Rolling Papers Guide

Rolling papers come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. If you’re looking for a plain white paper to roll your joint, you can find that. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, there are options available that are infused with flavor or have playful additives. Some papers are big while others are small; some even come in long rolls so that you can customize the size of your project.

Though some paperless options like rose petals or gold exist, the more common choices for rolling papers are variations of rice, hemp, and bamboo.

We went through stacks of papers to show you the best and most original rolling papers available. Check out our guide to find the perfect one for you.

Different types of weed rolling papers


Papers come in all sorts of sizes, from around 1 inch wide to much longer lengths. The most popular size is the 1¼-inch-wide paper, due to its ease of rolling. But you can find papers up to a foot long or more—5-meter rolls are available for ambitious artists like Tony Greenhand.


In the past, rolling papers were almost exclusively made of paper from trees, rice, and flax pulp. However, as time has progressed, manufacturers have begun to experiment with materials such as bamboo and hemp. More recently, even more outlandish choices like gold leaf and goji berries have been used in rolling papers.


There are more flavors of rolling papers available now than ever before, so whether you want lip-licking candied notes or loud terpene infusions, your local smoke shop has got you covered.


The most popular types of packaging are loose leaves, cones, and wraps. Loose leaves come in booklets, while cones are pre-shaped empty conical joints. Meanwhile, wraps are larger and thicker cigar wrappers used for rolling blunts. You can also find options that combine all these elements to create something new!

Everyday rolling: 1¼-inch rolling papers

1¼-inch rolling papers are the go-to width for cannabis use. 1-inch wide papers, typically meant tobacco smokers, can be too flimsy to easily roll a full sized joint with just one gram of weed. The extra bit on a 1¼ inch paper makes it much simpler to evenly distribute ground marijuana into arolled cigarette.

Besides, 1¼ size papers are frequently 3 inches long–slightly longer than 1-inch papers. They usually have space for a cardboard crutch or filter. If you’re new to rolling joints, we suggest that you begin with 1¼ size and go from there if required.

Zig-Zag French Orange 1¼ Rolling Papers (“the Orange Pack”)

Zig-Zag’s French Orange 1¼ inch Rolling Papers (32 leaves per booklet) are a standard easy-to-roll and inexpensive option that can be found at practically any convenience store or gas station in the U.S. Their flavor is also neutral, meaning it won’t interfere with the taste of your weed.

Zig-zag papers that come in an orange hue, also known as “the Orange Pack”, are 1¼ inches wide and 3 inches long. With dimensions like these, it guarantees a rolling experience that is neither too harsh nor difficult – perfect for those who might be new to the activity, but still experienced enough to enjoy it.

Orange Zig-Zags are made of unbleached natural flax plant fibers and 100% raw Arabic gum— both environmentally friendly materials. Most white papers undergo a chemical bleaching process which makes them less eco-friendly than their unaltered counterparts.

Orange Zig-Zags are thicker and more durable than other rolling papers on the market, meaning they won’t tear as easily. However, they burn quickly and produce smoke that can feel dense and harsh compared to thinner papers.

Orange Zig-Zags are the best gas station purchase: usually sitting next to the 1-inch Zig-Zags—aka “the White Pack”. They are leaps and bounds ahead of tobacco brands like Tops and JOB.

Zig-Zag Organic Hemp 1¼

If you’re a fan of orange papers, you’ll love Zig-Zag’s Organic Hemp 1¼s. These unbleached, organic papers are made with all-natural Arabic gum and come in both the standard 3-inch length and the 4¼-inch-long King Slim version. These “ultra-thin” papers are much thinner than the thicker, French Orange classics, making them perfect for those who prefer a more delicate smoking experience.

The new material used for our cigarettes results in a smoother smoke, with less paper taste and harshness. We believe this is due to the fact that there is less processing and less paper overall. While you may not be able to find these at your local gas station, they are available through specialty shops or online retailers.

RAW Organic Hemp Rolls

With our RAW Organic Hemp Rolls, you’ll get tailor-made shorties, longies, and doobs all from a single roll measuring 1 ¼ inches wide and 5 meters in length. And since there’s no need to tear papers or join multiple leaves together, your dream joint is finally within reach.

RAW Organic was one of the first companies to debut vegan, all-natural rolling papers. They employed hemp way before other manufacturers like Zig-Zag did. RAW’s banner was also one of the first to feature organic materials, unbleached pulps, and plant-based glues together as core brand materials.

Though other companies have mimicked RAW’s product packaging–such as crutches and integrated rolling trays–and material designs, only RAW offers 1¼-inch-wide, 16-foot-long rolls. This enables consumers to create joints of any length desired.


The reality is that perfecting the ability to roll a joint takes time, practice, and patience. And even when you think you’ve got it down, something can still go wrong. This is why many people choose prefabricated cones—empty joints that only need to be filled with ground weed; no fussing with edges or licking glue strips.

To use a cone, first grind or break up your weed. Next, fill the paper and pack down the flower with a tamping rod (most kits come with one), but if you don’t have a tamping rod, you can use a chopstick, pen, or drinking straw instead.

RAW Natural Cones

RAW, an all-natural, vegan rolling paper manufacturer who also offers classic and organic hemp cones categories. Unlike other companies, RAW’s product burns long and evenly when packed with care. The narrow end of the cone features a crutch—a cardboard mouthpiece that prevents loose weed from being pulled into your mouth through the bottom of the joint while you smoke.

