How to Make Homemade Bong

Have you ever been in a spot where all you wanted to do was take a puff from your bong but it wasn’t with you or had broken?

Thankfully, with a bit of creativity, you can craft your own homemade bong that’ll provide you the same high as one bought from a store.

You’ll be amazed to find that the items necessary for crafting homemade water bongs (and other types of homemade bongs) are likely already in your home!

Wouldn’t it be great to always have a way to enjoy your favorite smoke, even if you don’t have access to traditional bongs? Well, we’re here with the solution! We’ll show you how to craft three unique homemade bongs so that you can experience satisfaction every time.

Moose Labs MouthPeace Is Perfect for Home Made Bongs

Before we jump right into crafting your own homemade bong, let us familiarize you with the Moose Labs MouthPeace – a must-have item for any cannabis smoker. This essential tool will make all of your smoking experiences much more enjoyable and safer!

The MouthPeace and its more compact counterpart, the MouthPeace Mini, are filters for all your smoking needs – from bongs to vapes and even homemade water bongs. Whatever equipment you use to inhale smoke or vapor, these filters can make it much safer!

The MouthPeace, a silicone accessory that can be quickly added or removed from the mouthpiece of your bong or joint, provides an easy way to share hits with friends without exposing them to germs.

Furthermore, the internal filter eliminates tar, resin, and other unwanted substances to deliver a smoother, cleaner taste. The MouthPeace doesn’t hinder air flow either so that you can enjoy your smoking experience without worry. With its effective filtration system in place that enhances flavor while keeping contaminants at bay, it is no wonder why more smokers are choosing this device!

MouthPeace can elevate the smoking experience for everyone, even those using a homemade bong. Do not fret over the cost, for MouthPeace and its filter are incredibly affordable. On top of that, there’s even a mini version available which does not cost much either!

The cost of buying one won’t set you back too much, even if your pocketbook is light. Investing in this purchase will be an incredibly rewarding decision – and one that you’ll never regret making!

How to Make a Homemade Bong Using an Apple

You might be a bit taken aback when you initially hear about this homemade bong, but trust us – it’s worth the try. Apples are not only an incredibly healthy snack choice, they also work flawlessly as a primary component of your own custom-made bong! It doesn’t take much effort to construct one and what’s even better is that each hit will have an extra sweet apple flavor. Give it a go – we guarantee you won’t regret it!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Crafting your own Apple bong is a surprisingly straightforward process that requires only minimal supplies. To get started, assemble the components you’ll need to make yours:

  • An apple (any fresh apple will do)
  • A knife, chopstick, or screwdriver (something to make holes in your apple)
  • A lighter
  • Your favorite strain of cannabis
  • Your MouthPeace filter

Step 2: Prepare Your Apple

Now that you’ve gathered all the necessary materials, it’s time to create your makeshift bong. Begin by removing the stem of your apple – a simple twist and pull should do the trick.

Next, take your poking implement (your knife, chopstick, or clean screwdriver) and push down through the top of your apple where you just removed the stem. Stop once you reach about halfway through the fruit. You don’t want to go all the way through the bottom. Give your instrument a twist to create a channel so that your smoke can more easily pass through.

Subsequently, build another tunnel from the side to form a pathway that connects with the downstem you created.

To create a successful smoke channel, be sure to twist your poking implement. The second hole should serve as the mouthpiece; you can make sure it is connected properly by inhaling through the mouthpiece and observing if air comes in.

Step 3: Create a Carb Hole

For the best possible smoke, you will want to create a carb hole in your apple bong. Use a chopstick, screwdriver or knife and carefully push through the entire fruit this time – just remember not to hurt your hand!

Step 4: Complete Your Makeshift Bong and Get Ready to Use It

Once you’ve set up your MouthPeace, slide it into the mouthpiece area. Now all that’s left to do is fill your “bowl.” Remember that hole at the top of your apple? That’ll come in handy now!

It turns out that the small indentation left behind from a stem is an ideal receptacle for your cannabis! Grind up and fill it with whichever strain you desire.

Step 5: Inhale Through Your MouthPeace and Enjoy

The fun part is here! Now you can take a puff of your homemade bong. Place your lips on the MouthPeace and cover the carb hole using your finger. Find the lighter and light up that cannabis, then inhale through the mouthpiece for as long as you want to get what you need. Keep it in for some seconds before letting it out, savouring its delightful taste (with an extra apple flavour!) along with its effects. Ready? Enjoy!

