covered in a sparkling, sugar-like coating consisting of trichomes and resin. This can be collected as kief which is then smoked after drying out. Applying low heat alongside modest pressure to this powder will cause it to transform into an incredibly potent hash form!

Unlocking the resinous trichomes for hash production is done in multiple ways, each with its own distinct flavor and potency. To help you decide which extraction method works best for your needs, here’s an overview of the three main types of hash.

Types of hash

Bubble hash

With its popularity growing among cannabis communities, bubble hash production is a process that can’t be overlooked. Cannabis buds are combined with ice water inside multiple filtration bags and agitated to separate trichomes and resin from other plant matter – creating an incredibly pure end product. With the right tools and a bit of know-how, you can make bubble hash from your own home. After running through several filters, trichomes and resin are collected and dried before being pressed into hash. The result is then divided, weighed for accuracy, then stored for dispensaries to sell. So why settle for pre-made products when you know just how easy it is to craft up your very own batch?

Dry ice hash

The production process of dry ice hash and ice hash are comparable, with the bonus advantage that you can avoid using water when preparing your own high-quality product with dry ice! As soon as the Dry Ice melts it turns into carbon dioxide so you don’t need to wait for your trichomes and resin to dry before pressing them together. Gas-Dank makes it even easier by allowing customers to conveniently order cannabis online in Canada, ensuring they have access to only top quality concentrates. If you’re looking for the ultimate smoking experience, dry ice hash is the way to go! Trichomes and resin are separated from cannabis using this type of process with a much cleaner and more potent result. Dry ice hash will take your next bowl up a notch – providing an unprecedented high that transports you out of this world!

Dry shift hash

If you’re looking for an solventless extraction method, then dry sift hash is the perfect choice. This process begins by combining cannabis buds and trim into a mixture that must be chopped up into small pieces before passing through multiple levels of filtration using various types of filters. Now that your trichomes and resin have been gathered and filtered, it’s time to press them into hash. Although each home-based pressing process may vary, this particular method is easy to master – no brute strength required! But don’t forget the classic unpressed kief option; just load up a bowl and enjoy!

Different characteristics of cannabis concentrates: oil, wax, crumble, & shatter

Congrats on getting this far! Now, it’s time to take your cannabis concentrate knowledge and understanding to the next level by familiarizing yourself with some of their distinct features as well as industry terms. After learning more about concentrates, why not give them a shot? Who knows — they could turn out to be your go-to choice for feeling elevated whenever you please!

Oil concentrates

Compared to other cannabis concentrates, oil concentrates are much thinner. Weed vapes or dab droppers often contain THC and CBD oil that can range in color from nearly clear to a dark brown hue with an adhesive-like texture – otherwise known as “sap.” One of my favorite ways to consume this concentrate is by applying it on top of my joint/blunt before topping it off with kief. This dynamic duo creates the ultimate smoking experience!

Wax extracts

The manufacturing process of wax extracts involves a creaming step, which helps to incorporate air into the concentrate and changes its texture from solid to soft and pliable. Wax extract usually has an attractive hue ranging between light yellow-brown and dark brown; it is visually similar to earwax or frosting cream.


Budders, resembling the texture of wax extracts, are created by going through a slightly more laborious process of whipping. This results in an aerial consistency ranging from light yellow to dark brown that looks no different from whipped butter or cake batter. Unsurprisingly enough, budder is often used as an additive for joints or blunts due to its distinctive airy appearance!

Crumble “honeycomb”

Make way for Crumble! The light to dark yellow, crumbly concentrate that looks like a pie-crust mix has everything you need. Not only does it have an unbelievably smooth texture and is incredibly easy to use, but it also gives your bowl the added kick you’ve been looking for. With its versatility in being able to smoke solo or add on top of flower – consumers go wild over this potent extract! At Gas-Dank our customers can also order cannabis online and to try the best concentrates in Canada. So if you’re wanting something strong by itself or extra potency with your bowl of flower, crumble’s got the power.


Are you seeking a super-charged cannabis experience? Then shatter is your ideal choice! Commonly referred to as “glass,” this brittle and delicate concentrate varies in color from yellow to dark brown, resembling hardened caramelized sugar. Dabbing has become the go-to method when consuming shatter due to its immense potency!


From transparently clear to yellowish-cloudy, isolated CBD or THC can appear in an array of shapes and sizes. They often resemble small quartz crystals! Furthermore, these remarkable concentrates are sometimes referred to as diamond isolate crystals – my top choice being wizard stones!

Terp sauce:

Terp Sauce is an outstanding concentrate boasting a powerful terpene profile. It’s often used to add more flavor, aroma, and potency to isolate crystals. This delicious syrup can be clear or translucent brown in color and has many nicknames – the most well-known being “sauce.” When you combine this extract with crystal shards? You get something even better: “Sauce on the Rocks!”

Consider using a cannabis concentrate smoking filter

Now you have a comprehensive grasp of the many kinds of cannabis concentrates. If you still need to gain more knowledge about the potential health hazards or therapeutic and psychoactive properties related to marijuana extracts, talk with your doctor. To make sure that usage is safe, it’s paramount that you learn as much as possible about cannabis before using it.

To get the most out of your cannabis use, look no further than a filtration device like the Mouthpiece Filter. This filter will let you benefit from all of marijuana’s positive and psychoactive effects without having to worry about any harm that inhalation may cause to your lungs.

 Where Can You Purchase Cannabis Concentrates?

Are you looking for your favorite cannabis concentrate, or eager to explore something new? Then look no further than Gas-Dank’s online Toronto dispensary! We carry an incredible selection of concentrates due to their immense popularity – plus all the tools needed for consumption. Our helpful budtenders eagerly await to provide answers and guidance if any questions arise during your visit. They take satisfaction in assisting cannabis enthusiasts like you! What are you waiting for? Stop by now and browse through the best selection of cannabis concentrates available!


If you’re looking to stay on top of the latest trends and gain insight into what is trending right now, then look no further than concentrates. To ensure that our customers make a well-informed decision when shopping for concentrate, we have consulted with our knowledgeable budtenders about customer inquiries. Here’s what they had to say:

Is there a difference between concentrates and extracts?

Without a doubt. The term “concentrates” refers to products derived from marijuana flower, including solventless and those generated with solvents, which contain cannabinoids and terpenes. Extracts are part of the concentrate family but require solvents in order for it to pull out cannabinoid and terpene components from its source plant material correctly. Although extracts can be regarded as concentrates, not all concentrates are extractions!

How potent are marijuana concentrates?

Concentrates are the highest form of marijuana products, boasting THC levels up to 90% and beyond!

Why are concentrates more potent than flowers?

When consuming flowers, you’re not just taking in the valuable cannabinoids and terpenes. You are also getting some plant material as well as other compounds that can boost its effects but contain no psychoactive properties – all of which come together to create something called an entourage effect. This is what amplifies and magnifies your cannabinoid experience like nothing else!

By consuming concentrates, you are receiving the maximum potency of cannabinoids and terpenes without any plant matter to reduce absorption. This means that concentrates will always be more powerful than flower-based products.

How many types of concentrates are there?

With the marijuana industry constantly innovating, we’ve highlighted eight of the most popular concentrates available. But that’s just a glimpse at what’s to come – expect more new and exciting concentrates on store shelves in no time!