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Best Cannabis Holiday Gifts for 2022

As the 2022 holiday season approaches, cannabis and its associated paraphernalia are gradually becoming commonplace. Cannabis connoisseurs no longer have to compromise between items that make them feel good and those which look attractive in their home. To meet these needs—both of the consumers themselves as well as those shopping for them this holiday season—we present this list!

A Weed Is a Flower

The stark contrast between cannabis in its natural state and a packaged jar of flowers is truly astonishing. Broccoli magazine captures this beauty with their recent publication, an elegant hardcover photo book full of artful marijuana photography that was published at the end of last year. From it’s slender stalks to graceful palmate leaves and serrated leaflets, each image will make any coffee table come alive. Titled in reference to a 1911 quote by poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox (“A weed is but an unloved flower”), this book unveils its 168 pages of captivating images showcasing the remarkable beauty of weeds. Combining the Japanese art of ikebana with cannabis, this collection showcases delicate arrangements alongside tansy, chamomile and bird of paradise. It also features X-Ray cyanotypes and close-ups of pollinator insects on bowed leaves. The cherry on top? Quirky shots that depict lady slippers and pitcher plants in humorous positions next to smoking joints – do you think Audrey II from Little Shop Of Horrors could handle being an honorary stoner?

Køl 2.0 pipe

In November 2021, Høj (Danish for “high”) debuted their all-minimalist Danish design with a blend of technology and innovation. Their flagship product is the Køl 2.0 pipe – an aerodynamic piece made from two chunks of matte black aluminum connected by rare earth magnets, measuring 6 inches in length. With its sleek Scandinavian construction, this innovative device was crafted to provide users with one-of-a kind vaping experiences!

When you split the two halves of this pipe, you can get an up-close and personal look at its miraculous core – a vortex shape with a textured surface inspired by the scales of mako sharks. This combination works to both efficiently cool down smoke and trap any impurities from combusting cannabis more effectively than just using screens on their own. Along with two extra screens, this pipe is constructed from titanium-coated stainless steel for an optimal smoking experience. Køl Mini 2.0 offers a smaller version of the pipe, and Klip provides an innovative grinder that utilizes sharpened stainless steel blades to precisely cut cannabis flower instead of tearing it apart.

Substance mini joints

Launching Substance in April 2021, Sharoz Makarechi from Venice, California is one of the few cannabis brands centering social justice issues. Their motto? “Reparations through Cannabis.” Inside each box are twelve mini pre-rolled (.28 gram) joints that make for a perfect single smoke. It’s no wonder their innovative brand has become so popular! Each box is adorned with striking artwork from watercolor artist Sinclair Chase Korte depicting a clenched fist, peace sign or Vulcan “live long and prosper” gesture. Moreover, $8.46 of the sales profits – representing the time George Floyd spent gasping for breath beneath an officer’s knee – goes to Impact/Justice in order to help end mass incarceration around the world.

Cannabis botanical illustration art print

Goldleaf, a design company from Cincinnati that crafts cannabis journals and reference cards, has released this limited-edition print showcasing the female marijuana plant through Nathan Maggard’s pen-and-ink illustration. Much like the classic hand drawn botanical illustrations of olden days, but with a more modern approach. Printed in America on thick matte archival paper, customers can choose between two sizes – 18×24 inches or 24×36 inches!

Concentrate storage case

Whitney Beatty, founder and chief executive of Josephine & Billie’s dispensary in Los Angeles, created Apothecarry with the intention to end the era of hiding cannabis away from sight. Instead, her revolutionary humidor-like lock boxes were designed to display marijuana products stylishly while keeping them fresh and secure. With the sophisticated interiors and careful craftsmanship that went into each box, Apothecarry has been a game changer for all those who don’t want their stash tucked away in an old shoebox anymore! Beatty is now elevating the entire dabbing experience for concentrate users with their Dabney product. This sturdy, wooden case comes in a sleek design and includes 24 clear jars made from food-safe materials that are perfect for holding the many waxes, shatters, crumbles and oils that dabbers adore. A box on one side contains all of your necessary tools while an LED light board embedded into the lid provides extra drama to any concentrate of choice you choose! Powered by a 9V battery, this unit will last as long as you need it — guaranteed!