How to Make a Homemade Bong Using a Water Bottle

Whether you used cannabis during college or knew someone who did, chances are this isn’t the first time you’ve heard of it.Looking for a fast and cost-effective way to get the high you want? Then try making a water bottle bong! Just like an apple bong, it takes only minutes to create this homemade smoking device.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • A clean plastic bottle (the larger the bottle, the more smoke you’ll be able to make)
  • A sharp object such as a pen or knife
  • A tube (such as a straw or an emptied ballpoint pen)
  • Aluminum foil
  • A pin or sewing needle
  • Cannabis
  • Lighter
  • Your MouthPeace

Step 1: Add Water to Your Bottle

Submerge your handmade bong in water up to a quarter of its capacity. Just like when using glass pieces, this liquid will filter out any impurities from the cannabis smoke.

Step 2: Create a Carb Hole

Create a tiny, curved opening just under the bottle’s neck using your knife or pen. This will be used as your carb hole.

Step 3: Make Your Downstem

Subsequently, it’s time to fashion a downstem. Utilize your knife or pen to create another hole in the plastic bottle located just above the water inside of it. Make sure that the size is ample enough for your hollow tube, and you can use an emptied ballpoint pen casing as an effective tool! Once complete, push down on the tube so that its tip dips into the liquid beneath.

Step 4: Craft Your Bowl

To finish crafting your downstem, you must create a bowl. Detach the tube from the opening and take some tinfoil to wrap around its outer end. Compress it into a tiny foil bowl with subtle detailing that is satisfactory to you. Utilize either pins or sewing needles to puncture multiple holes throughout the foil leading directly onto the hollow tubing; this will allow smoke to pass smoothly through, moving entirely up and over your water bottle bong for an amazing experience!

Step 5: Assemble Your Water Bottle Bong

Assemble your bong now. Insert the downstem into the hole close to the waterline and place it in water. Unscrew or take off cap of your bottle, then attach mouthpiece onto neck of bottle firmly. And voila! you are ready to start using it safely and conveniently.

Step 6: Pack Your Bowl

Now that you have your pipe ready, it’s time to grind up the strain of cannabis that suits you best and prepare a foil bowl. Be sure not to forget covering the carb hole – then place your mouth on the MouthPeace and get ready for some ultimate fun!

Step 7: Spark Up

Ignite your lighter and get ready to light up! Draw in air into the bottle which will help the smoke move from bowl to bottle. After gathering enough smoke, take a deep hit and enjoy!

DIY Bong: Make a Gravity Bong Step by Step

To end this comprehensive guide on crafting homemade bongs, we must not forget to discuss the notorious gravity bong. If you long for immense sessions with a gigantic hit here and there, look no further than constructing your own personal gravity bong! Collect all of the necessary items beforehand so that when it comes time to assemble your masterpiece, you’ll be ready to take some of the most impressive hits imaginable.

To make this homemade bong, you’ll need:

  • A plastic bottle (like a water or soda bottle)
  • A container (it will need to be wide enough and deep enough to fit your first bottle, such as a small bucket)
  • Aluminum foil
  • A pin or sewing needle
  • A knife
  • Your preferred strain of cannabis
  • A lighter
  • Your MouthPeace

Step 1: Prepare your Bottle

To begin, prepare your plastic bottle by carefully cutting off the bottom with a knife. Be sure not to remove too much – no more than an inch should do the trick!

Step 2: Make a Bowl

To assemble a homemade bong, start by detaching the cap of your bottle and covering its mouthpiece with foil. Then form a bowl on top of it with the help of a pin or needle. Remember to puncture five to six holes onto the sheet so that smoke can pass through and into your container –you’re ready for an exhilarating experience!

Step 3: Get Your Setup Ready

To start, fill your bucket or other vessel with water. Afterwards, slowly lower the cut bottle with the bowl inside into the container until it is just below its neckline. Make sure you keep that bowl free of water!

Step 4: Light Your Bud

Pack your bowl with the cannabis strain of your choosing, and ignite it to bring it to life. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Step 5: Fill the Bottle with Smoke and Take Your Hit

To create a smooth and enjoyable hit, carefully lift your bottle from the water until it’s nearly out. Keep in mind that if you pull it too quickly, the smoke will escape; instead, replace the bowl with your MouthPeace as soon as possible. Now comes the fun part! Push down on the bottle while inhaling to ensure that all of that smoky goodness is entering your lungs!

Final Thoughts on Making Your Own Bong

Why settle for an ordinary smoking session when you can amp it up and create your own bong? With a few common items around the house, you can craft a homemade bubbler in no time. To take things to the next level, incorporate Moose Labs MouthPeace into your DIY set-up — this will grant you some of the cleanest and smoothest hits from any makeshift contraption imaginable! So why wait? Put together your very own cannabis bubbler today!

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