Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain Review

Outlaw Haze Marijuana 03 - Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain Review

Unlike the Haze strain, the Outlaw Haze variety’s name is a bit deceptive. While many people may associate this with a numbing high, it isn’t really true. The energetic and uplifting effects of the Outlaw Haze strain make it perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up or a night out with friends. It also has pleasant tastes, including spicy citrus and pine.

On the internet sites of cannabis companies, the term “Outlaw Haze” is frequently mentioned, as well as in restaurant and coffee shop menus. A menu for a coffee shop or an online store for cannabis businesses is unlikely to be devoid of seeds with the word “Outlaw Haze” in their name, indicating their heritage. Try Very Berry to relax.

Since becoming a popular breed choice, Outlaw Haze has resulted in the development of numerous variants that claim some connection to the original 1960s Outlaw Haze strain; and most of them do so in their name.

The strain that started it all is Outlaw Haze, which isn’t especially unusual to find in any store nowadays. There isn’t much information on Outlaw Haze, and why it’s become such a popular variety among breeders across the world.

Let’s take a closer look at Outlaw Haze and why it’s so popular among breeders.

What is the Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain?

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The Outlaw Haze cannabis strain is a 1960s Santa Cruz creation that combines four sativa strains: South American, Thai, Mexican, and South Indian. The end result is a strong sativa strain known for its lively and creative high. It’s been used to develop other Outlaw Hazes since then. It has had a significant influence on the marijuana community as a whole.

Outlaw Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with cerebral effects rather than a physical high. It’s ideal for individuals who want to have complete command of their bodies but don’t want to miss out on hours of their day – restricted to their sofa unable to take advantage of Outlaw Haze’s mental high.

Outlaw Haze is a strong motivational aid that might assist you get through your day or undertake tough chores. Outlaw Haze, which gives a lively and happy high, is also popular among friends when out socializing, making for an enjoyable yet chill time together.

With just a few puffs, Outlaw Haze is recognized for its power, and a single long puff is enough to send you soaring. If you don’t know how much Outlaw Haze will require, you may easily spend too much. After trying out several strains of cannabis, many users discover that their first exposure to Outlaw Haze is far more potent than they anticipated, and novice smokers are known to get by with only one lengthy puff.

Its effects on the first few hours might appear to be your mind going at a hundred miles per hour. Everything around you appears to be moving quickly, and you feel compelled to do so as well in order to stay awake.

The Effects of White Fire and Outlaw Haze are uplifting, ecstatic, optimistic, and hopeful. They have a brightening effect on everything around you, making it appear as though anything is feasible. People frequently use this early part of the high to complete tasks or exercise further than they previously thought possible.

It’s possible that Outlaw Haze can make you feel more at ease in social situations, such as when you’re embarrassed. It’s considerably simpler to converse with others than it is usual; discussions just seem to flow naturally.

The effects of the high may last for hours, but Outlaw Haze’s output can leave you feeling driven and ready to go for hours.

When Outlaw Haze is gone from your body, you’ll experience a huge drop in energy. This can make you sleepy and uninspired. Given the mental preoccupation of an Outlaw Haze high, it’s no surprise that when such sentiments begin to fade, your body understands how exhausted it is and shuts down.


Some have called the aroma of Outlaw Haze “warm and toasty,” while others find it to be fresh yet pungent. When you crush Outlaw Haze buds, the powerful scent is released, combining a new yet spicy fragrance.

The unique flavor of Outlaw Haze is created by a blend of spices that are mixed with a typical cannabis scent to form a fragrant cloud. As you exhale, there’s a somewhat sweet citrus aroma that you wouldn’t anticipate from such a powerful strain.

The Outlaw Haze strain is a smooth-smoking type that is preferred by novice smokers since even heavy users can easily breathe it in. People who dislike smoking joints frequently cough uncontrollably while doing so because Outlaw Haze has no aftertaste or scent and leaves no smoke residue. When you combust marijuana indoors, Outlaw Haze may linger in the air for some time afterwards.

Comparing Outlaw Haze’s flavor to its spicy-sweet fragrance, what is the difference?


Even inexperienced smokers are able to take deep breaths as the smoke flows into their lungs and fills their senses with a pleasant warm blend of spicy sweetness, thanks to its delicious smooth flavor.

With Outlaw Haze, you’re immediately transported back to relaxing Christmas evenings by the fire with family and friends.

You may now remove the many tastes that appear to be fighting for your attention as the smoke travels through your body. A faint earthy flavor lingers in the background, allowing the sharper citrus and spice elements to compete.

All of these distinct flavors combine as you breathe out, forming a pleasant yet revitalizing sensation in your mouth.


The leaves of the Undergrow are a deep olive green with thin orange pistils, which give it a fluffy appearance. The color of the leaves is dark green with thin orange pistils that gives the plant an almost fluffy look.

Outlaw Haze leaves are extremely thin and solid green in color, which is why they appear to be from a plastic plant rather than a real cannabis plant; the deep green shade is almost too perfect to be genuine. The lack of texture on the leaves helps to give them their phony look, but you may see very fine pale green lines running throughout when examining an Outlaw Haze leaf closely.