The Billie bubbler

When we stumbled upon the Billie (a bubbler bong/pipe hybrid, which also doubles as a bud vase), it was an instant hit and inspired our cannabis gift guide theme this year. This popular item is hand-crafted by no less than five women in their Kansas City studio; part of Wandering Bud’s unique earthenware pipes, chillums, and bongs range. It’s not difficult to understand why CEO Riley Brain regards the Billie as her bestseller – its appearance alone deserves admiration! This 7-inch tall smoking device will surely be a hit this holiday season, with its glazed finish available in moss, lilac, pearl and canyon shades. This cleverly concealed design features an unobtrusive downstem and side carb that make it difficult to tell what the item actually is – only four tiny holes hint at the secret indent bowl! To ensure your order arrives by Christmas Day, standard shipping orders must be placed before December 15th; for expedited delivery cut offs are December 21st.

Houseplant Ashtray Set by Seth

If you’re looking for something special to add to your home decor, look no further than this incredible three-piece set created by the renowned talents of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Fragrant cannabis connoisseur Rogen creatively crafted a unique glazed earthenware ashtray that is both deep enough for all types of ashes and twice as tall as a sake cup – giving it an attractive profile perfect for any setting! This beautifully crafted ashtray is complete with a curved notch in the lip, serving as an ideal resting place for your joint while it’s still being rolled. It nests perfectly inside its accompanying saucer that can serve as another ashtray or storage space for matches and lighters. To top off this exquisite set, there is also a delightful bud vase included – making this trio absolutely stunning to behold and deserving of a prominent spot in any living room!

Marley Natural walnut and glass bubbler

Launched in 2016 as the “official Bob Marley cannabis brand,” Marley Natural has since cultivated a reputation for their curated collection of beautifully designed, high-quality smoking accessories. A standout piece is this bubbler crafted from handblown borosilicate glass and sustainably sourced black walnut wood – an elegant tribute to reggae legend, Bob Marley! The result is a mixture of scientific precision and organic warmth, with the weight of a high-end lighter or writing tool. You’ll be pleased to know that it disassembles effortlessly for easy cleaning so you can enjoy its beauty every time you use it.

Puffco Proxy

Puffco, the iconic L.A.-based company whose Peak portable concentrate vaporizer revolutionized dabbing, has returned with another revolutionary product: a modular cannabis consumption ecosystem centered around an antiquated-looking yet futuristic steampunk-inspired device! The core unit is similar to the size and shape of a film canister–allowing for seamless interchangeability between different mouthpieces that are reminiscent of glass pipes from days long past. There’s never been anything quite like it; Puffco will forever change how you consume cannabis! After witnessing the growing craze of after-market glass for the Peak, this company decided to join in on the fun. It introduced a 3D heating chamber that heats concentrates from both sides and bottom, allowing users to enjoy an even better draw. Even more impressive is its ability to swap out a flower bowl (sold separately) into its glass pipe base, so non-concentrated consumption can now be experienced with Sherlock Holmes flair!

Rose Los Angeles X Nünchi CDB edibles

Rose Los Angeles, an esteemed brand renowned for their THC-infused Turkish delights, has recently partnered with Lexie Park of Nünchi – a prestigious producer of jelly cakes whose artistic edibles have been featured on the menu at Chifa and even in projects for Nike, Skims and The Weeknd’s Super Bowl halftime show. This collaboration results in two seasonal flavors infused with CBD presented in gorgeous boxes bursting with bubbles. The bubbles are a nod to the bubble-tea-inspired flavors inside; Nünchi Boba Mixed Citrus Oolong combines the flavor of oranges, grapefruits and lemons (from Bernard Ranch), bergamot and Ruby Oolong tea from San Francisco-based Song Tea and is infused with Silver Haze flower rosin from Elli-Hou Farms. The delectable Nünchi Strawberry Jasmine Boba combines Sour Lifter flower rosin from the same farm, Song Tea’s Snow Jasmine green tea and Albion and Mara De Bois strawberries sourced from Chino Farms; all ingredients that can be ordered online due to their lack of THC content, ensuring speedy delivery across most states in the US.

