Does Eating Mango Get You Higher?

It is commonly believed that consuming a mango prior to using THC can amplify the intensity of your high. While some stoner myths may be entirely bogus (don’t even think about drinking bong water), this one has its basis in logic and deserves consideration.

The science

With its peppery, hoppy scent and flavor, myrcene is a common terpene found in both mangos and cannabis. Popular culture has even suggested that certain strains of cannabis with high levels of myrcene can induce “couch lock,” or sedation. While there is still not any clinical evidence to confirm this claim, an article published in 2002 by the Phytomedicine journal divulged that mice administered very high doses of myrcene exhibited decreased movement due to potential sedative effects. Thus, it may be safe to assume that larger amounts of this terpene could cause relaxation for humans as well.

Despite the fact that consuming myrcene on its own will not provide a high, it is still linked to providing an intense and rapid-acting euphoria. According to research published in 2016 in Nutraceuticals, this effect may be caused by myrcene terpene’s role in enabling cannabinoids’ transport into the brain. What’s more, studies suggest that myrcene can aid transdermal absorption as well – potentially increasing cannabinoid uptake even further.

White Widow, Skunk XL and Special Kush 1 are all marijuana strains that have exceptionally high amounts of myrcene. Many people believe this might cause more relaxation or sleepiness than other cannabis varieties; unfortunately, scientific proof has not yet been able to confirm this fact.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a more soothing experience, seek out strains that are high in myrcene – they may provide more sedation and relaxation than lower-myrcene varieties. For an even stronger calming sensation, consider incorporating mangos into your next smoke session – the results could be powerful indeed!

The experiment

Even though I’m not a scientist, I was still excited to put my scientific hypothesis to the test. So on an ordinary weeknight, I stopped by my local dispensary and grocery store for supplies to begin experimenting. Unfortunately, as opposed to Rick’s laboratory from ‘Rick and Morty,’ there weren’t any technological advancements that would allow me measure how much Mycerne content was in each mango. Nevertheless, the mangos were large and ripe so it seemed like a good start!

At the dispensary, I chose Wyld’s Strawberry 20:1 CBD:THC gummies for my purchase. As my tolerance is quite low, one or two of these 1mg THC gummies are more than enough to make me feel relaxed yet not high; and this mild result has been consistent every time! Hence, before I decided to try a larger dose with mangoes as a booster, I knew that if it was too strong an experience then it must be due to pushing beyond my normal weekday limits.

Bottom line: A mild, 2mg THC edible with a full mango—it’s the perfect combination.

First results: I don’t think this is working?

So, did I get stoned out of my mind after eating a bunch of mango with my favorite edibles?

After feasting on a large bowl of pasta (as I’m sure you’ve already figured out why this detail matters), I indulged in the deliciousness of my mango and gummy for dessert. My intention was to savor the edible cannabinoids along with the terpenes from my mango, thus amplifying its relaxing effects. To prepare myself for what’s about to come, I got comfortable in front of season one of Legendary, eagerly waiting as wave after wave of Zen flooded through me.

After my first episode, I felt nothing. As two more episodes passed with no effect, I started to become energized and surprisingly inspired to clean out my closet! Shockingly, the mango-infused gummies didn’t invoke a sense of tranquility that they should have – what was going on?

As I was getting ready for bed, hours after consuming my questionable edible creation, I assumed the results were definite: mangos do nothing to enhance your high. However, it would require an accidental combination of ingredients for me to reevaluate that initial conclusion.

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Second results: I’m definitely high

I figured I would repeat my first trial with a different strategy. To start off, I’d consume two or three full mangos at the beginning of the day and analyze if it just took some more time for me to sense its effects. Additionally, I might try smoking half a joint without mango before trying out the other half later on while taking mango juice into consideration in order to recognize any changes that may occur. For this experiment, there were multiple factors that could have been adjusted so as to determine which one influenced my experience most significantly.

A few days after my experiment, I unintentionally decided to make a delicious mango smoothie in order to give myself an afternoon energy boost. Without taking any time for consideration, I added one full dropper of the full-spectrum hemp extract that had recently become quite popular with me – because I already had something ready to drink it down. Knowing lunch was behind me and dinner still far away, this smoothie seemed like just the thing needed to get through the remainder of my day.

Shortly after taking the CBD tincture, I could feel a shift in my mental state. Instead of feeling frazzled and overwhelmed like I usually do, I was incredibly relaxed; even mundane tasks felt special! Whether it was watching hummingbirds flit around the fountain or hearing my pup’s soft snoring, everything seemed to be amplified. In other words – I felt high!

It was startling because I ordinarily take sizable measurements of CBD (anywhere from 50-100mg), being aware that it is not psychotropic. However, with a full spectrum tincture, there are tiny quantities of THC in the blend. My speculation is that taking such an immense amount on an empty stomach together with three cups of mango significantly enhanced those minute doses to make them apparent.


I was astonished by how much of an impact a full stomach can have on my marijuana experience. Whether I ate mango beforehand or not, it served as a helpful reminder that consuming cannabis is always an ongoing trial and error process. I must continually adapt to discover the perfect high for me: one that takes into account both my tolerance level and the mood in which I’m already experiencing. Finding this ideal dose was only step one; understanding all of the ways to adjust it feels like gaining invaluable knowledge! Now, delighting in a slightly elevated state from munching on mango-hemp mix has become part of what helps me find just the right amount of blissful intoxication every time.

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