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Blue Dream Strain Review

Blue Dream is a sweet-tasting strain with a pleasant blueberry scent and a high THC content. It’s a well-known variety with pharmaceutical advantages, such as alleviating pain and anxiety symptoms. Blue Dream might also aid in the induction of feelings of happiness and well-being.

Blue Dream has broken into the mainstream realm of cannabis. This strain is loved by both MMJ patients and recreational consumers since it offers a wonderful experience. It gets its name from the fruity and sweet scent, which smells like biting into a jar of freshly-picked blueberries.

Do you want to learn why there’s so much excitement around this strain? Continue reading to discover out why.

What Is the Blue Dream Strain?

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid that combines Blueberry with Haze. The blueberry sweetness of this marijuana strain is thought to originate from California, where the bud’s blueberry flavor complements the sunny and golden state. It will leave you yearning for more of California after just a few puffs.

Blue Dream is a strain that can be used by almost anybody. The plant has been considered top-shelf marijuana in the past, but it is now being threatened by new, more powerful hybrids.

Blue Dream is a powerful, yet relaxing strain. It has a head high that lasts between two and three hours with an uplifted mood and sometimes associated with an energizing euphoria that may help stimulate creativity.

The Blue Dream cannabis variety is ideal for performing everyday tasks. Some people, for example, use it as a morning routine to get them ready for the day ahead. It takes just a small amount to wake you up, and some users add it to their coffee instead of a cup!

However, keep in mind that if your employer suspects you of being high, they will most likely terminate your contract. As a result, it’s best to utilize Blue Dream on a day off. It’s probably not ideal before bedtime, either. This strain may be an excellent choice if you want to socialize with friends or party late at night.


Blue Dream is identified for its unique blueberry note, which becomes apparent as soon as the buds are removed from the package. However, you can also detect nuances of mango and sweet vanilla.


Blue Dream’s flavor is consistent with its scent. The sweet taste of blueberries is clearly evident, although the spicy undertones are a pleasant surprise. Some people claim to notice slightly sour notes in their experience, which only add to the delicious flavor.


Orange and turquoise hues dominate Blue Dream, with sage green leaves, yellow and orange pistils, and frosty trichomes. Its water leaves range from orange to brown to dark green, depending on the variety and the circumstances in which your crop is cultivated.

Blue Dream Grow Info

When cultivating Blue Dream, it’s best to stick to tried-and-true foundations. This implies ensuring that your plants get enough nitrogen during the growth stage (cutting it back during the bloom phase), as well as potassium and phosphorus. When growing this crop, magnesium is one of the most essential supporting nutrients. It also requires frequent watering, which makes it a thirsty strain.

White Widow plants grow to a height of around three feet, whereas Blue Dream grows to be about two and a half feet. White Widow has larger buds, making it suitable for the experienced grower who wants to maximize his yield. When cultivated outside, it may produce up to 21 ounces of bud per plant; it is ready for harvest in October.

Depending on the strain, you could expect to harvest up to 21 ounces per square meter planted.

When the Blue Dream strain reaches maturity, its development speed increases in delight. After a few successful harvests, you may start to look at things like the quality of your dirt to get the most out of your crop. If you want an even bigger yield and arguably stronger marijuana, consider utilizing hydroponics instead.

It is important to remember that Blue Dream marijuana is susceptible to spider mites and powdery mildew. Check your crop on a regular basis for signs of viral or health damage; remove the sick plants as soon as possible if you find any.

THC Content – Highest Test

The THC content of ‘Blue Dream’ ranges from 17% to 25%, with an average of 18-19%. While it isn’t as potent as strains like Gorilla Glue #4, it is still powerful enough for most individuals.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hemp strain that has little to no THC and a high CBD content, according to some analyses. Because many strains have less than 1%, this is quite significant for cannabis that isn’t specifically cultivated to produce a high CBD ratio. This strain contains up to 1% CBN as well.

Medical Benefits of the Blue Dream Strain

Although not a cure-all, Blue Dream cannabis has proved therapeutic for a variety of medical symptoms. This strain may be beneficial to those who are stressed or live in malaise. It might also help those suffering from chronic pain, headaches, or tiredness who use marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Because Blue Dream is believed to be an uplifting marijuana strain, it may be beneficial to those who are weary, anxious, or sad.

Possible Side Effects of the Blue Dream Strain

Blue Dream’s most common negative effects include dry mouth and eyes. If you’re having trouble keeping your mouth or eyes moist, drink lots of water.

Some consumers have claimed to suffer anxiety or paranoia after taking Blue Dream marijuana. Such persons are already prone to feelings of anxiety. If you get nervous when you use marijuana, stop using it. CBD oil is a good alternative because it doesn’t make you high and has little negative effects.

Final Thoughts on the Blue Dream Strain

One of the most famous strains in the world is Blue Dream. Although it probably doesn’t live up to its reputation, it is a genuinely delicious strain with an invigorating and uplifting impact. It has a fair level of THC, but unlike many new crossbreeds, it does not have too much of an effect on the user.

Blue Dream is susceptible to spider mite infestations, and regular maintenance is necessary while growing it. However, if you follow this strain diligently, you will reap a large yield.

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