Floral-print vaporizer battery

Necessity is the mother of invention as the proverb goes, and so it is with L.A.-based House of Tyne, which local cannabis brand PR maven and entrepreneur Ralina Shaw founded when she couldn’t find vaping accessories that reflected her personal style. Shaw doesn’t reinvent the wheel with her brand’s flagship product — pen-like rechargeable vaporizer batteries compatible with 510-thread vape cartridges — but she does give it a dash of eye-catching design. Well, two designs, actually: Flora (pictured above), which wraps the battery in a bold tropical wallpaper-like design, and Posh Pink, which is a solid color somewhere near dusty rose.


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Monogram OG Handroll

Before you scoff at the idea of paying $50 for a 1.5 gram pre-rolled joint, especially as a gift to that special cannabis enthusiast in your life, you need to know this – It’s from Jay-Z’s luxury marijuana brand Monogram and it has been designed with cigar smoking experience in mind. Housed within an elegant matte black tube which comes with a screw cap lid, the premium OG Handroll is unlike anything else out there! With Monogram’s signature approach, their expert joint rollers meticulously break down the cannabis flower before rolling each one with a unique technique perfected by the brand’s culture & cultivation ambassador DeAndre Watson. As a result, you get an incredibly slow-burning joint – similar to that of a premium cigar – which can be enjoyed over multiple sessions.

Session Goods pipe

Perfectly combining style and simplicity, this pipe stands out from the rest. Boasting a sleek black-tinted borosilicate glass cone shape dotted with strategic dimples to create an ash catcher near the mouthpiece, carburetor and bowl – it’s truly remarkable! Plus its silicone carrying sleeve ensures you can transport your fully packed bowl without having to worry about any mess or spillage; making weed smoking easier than ever before! The included bent metal loop seamlessly threads through the sleeve’s narrower end, transforming the entire piece into an incognito-looking rubbery keychain.

Vessel ashtray

This three-piece ashtray and storage caddy from Carlsbad’s Vessel showcases the essence of Midcentury Modern design. A delightedly smooth, white concrete square weighing nearly four pounds is decorated with a spheroid indentation in its center and two opposite corners notched for convenience. When it isn’t being used or when you need to empty the contents, a thin walnut wood slab easily slides into place over top – allowing this piece to remain timeless despite changing trends! This gorgeous walnut piece, designed to work with the brand’s other smoking gear but perfect for matches, lighters, and loose herbs or pre-rolled joints is divided into three compartments. It fits precisely into the base of an ashtray allowing you to enjoy a stylish sesh in minimal space on your coffee table.

Flora Nero hash globe

The husband-and-wife duo Eli and Anna Peer recently created a design house, Flora Nero (which translates to “black flower,” paying homage to hashish and Eli’s fondness of it). This year marks the launch of their first collection named Other_Worldly, designed by creative director Marc Thorpe. The line is constructed with aluminum, glass, and wood while inspired by the Space Race era. Amongst all the pieces within this series stands one that is sure to take your breath away – their Hash Globe featuring an elevated look on classic hash under glass smoking method. With Flora Nero’s ultra luxe designs for cannabis accessories you won’t want miss out! The setup consists of a handblown smoky gray glass globe with a tapered (removable) anodized aluminum mouthpiece that gives the whole thing a slightly Sputnik vibe. The open-bottom end of the globe sits over an aluminum base in which a tapered spike is centered. A chunk of hash (Eli says dry-sift hash works best) is skewered on the spike and lit, and after it burns for a bit the glass is put back in place and the orb fills with smoke that can then be inhaled via the mouthpieceWith a tiny glass stopper cleverly included to switch in for the mouthpiece whenever you need, this set is an absolute must-have for any party. Not only will it get your guests’ attention, but they’ll be talking about it all night!

Rogue Paq Personal-Petal Poppy ashtray

There’s a lot more to this hefty, solid brass Hollywood Regency design-inspired flower than meets the eye. That’s because when not pulling focus in the center of a coffee table, each of the five removable poppy petals can be pulled out to serve as a personal-sized ashtray (for all those party-of-one mini-joints everyone’s smoking these days). Adding to the functionality are five brass toothpick-like stamens that do double duty as tampers/pokers/bowl-cleaners.

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