Best Cannabis Strains to Get Completely Couch Locked

best cannabis strains to get completely couch locked 3 - Best Cannabis Strains to Get Completely Couch Locked

Many people report feeling couchlocked as a result of cannabis. THC-rich marijuana strains, in particular, have been linked to the sofalock effect. Cannabis edibles have also been associated with the couchlock sensation.

best cannabis strains to get completely couch locked 2 - Best Cannabis Strains to Get Completely Couch Locked

Simply defined, couchlock refers to that feeling when you’re so stoned that you can’t get off the couch and have a hard time doing much else other than becoming one with your couch/bed or even sleeping.

For some, couchlock is a side effect of pot; but for others, it’s a delicious feeling.

Cannabis products that provide a couchlock sensation may be beneficial to medicinal users, particularly those who suffer from high levels of anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, and pain. Recreational users, on the other hand, get an occasional couchlock as well. It aids in relieving the strain of a long stressful day while also aiding in the distraction of intrusive ideas.

1. MK Ultra

In the case of, say, a good friend who’s been kidnapped by aliens and is being held captive on a spaceship somewhere in space, you might want to check out some strains that are more indica-dominant. However, if all else fails

G-13 and OG Kush are both legendary parents of the G11. G-13 is a very potent Indica strain, with THC levels reaching over 20%, while OG Kush contains high levels of CBD. The G11 is a 50/50 hybrid, with MK Ultra being most notably an Indica strain (with THC levels approaching 20 percent) and also containing Sativa features. Despite the fact that the high comes from the Indica side, you’ll still get that Sativa bushy growth and yield. That’s to be expected from parents like G-13 and OG Kush, which are both notorious for their power. She stays short, on average only around 3 feet long. Plus, with some seeds requiring 10 weeks to chop as short

This strain produces an average of 300-350 grams of high-quality couch lock cannabis. You can get higher ranges by using techniques such as Screen of Green, controlling the light, and using top nutrients. She is also mold susceptible, so if you’re growing indoors, invest in ventilation.

2. Hash Plant

The standard Hash plant is always a safe bet if you’re looking for a cerebral, body high with physically strong consequences. For decades, she’s been used as a breeding plant because to her dependability. However, if you want couchlock, she provides incredible highs.

You’ll discover a lot of mystery and intrigue in this dark, potent flower. It yields an incredible amount of resin, making it perfect for dabbing or concentrates. Furthermore, at 40 days from seed to harvest, this may be one of the quickest flowering plants available. This compact, bushy Indica does not skimp on production. In fact, you can expect to harvest 350g per plant outside. Indoors, you can expect less than 400 grams per square meter

The Hash plant is high in resin, like other Indicas. You’ll also receive 13-19% THC for a smooth, heavy high that leaves you relaxed and immobile for hours.

3. Super Skunk

The Extreme Skunk is one of the most tolerant plants in the world. With simple shifts between chilly and hot temperatures, excellent sun tolerance, and no lack of it, it’s easy to see why. But while growers appreciate her laid-back attitude, smokers adore her for something else.

Super Skunk is still one of the most popular highs in the world. That’s why she may be found all around the globe in coffee shops. And with a yield of 400g of sticky bud, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy the ride. Super Skunk delivers an incredibly balanced cerebral high that includes significant amounts of CBD. This gives for a fantastic, couch-locking high that will keep you coming back again and again.

Super Sunk is an excellent hiding spot for plants. She usually hovers around 4 feet in the air. On the other hand, she does have a distinct odor about her. Choose using high-intensity lights if possible (600w) or grow her in direct sunlight for optimum production.

4. Blueberry Feminized

If you say “Blueberry”, most people think flavor. Smokers love this strain for her rich berry tones. But, she also delivers an incredible high. Plan to have nothing to do, sit back, and enjoy her floating, euphoric highs for hours.

Blueberry is also a great choice for beginning growers. It doesn’t matter if you plan to grow indoors or outdoors. Blueberry just delivers. You’ll get 400g of beautiful purple bud from this plant in October outside. Indoors, you’ll see less purple, but the weed will taste the same.

However, you do want to keep your plants dry. Rain can result in top rot. It’s also a great idea to use stress training or Screen of Green for maximum yield. Plus, if you want extracts, this strain’s thick crystal coating covers the leaves, so you’ll get plenty of premium trim as well.

5. White Rhino

best cannabis strains to get completely couch locked - Best Cannabis Strains to Get Completely Couch Locked

White Rhino takes a while to kick in, but her slow, steady pace escalates till you’re flying high, while your body is numb and relaxed. This strain isn’t really named because it hits like a rhino, rather after than dense white trichomes, but it might as well be. This strain hits hard and stays hard, in a gentle, uplifting kind of way. That makes it a favorite couch weed among even experienced growers.

Additionally, White Rhino blends an all-time favorite, White Widow, with an American Landrace. The Canadian Maple Leaf Indica contributes a lot to the plant’s flavor in the form of rich trichomes and high CBD content.

White Rhino performs well indoors or out. She also works well with hydro, but you’ll lose some flavor. Additionally, this busy indica definitely performs well with topping. Use Sea of Green or Screen of Green for optimal results.

6. Northern Lights

The world’s most popular couch lock strain is Northern Lights. It’s on the lighter side for a couch lock, but you’ll still be floating away. This soothing, euphoric cannabis is renowned for its calming effects and soothing highs.