Outlaw Haze leaves are long and thin, with stray portions sticking out to give it greater bulk. It’s their height and slight construction that distinguish them when planted alongside other strains.

Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain Grow Info

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Outlaw Haze is well-known for its lengthy development time, which may last up to 14 weeks while growing indoors. Despite this, Outlaw Haze has remained one of the most popular strains on the market.

Outlaw Haze takes longer to mature than most cannabis strains, thus it is not ideal for beginners who want fast results. Those looking for a long-term investment should grow their own Outlaw Haze plants at home only if they are prepared to put in a little more effort and time for a big reward at the end.

Outlaw Haze plants may be kept outside in a similar temperature and sunshine as Santa Cruz, California. In colder regions, Outlaw Haze plants can also be cultivated indoors.

The majority of molds that can harm and influence the development of cannabis plants are resistant to the plants in question, but it’s a good idea to examine your plant’s leaves on a regular basis, just as you would with any other plant.

Outlaw Haze may be a difficult plant to cultivate, and as a result, new growers may feel overwhelmed. Outlaw Haze is a labor of love that is well worth the time and effort in the end.

THC Content – Highest Test

Outlaw Haze has a THC concentration of 21 percent, placing it in the middle of the road as far as sativas are concerned. Its greater-than-average THC level is partly responsible for the strong mental high that can be felt after just a few puffs of Outlaw Haze. It’s advised that you take things easy when using Outlaw Haze, especially if you’re a new smoker or have a low THC tolerance.

CBD Content – Highest Test

It’s impossible to determine the exact CBD content of Outlaw Haze, owing to its generally accepted paucity of any more than trace amounts. Given that this strain has a high THC concentration and is difficult to discover a strain with a comparable THC and CBD proportion, it should come as no surprise that there isn’t much CBD in it.

Despite the fact that Outlaw Haze has a minimal amount of CBD, it still offers several health benefits that make it worth considering for medical use. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should try Outlaw Haze to improve your health.

Medical Benefits of the Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain

Outlaw Haze is great for individuals suffering from attention deficit disorders, as the burst of energy and a greater focus allow them to complete tasks without being distracted. Outlaw Haze can also be used to treat anxiety and sadness, making even the most out-of-reach goals seem realistic.

Users of outlaw haze may be able to get through their daily routines without feeling as though they’re accomplishing anything when they use it.

Outlaw Haze is a popular strain for the treatment of lethargy because it is high in energy. A few puffs of Outlaw Haze first thing in the morning may help you get ready for a challenging day, allowing you to redirect your focus away from tiredness.

Outlaw Haze is also advantageous for individuals looking to boost their appetite, making it an excellent strain for those who are suffering from the disadvantages of appetite-suppressant drugs. Outlaw Haze’s boosting qualities are also a fantastic pick-me-up when dealing with life’s challenges.

The high from Outlaw Haze lasts between one and three hours, depending on the user. Users who suffer from drowsiness, lethargy, or a sleepy feeling that takes over their bodies while it wears off might find themselves unable to fall asleep. However, because the initial effects of Outlaw Haze include a surge of energy that makes falling asleep more difficult, some planning is required.

Taking Outlaw Haze an hour or two before bed might help some people get the most out of its energizing high while still feeling drowsy enough to nod off so they can finish a few tasks from their to-do list before going to sleep.

Possible Side Effects of the Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain

Smoking Outlaw Haze may cause dehydration and a dry mouth and, in rare cases, dry eyes. It’s a good idea to keep a glass of water on hand while smoking Outlaw Haze to help you stay hydrated and minimize the effects. Dry eyes and a dry mouth should not last more than a few hours and have no long-term health consequences.

After smoking Outlaw Haze in high doses, some users report a sense of paranoia and increased anxiety. This may be partially due to the strain’s greater than average THC concentration working in tandem with the larger dose. If you have a tendency for either anxiety or paranoia, it is recommended that you start small with Outlaw Haze until your body has adjusted.

Outlaw Haze may make everything appear to be skewed, as though you’re walking through a carnival’s maze of mirrors; this might be due to the mental race that is frequently induced when smoking Outlaw Haze.

Final Thoughts on the Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain

Outlaw Haze is a popular breed among breeders for good reason: its unusual sativa effects make it ideal for mixing with indicas for a well-balanced hybrid. Outlaw Haze offers a classic sativa high with plenty of energy and drive, making it great for getting things done around the house or at the workplace.

The Haze has been an important part of my life for almost 4 years now. I’ve only recently gotten back into it, and it’s amazing how quickly the time flies when you’re having fun! It’s definitely one to add to your list if you’re catching up on some old favorites or exploring new strains.

Outlaw Haze has seen a surge in popularity among medical users in recent years as a result of its wide range of health advantages and powerful high. Outlaw Haze is a must-try variety for fans of the Outlaw Haze family, who can try out Outlaw Haze’s effects without any added substances.

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