Orange Sorbet – Sativa

Orange Sorbet, concocted by Karma Genetics and a blend of indica-sativa strands, is sure to tantalize your taste buds. Its citrus OG and melon aromas are the result of Trifi x Udub combination – a Kush/ChemDawg strain courtesy Cannarado’s allies, alongside Motiv303 collective’s purple hashplant cultivar (akin to G13) offered up in abundance through Udub. Indulge yourself with Orange Sorbet for an incredible smoking experience! Get ready for an incredible experience when you try Orange Sorbet, this remarkable hybrid created by combining the tantalizing citrus-flavored Mandarina from Trichome Jungle Seeds and Karma Genetics. An absolute resin bomb with a myriad of delicious terpenes, it will have your taste buds yearning for more! An abundance of intense sweetness, accompanied by a sensational fruity flavor make these flavors invigorating and irresistible. Mandarina builds an unparalleled citrus base that is heightened by creamy vanilla notes – a truly mouth-watering experience awaits you!

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