It’s also an excellent plant for beginners to grow at home. Northern Lights is simple, even if you’re a novice gardener. She has exceptional disease and mildew resistance, as well. The Dutch-bred indica strain is another fantastic option for both indoors and out. If you’re growing indoors, make sure you have adequate lighting. In early October, expect a consistent harvest outdoors if you cultivate outside.

Northern Lights is a high-yielding strain with strong resistance to powdery mildew and other diseases. Northern Lights also matures quickly, producing very large flowers that are perfect for extracting resins from for delicious cannabis extracts. In addition, 600 grams of white, sticky bud per plant offers superior yields. She’s a favorite for a reason. Plus, this marijuana strain has great flavor and highs, as well as high CBD levels.

7. Afghan

Afghan is a pure Indica landrace that has been selectively bred. The end product is an incredibly old-school strain that elevates you. Afghan plants are native to the region. The original Afghan was a local plant, although most versions available today have been crossed with other phenotypes to improve them.

This plant is also quite productive. Depending on the type, weather, and care, you may expect 400-700 grams per plant outdoors. More sunshine usually results in more bud. Indoor Screen of Green, on the other hand, allows for excellent outcomes.

The flavor is outstanding, and the high quality is fantastic. Her high yield, excellent resin content, and big buds make her extremely popular among growers. Afghan’s sticky buds have one of the most potent couch locks from a pure Indica strain.

8. Rocklock

Rocklock is a very powerful couch lock grow based on an 80 percent Indica strain. Rocklock combines Warlock with Rockstar to create a high THC, low CBD resin-packed plant. This is also a fantastic choice for an indoor crop since it can produce up to 600g per square meter indoors.

Sticky, orange-coated buds abound at Sticky Hash. You’ll get a lot of resin, which is typical of Indica strains. As a result, she’s great for extracts – which complements her medical profile. If you want to cultivate her indoors, go with 600w + lights. You’ll also need training like Screen of Green to train her. Flowering will take only 8 weeks if grown inside. You’ll want some air circulation in the room while it’s flowering. The strain is resistant to mold and fungus, although it has poor resistance to mildew and rot .

Keep her on a trellis outside. This strain can get enormous, but not so much as to cause you any worry. As long as you can offer light and sunshine outdoors, she’ll be fine.

9. LSD Feminized

LSD is a worldwide classic and has been for decades. Jimi Hendrix’s favorite couch locking strain, according to legend, was made by this company. However, you don’t have to take the word of old-school rockstars when it comes to LSD; it remains one of the most popular coffee-shop strains today.

LSD has also become a household name. Although this strain is one of the few Sativa-dominant strains on our list, she comes across as indica in terms of character. You’ll get a plant with crystal that’s dense and shorter. And when you harvest, you’ll get a very consistent average of 500g per plant. These tall green buds don’t appear to be very distinctive. However, when you smoke them, you’ll enjoy one of the most famous, powerful psychoactive highs available.

It’s simple to raise if you’re ready to expand. Begin her indoors early on. Use stress training to keep her short and bushy if you leave her there. The sea of green is always a great choice. Make sure you stake her when it starts to blow hard outdoors. Otherwise, with some light trimming, you’ll get a fantastic yield.

10. Black Widow

The Black Widow is named after the more famous White Widow. It also wants to inform you that this strain has the same punch as the legendary arachnid. With up to 28% THC content, it’s easy to see why it delivers so hard. Black Widow delivers a powerful blow, but one that is soft, uplifting, and energetic throughout your body. After even a small quantity of this bud, you won’t be able to focus on anything else.

Black Widow is also a Sativa-dominant strain. You’ll still experience a powerful couch lock and an emotional and cerebral high. Black Widow is also resistant to pests, mildew, and mold, making her perfect for growing outdoors. If you’re planning on growing in the garden, keep her hidden with clothing or something similar. Because top rot is a worry, this is particularly crucial.

Otherwise, this strain is simple. She requires a bit more time, with a flowering period of 10-14 weeks. However, that maturity will pay off with an average yield of 400g per plant.

What Does Couch Lock Mean?

The term “couch lock” refers to a specific kind of high. In most situations, this is a relaxing, calming, pleasant, and uplifting experience. You are so filled with delight that you don’t want to get off the sofa.

Of course, “Couch Lock” has a lot of meanings. Some strains are so powerful that you can barely move. Others are light and just feel like being wrapped in a warm blanket to chill out and enjoy. Furthermore, strains have different effects on individuals. Most people prefer Indica couch locks since Sativa strains tend to be much heavier when they don’t provide an energetic high. The finest couch lock strains will ultimately be determined by your preference for a strong high.

What Types of Weed Causes Couch Lock?

Indica strains are best recognized for couch lock. Hybrids, on the other hand, are the most popular variety. That usually implies that you’ll have to analyze each plant’s effects on its own. On the other hand, most Kush strains tend to provide a couch lock effect.

Otherwise, there are few methods to predict whether or not a plant will couch lock. If you choose a relaxing and sedative strain, you’re likely to have a couch lock.

Next Steps

A decent couch lock marijuana can help you unwind. The finest couch lock strains, on the other hand, are determined by your tastes, tolerance, and environment. One strain may be ideal for you but not outside. Others might have all of the characteristics. The only way to determine is to experiment with different strains and see what works for you. Our study should act as a guideline for your own research.

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