The Stages of Being High

The phases of being high are wild, boisterous, unanticipated, and ambivalent if we were to summarize them in a few words. It’s time to hit the road. You’ll arrive in places of pure delight while here, ranging from the Utopia you only hear about and listen to.

Allow the effects of these healing herbs to flow through your entire body, relaxing it and euphoric. Allow your thoughts to wander and time to slip away from you. You have a new perspective on things. The colors seem more vibrant. Sounds are louder than usual. Everything appears to be more attractive.

THC use alters your reality perception. Through raised empathy, you become kinder. Additionally, you encounter less stress, anxiety, depression, and paranoia.

Take a few moments to imagine yourself sailing across the sky on a hot summer day. Observe yourself making judgments without hesitation and expressing your thoughts clearly. You’re free from all of your concerns.

The later stages of a high can sometimes be unpleasant, but this is only temporary and minor compared to the earlier feelings of elation. You may feel tired but happy with what your body just went through.

So, what do you think? Would you like to experience these sensations for yourself? If so, then you’re in luck!

Get a detailed summary of what you will experience, both physically and emotionally, as you savor your weed in whichever form you prefer.

What does high feel like?

Being high refers to the event of smoking weed and feeling like you’re in an entirely different dimension. You can observe your surroundings more carefully and take things slowly even though everything else is happening at a faster pace. Your train of thought becomes clearer, and you might start thinking about topics you never would have considered before.

You’re thinking about something from months or years ago, or perhaps something you read in a book long before that. While high, your ideas are rarely linked to what’s going on around you.

With more experience smoking marijuana, you’ll start to notice how different strains affect you differently. Some will make you feel chill and content while others can perk you up and make Social activities more enjoyable.

Weed that couch-locks you gives your body time to physically relax and takes your mind off of everyday troubles. Once you know what effect you prefer, choose a strain that produces that sensation.

The effects of marijuana typically last 1-24 hours, depending on the dosage, length of time taking it, and potency. Eventually, your body will clear everything from your system.

How do I know if I’m high?

How you feel and how you look are signs that tell whether or not you’re high. Consider the stoner clichés. Is this what you’re feeling and doing? You won’t appear any different when you’re sober, right?

Parents should be aware that some side effects of smoking Marijuana include cottonmouth, increased heart rate, and sweating.

Soon after you consume marijuana, the THC enters your bloodstream and affects your brain. How quickly this happens depends on many factors such as tolerance level, but it could be anywhere from 5-15 minutes.

If any of the following are true for you, it’s likely that you’re high:

  • Losing focus while chatting: You can’t keep up with your friends as they hype about the most recent game. The makeup line or series you were talking about in the morning isn’t that important anymore. Because of distractions from other thoughts, you lose attention while conversing.
  • Intense appetite: If you find yourself eating more than usual, it could be a sign that you’re getting high. You may also notice that you eat faster when you’re under the influence.
  • Losing motivation and energy: You don’t want to play or work on occasion. All you want to do is relax and enjoy yourself at the moment.
  • Intense happiness and uncontrolled laughter: You feel more chipper and less controlled. You find the most minute of things amusing.
  • Paranoia: You find yourself thinking about things that aren’t true. You believe you’re being watched by someone. You could be more nervous than usual.

What are the stages of being high on weed?

It is possible to get high relatively quickly, but it is also possible to slowly feel the effects of marijuana over a period of hours. Everyone experiences the drug differently – some people feel the effects more rapidly than others.

If you’re just getting started, start with smaller dosages until you figure out how quickly the effects take hold. Then slowly increase your dosage over time.

The seven stages of being high are as follows.

Stage 1: Easing into the high

The solution is now available, and it’s your turn. If you stick to marijuana etiquette, you should be fine to smoke without anxiety. The levels of a cannabis high begin to rise after a few drags. You don’t want to cough the crap out of your lungs while trying not to breathe too deeply. Your eyes are teary as your lungs are being scorched by fire, slipping away into the shreds of your life.

Don’t fret if you experience these symptoms; they are only temporary and will dissipate before long. This is all part of the Alvarez effect that happens when a neutron star and black hole collide, forming a supernova. The first time it happened to me, I felt an electric shock throughout my body.

For first-time smokers, you may start to notice how much better you feel when you smoke weed as opposed to not smoking. How long the effects last depend on your tolerance level and what strain of weed was smoked. People usually begin feeling high after inhaling the smoke which begins within minutes. The sensation can be overwhelming at times, but it should be expected to last for hours.

Your sense of warmth and wellbeing grows. You are amazed at how good you feel and how wonderful everything appears to be.

Stage 2: Euphoria

The second stage of a marijuana high is called euphoria, and it typically begins within minutes after consuming THC.

Now, you’re feeling happier and more excited. You feel great! A broad smile or uncontrollable laugh is only a heartbeat away. You have loads of energy and feel light-headed and giddy. When you’re in love, simple things feel special again. You might spontaneously dance or sing along to your favorite songs. Laughter and happy tears become more common. Everyone feels like a potential friend, and life seems full of possibilities.

Right now, you can do anything. Your high is making you feel ecstatic and alive.

Stage 3: Deep thinking

Third is the stage of being high known as contemplative enjoyment. You spend time thinking about life, love, and everything else that matters. This is when you begin to consider what you want to accomplish in life and how to do it.

You’re now becoming introspective, contemplating who you want to be. You come up with concepts and plans, and you see them through to completion.

You may take advantage of your state of mind at this time. You can influence and direct your thoughts towards good results by becoming conscious of them. Some people claim that they discovered their life’s purpose during this phase.