RAW cones are made from natural brown paper that is unbleached and tissue-thin to reduce foreign flavors. RAW cones are also free of additives like charcoal that are sometimes added by manufacturers to hasten the burn.

Smoke Roses — Rose Petal and Goji Berry Cones

Crafted with real rose petals or flattened goji berries, Smoke Roses’ cones slowly burn while also deliciously flavoring your experience.

The flavor of the rose petals is sweet and floral, yet much more smooth and subtle than expected. The goji berry was a delightful complement to the nugs of Rainbow Belts, creating a bright fruit-punch flavor that didn’t taste chemically enhanced or fake.

Though we generally don’t find flavored papers appealing, Smoke Roses was a delightful exception. It’s an appropriate present for celebrations like weddings, birthdays, and of course, occasions when cannabis is enjoyed.

The Smoke Roses lineup, which includes 4 cones for $19.99, is an extravagance you might want to save for special occasions.

Flavored rolling papers

RizLa+ company was the mastermind behind the first flavored rolling papers back in 1907. They offered menthol and strawberry variations of their classic rice-based paper.

There are many different types of flavored papers available these days, including ones that coat your lips, modern classics with added terpenes, hemp wraps, and flavored blunts. These can all enhance the smell and taste of your smoke.

Juicy Jay’s Lip-licking flavors

Juicy Jay’s are, quite simply, papers that get you stoned and taste good. They come in dozens of flavors (my personal favorite is strawberry), and they’re made by the same guy who created RAW and Elements.

Juicy Jay’s is a classic brand that has been around for decades, and their flavors are just as bold and artificial as they were when I first tried them 20 years ago. If you want to experience fruity flavors like pineapple, mango, or blueberry, simply lick your lips before and after taking a hit. The flavoring will coat your lips with sugary goodness!

For those who don’t like dyes and printed patterns, some companies use these techniques to communicate a paper’s given flavor. For example, Juicy Jay’s Watermelon papers are dyed flamingo pink and patterned with black seeds.

Juicy Jays are effective in flavoring the smoke–unlike other products which only infuse flavor into the burn. These papers provide a unique and separated experience of sweetness while smoking.

High Hemp Herbal Wraps

Think of rolling papers as you would think of a joint; wraps are to blunts what joints are to cigarettes. Converting a cigar into a blunt takes time and effort, which is one reason why blunt wraps sold by themselves have become increasingly popular.

Wraps are now made from a variety of materials, including hemp. For example, High Hemp Herbal Wraps are a 100% organic product sold in both natural and flavored options.

The flavors of Baked Kookie, Banana Goo, and Blazin’ Cherry are not entirely perceptible as flavours. They’re more like aromas—the weed and the wrap are experienced on separate but equal tracks but not necessarily together. It’s a bit like consuming food while sitting next to a lit scented candle—an acquired taste, but not unlike traditional flavored cigars.

Novelty rolling papers

Some rolling papers are created simply for the fun of it- to do something different than what’s ordinary. Whether you’re looking for an aesthetic upgrade or a celebratory boost, we found a few unique products that we had to try at least once.

Trip clear cellulose rolling papers

Did you know that gel capsules can be flattened into little sheets to make rolling papers? Trip Cotton Mallow Clear Rolling Papers are made of cotton mallow, appearing almost like plastic or cellophane. Although smoking plastic would not be advised, Trip Clears burn smoothly and have very little flavor. Some might say that these pulp-free alternatives are even better than traditional papers.

While a flavorless rolling paper in and of itself is an accomplishment, the smoke has a viscous texture that leaves behind a thin but perceptible layer of gelatin. This might not be ideal for everyone.

Trips are more of an anomaly than anything else, as the mouthfeel is next to incomparable. While some people may want to add this experience to their bucket lists, we cannot wholeheartedly endorse it because of how unsettling the sensation is.

Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers

With a wire attached to the edge of the paper, Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers help consumers get every last bit of herb from their doob. The wire functions like a handle/roach clip when the joint burns down to the end.

Although roach clips are just as effective as wire, and a crutch or filter should render either tool unnecessary—built-in handles have been appealing to customers since 1975 for their convenience. The smoke is intense and the paper bright white and thicker than many modernoptions.The one downside may be that built-in handle options cost more upfront, but this could save you time (and money) in the long run!

Z’s Life Standard Woodgrain

Z’s Life is a cannabis lifestyle accessory company that offers a lineup of rolling papers that is different from its competitors. Most paper manufacturers try to attract customers with different materials, quality, and function, but Z’s Life sells an image instead — and therefore activating a certain emotion.

Z is an expert in unique packaging treatments, such as booklets embossed with wood grain or leather textures, shimmering holographic laminations, and opalescent neon exteriors.

The booklets are filled with organic, non-GMO, and additive-free papers as well as perforated crutches. The leaves are weighted on the thin side of thin, and put to use, Z’s papers offer a smooth and nondescript burn—better than some, but not an immediate standout.

The finishing touches on Z’s Life products, like gold magnetic closures, add a touch of luxury that makes the wearer feel good. These accessories make us feel more confident and stylish. In the end, it is up to you to determine what has value to you and in what context. For example, would a leather-like booklet of papers help create the image of person you want to be? Or would a regular pack of papers get in the way?

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