Chemdawg Strain Review

The Chemdawg strain is a potent and well-known variety recognized for its mind-bending cerebral high. Even though it has a moderate THC content, it will quickly put you to sleep, making it ideal for those in a hurry. The Chemdawg strain also has an earthy, chemical scent with undertones of diesel and pine.

The Chemdawg is without a doubt one of the most well-known strains in cannabis. It’s a strong and sativa-dominant hybrid dubbed “the Bruce Banner” for its strength, resulting in uncontrollable giggling! Chemdawg has developed a reputation as an all-around fantastic strain with great flavor and effects due to its high THC level. We recommend you to try Alien OG.

Sit back and prepare to be astonished by Chemdawg’s fantastic cerebral ability, which has been hidden away under a rock if you haven’t heard of it.

What is Chemdawg Cannabis?

There are several tales about how Chemdawg originated, but there’s no way to confirm them, so we’ll just have to wonder and Chemdawg will continue to be one of the most perplexing strains on the market.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to try Chemdawg may be, there is one thing that’s certain: this variety has firmly cemented its status as a must-try if you have a passion for cannabis. This hybrid is quite powerful and has THC levels of 15 to 20 percent, although its attractive fragrance and fast-acting effects are what keep us coming back.

This one is a sativa-dominant strain that’s good if you like to talk and get things done. However, be ready because this plant can be quite potent, so inexperienced users should avoid it!

Chemdawg has been the parent strain of numerous popular buds, including Sour Diesel and OG Kush, both of which are powerful pot strains in their own right. However, no one knows where Chemdawg came from; some people believe it is descended from a Colorado strain known as Dog Bud while others feel it resulted from a complex seed trade at a Grateful Dead concert.

The Legend of Chemdawg

We do know that this wonderfully powerful bud is a cannabis staple for serious marijuana users and has dominated the US cannabis market for decades.

Chemdawg was said to have been created through a mix of Kush, Hash Plant, and Northern Lights. Even though Chemdawg’s origins are murky and contentious, it appears to have been bred down from an earlier strain called Chemo. According on Pbud, Joe Brand (also known as Wonkanobe) and his buddy Pbud from Colorado went on tour with the Grateful Dead using a pound of marijuana they dubbed Dog Bud because it was so powerful it made you roll over like a dog. In 1990, an enormous subterranean pot bunker was discovered, in which it is believed that Thai, Hashplant, and Skunk were used to create Super Bud. They also gave it the amusing name Chemweed because of its gasoline/chemical-like scent.

From a TV program, one of Wonkanobe and Pbud’s customers became infatuated with Chemweed and returned for more. He became friends with Wonkanobe and Pbud, then combined their names “Dog Bud” and “Chemdawg,” which eventually evolved into Chemdog, the grower rather than the strain. After the Grateful Dead tour came to an end, Chemdog stayed in touch with the growers, who sent him two more ounces of the original “Dog Bud.” One of these ounces had thirteen seeds, one of which was a male that he could have used to create even better cannabis cup winning ganja but now regrets tossing away. Cheddar’s budtender, Cheddar, described Chemdawg as “a legendary indica.” She dubbed the three remaining plants Chemdawg 91, Chemdawg a, and Chemdawg b. In 2001, Cheddar and his girlfriend planted one of the initial thirteen seeds. Wonkanobe rekindled his friendship with Chemdog and returned him four of the six remaining seeds, the fourth of which was known as the reunion pheno since it was most similar to the “Dog Bud” strain first discovered by Chemdog. All of today’s Chemdawg cannabis stems from one of those five original plants; nevertheless, two un-sprouted seeds are hidden away in his collection.

Chemdawg Aroma, Flavor, Appearance

The scent of Chemdawg is the first thing you notice; think of a burning chemical and diesel combination, and you’ll be close to the strength of Chemdawg. The musky notes blended with a diesel-like aroma make for an extremely musky strain that will either please or irritate you!

MediPharms’ growth rate is comparable to that of other female cannabis plants. It isn’t harmed in any way, aside from its beautiful lavender scent. It can grow tall and produce long, tapered buds with the potential to reach up to three feet tall and have medium-sized buds. The leaves are a stunning bright green color with sticky trichomes that give off a silvery sheen. The Chemdawg flavor comes as a surprise, with a super strong diesel fragrance that has undertones of pine and a mild tang. It’s unquestionably a taste treat thanks to the attractive burnt orange pistils dotting the plant!

Chemdawg Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Because of its long reach, the Chemdawg strain may be tough to cultivate. Chemdawg is not a strain we would recommend to novice growers due to its need for significant upkeep as a result of its high climbing ability. However, if you want a hard task and have enough time to complete it, this might be an excellent project strain for the first-time grower.

When grown indoors away from mold and mildew, Meddawg is a tall, fast-growing plant that may reach over 5 feet in height. It’ll need bending and pruning early on during the vegetation period to keep it at a reasonable height.

Chemdawg is a wonderful plant to grow from seed, with a flowering period of 9-10 weeks and a good yield of 65-75 grams per square foot.

Because Chemdawg is a strong strain, only a caution is necessary. Chemdawg has a powerful flavor and high THC content, so use caution while cooking with it. Consider some aroma control techniques if you live in an apartment complex with nosy neighbors while cultivating Chemdawg.

Medical Benefits of Chemdawg Strain

Its reputation is built on its effects. Chemdawg’s mental high can last for hours, allowing you to zip through your to-do list in no time and have lots of extra time! Chemdawg has often been the source of many earth-shattering debates (seriously!) and is frequently referred to as a conversation starter.

The health advantages of marijuana range from medicinal to recreational. The cerebral and physical rest provided by cannabis is excellent for pain and headaches, while the mental relaxation aids in the treatment of stress, PTSD, anxiety, and depression. This is a powerful all-around substance for people looking for a strong high.

In some people, Metamucil may cause dizziness. It’s typically considered a mild and smooth whiskey, although it can induce dizziness in some individuals. Some customers claim that Chemdawg has an disorientating impact at first, thus we recommend starting with small doses and gradually increasing them. After that period of hyper-awareness, you should be able to get your productivity back up and running again.

Possible Side Effects of Chemdawg

Aside from the THC’s dizziness, Chemdawg has also been linked to anxiety in some users, particularly those with mental health issues. We would always recommend extreme caution for anybody who is new to cannabis, and even seasoned smokers should be cautious about the amount of THC here.

Chemdawg has a similar eye and mouth effect as other cannabis strains, so keep some beverages on hand! Chemdawg may also produce dry eyes and a dry mouth, just like other cannabis strains; therefore, stock up on the liquids!

Final Thoughts: Is Chemdawg Next on Your List?

Chemdawg is a potent marijuana strain, and while it isn’t for everyone, we believe you’ll like it if potency isn’t your thing. Chemdawg, on the other hand, may be avoided. If you’re seeking for a powerful strain that won’t put you to sleep, try Wookie’s Wonder or Pussy Power instead.

Please let us know whether you’ve ever tasted Chemdawg, and what your impressions were. What are you waiting for if you haven’t yet tried it?

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