Stage 4: Slight Paranoia

At some point after starting to feel high, you may begin to experience anxiety or paranoia.

Fearful thoughts may enter your mind, causing you to believe that something bad will happen or go wrong in your life. You might start obsessing over details and feel unsure of what the future holds.

You’re sitting in your hiding spot,watching as the people around you go about their day. Suddenly, you see someone staring at you and wonder if they suspect something. You hear footsteps behind you and jump up, heart racing, to see who it is. But then you remember that law enforcement is always nearby in this area, so you try to keep calm and act natural.

Don’t fret! This is entirely fabricated in your mind. None of it is real, and it dissipates almost as quickly as it came.

Stage 5: Did I Eat?

Being ravenously hungry is the weiriest feeling when you’re high. You realize that you haven’t eaten since breakfast, and then all of a sudden food becomes front and center in your thoughts. All you can think about are junk foods like pizza, burgers, ice cream, chips and chicken. You would scarf down anything edible in your path if given the chance.

Some people’s taste for sweets returns after quitting sugar. I ordered my favorite brown cookies, candy, and a chocolate cake. My hunger was insatiable–it felt like I hadn’t eaten all week!

For people who have difficulty eating enough throughout the day, this phase is a godsend.

Stage 6: Rewind Please

After eating, you may feel the urge to relax with another smoke.

Why not roll some more joints or grab another batch of laced cookies and reconnect with the first phases? Perhaps many repetitions are ideal for your complete enjoyment. Also, while high, learn new things, renovate your house, and so on.

This stage includes all the emotions from before, but you’ll notice some distinctions. Your body will feel both heavy and energetic, then snap back to your original self. It’s like you just completed a marathon–you’re exhausted but still have vitality.

Stage 7: Satiation

The final level of being high is when you feel content and pleased. You feel as though you’ve had enough and are now ready to go home.

“That’s why we claim that getting high is the equivalent of reaching seventh heaven,” says the narrator. You know you’ve experienced everything you could get from cannabis at this point, therefore it’s time to move on to something else.

When someone takes too much of the drug, they might feel drowsy and have heavy eyelids. Their speech might be slurred, and their movements sluggish. They may fall asleep during conversations or when trying to focus on something else. Additionally, their mind will start wandering and shutting off, making it hard to concentrate.

After a long day, there’s nothing like lying down for a peaceful nap. Not only will it help your body recover from today, but you’ll be more prepared to tackle tomorrow head-on.

Frequently asked questions about getting high

How high can you get on weed?

There are different levels that weed can provide. The high depends on several factors, so every “too high” experience is unique. Some people feel super exhausted from it, while others are extra energized and beyond control when they smoke it.

Cannabis has different effects on individuals. Some people are highly sensitive to cannabis’s side effects, while others aren’t.

Your reaction to marijuana and how high you can get depends on:

  • Dosing, potency, and variant
  • Ways of smoking weed, vaping or eating
  • Your gender, age, and genetics
  • If you mix cannabis with alcohol and other drugs

If you fall victim to cannabis, consider yourself fortunate. It’s not easy, and it doesn’t happen often. Physical and mental energy levels rise dramatically, resulting in manic behavior in some people.

How to get out of being high?

There are a number of ways to get off drugs, including consuming CBD. Isn’t it incredible? You may also relax with tea or lemon juice. Patting your dog can also help. Consider shifting your attention or engaging in conversation with a buddy.

If the above suggestions aren’t working for you, try going for a walk. This will help to take your mind off of things and improve your mood. Also, when you’re done walking, find a quiet room to relax in and do some breathing exercises. Listening to music that you know well can also help keep you focused on the present moment.

You may be wondering why you would use CBD to get rid of your high. After all, CBD is known to counteract the effects of THC – which is what causes you to feel high in the first place. However, since drinking something can help lessen the intensity of a THC-induced high, using CBD tea may be an effective way to reduce your symptoms. Just be sure to avoid alcoholic beverages.

How long do you stay high when you’re high?

The duration of your high from cannabis is determined by how you consume it. Vaping and smoking only last around 1-3 hours, but the high can sometimes linger for eight hours total. Eating or dabbing edibles lasts up to 24 hours.

The THC concentration in the plant directly affects how quickly you’ll feel its psychoactive effects. Consuming a strain with little THC, for instance, will take longer to produce changes.

The length of time it takes you to become high is also determined by how long you take the weed. If you consume little quantities over a lengthy discussion, you will be stoned for a longer period than if you eat everything at once.

Another consideration is whether your body can break down the ingredient efficiently. Some people have faster metabolisms, which means their bodies process cannabinoids more quickly.

Some people have a slow metabolism when it comes to cannabinoids, meaning that the process takes longer for them. It’s essential to remember that genes play a crucial part in whether you are deemed a fast or slow metabolizer.

The length of time the stages of being high last is also determined by how often you use it. People who smoke every day generally don’t feel the effects as intensely or for as long. A user who has just spent a weekend drunkenly smoking weed will be able to adjust their marijuana use to fit whatever they want it to do. Experiment with different types of weed. Concentrate on figuring out what works best for you. Experiment with various strains in order to learn what kind of results you can expect.

Can you feel weird after a benign high?

You can feel relaxed and self-assured after smoking weed, without feeling paranoid. Good weed should taste strong and have bright colors. You will also be able to focus and get work done while high.

Being slightly high gives you the energy and courage to take care of tasks you would normally find annoying or troublesome. However, on the bright side, you won’t have to worry about any negative impacts that come with heavier stages of intoxication.

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