Chemo Marijuana Strain Review

chemo marijuana strain review - Chemo Marijuana Strain Review

The Chemo strain is a type of cannabis that is helpful for treating a variety of chemotherapy symptoms. Users of this strain may experience less stress and tension, nausea and vomiting mitigation, increased hunger, and reduced bodily aches and pains. The Chemo variety has an average THC content of 29%, so it’s best avoided by beginners.

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The marijuana market is currently flooded with recreational strains, which combine intriguing flavor profiles with lively effects to help you enjoy the weekend. While this is wonderful since you can never have too many options, it might make it harder to locate cannabis with a more medical focus. There are numerous highly efficient medicinal strains out there, but they may quickly get lost in the crowd due to their plain names.

One of the strains is Chemo. It has been around for decades and still remains somewhat obscured by Cherry Pie and Sherbet OG. Chemo, as its name implies, is a medicinal plant developed to fulfill a need while still delivering a pleasant experience.

What are the characteristics of the Chemo variety, and could it be the solution to your health problem?

What Is the Chemo Strain?

The Chemo strain, according to legend, was produced in the 1970s by a doctor seeking for a way to make chemotherapy easier for his patients. However, little is known about its origin and lineage, and the bulk of its history has been pieced together based on its name and when it first showed up on the market.

Chemo is also known by the name UBC Chemotherapy, with the UBC standing for University of British Columbia. The strain’s double moniker might cause mix-up among consumers who incorrectly assume that because Chemo was derived from it, it has distinct effects. This isn’t true, however, and the name depends entirely on where you’re buying the strain and which name the grower wants to use.

Chemotherapy is a strong indica strain with physical-focused effects. The most noticeable aspect of the full, complete relaxation that sets in soon after your first puff is the deep, bodily relaxing effect. This relaxation is responsible for the strain’s popularity among those undergoing chemotherapy.

Chemo allows you to go into a state of serenity and silence while your body is free from the pains and ailments of daily existence. It’s a fun strain for people who find it difficult to relax after a long, stressful day.

Chemo’s effects are not limited to the physical, and most patients report feeling a sense of happiness as part of the high. This is due in part to the strain’s high THC content, as well as the fact that when all of our body’s persistent pains and aches are gone, we feel significantly happier.

Chemo also has the ability to stimulate appetite, resulting in “the munchies.” It’s ideal for having a relaxing evening with a cheesy film and lots of junk food on hand. Chemo is ideal for spending time with your closest friends while eating pizza and watching your all-time favorites shows and movies.

Chemo is a nighttime strain, which means it can be utilized at any time of day to alleviate the negative consequences of therapy. Chemo is an intense indica variety that leaves you feeling physically relaxed and ready to drift off into a wonderful sleep.


Chemo has a subtle, natural scent that seems appropriate since it was developed for its effects rather than its fragrance and enjoyment. Chemo does not have an unpleasant smell; instead, it may be appreciated.

Chemo buds have a strong earthy odor to them, and they almost feel as though you decided to do the gardening with your bare hands and get mud stuck between the tiny dents on your palms. As you break Chemo buds apart, you become aware of a woody scent coming from within. A thick forest filled with pine trees, for example

The air is filled with a warm, woody scent as Chemo buds burn. It reminds you of being a youngster watching the fire on a cold fall evening while standing around it. You’ll be enveloped in melancholy and calm as your memories return. You may feel like curling up on the sofa with a thick blanket and taking advantage of the Chemo’s effects.

Chemotherapy leaves a noxious odor in the air, making it difficult to mask. Nonetheless, it may be amusing for individuals who are familiar with what it is.

What does Chemo’s flavor profile resemble, compared to its natural, pleasant aroma?


For those who don’t want to give up their favorite foods, a food may be used that is just like it but without the expected taste.

Chemo’s flavor is initially quite bland, filling your mouth with a woody taste that has no distinct spark to it other than the fact that it feels natural and healthy. After the smoke has settled in your mouth, you begin to notice that Chemo has a slightly sweet aftertaste, which allows the earthy tastes to flow freely down into your lungs.

The aftertaste of Chemo is a lot more intense than the flavor profile of other e-liquids, and if you’re not expecting it, it may be quite surprising. Your mouth feels like you’ve just sipped a glass of tropical juice after vaping it.

The unexpected flavor combination of sweet citrus and pineapple is the last thing you’d expect from such a gritty, natural strain; but it’s an enjoyable conclusion to the experience.


Due to their washed-out, nearly muted color, chemo plants blend in well with other plants. Plants can reach a height of about 3 feet, which means they may be maintained indoors with little space.

The plant’s leaves are a drab, pea green color with a thick covering of white trichomes that give it an out-of-focus look. When viewing Chemo plants up close, some buds have a very faint purple tinge to them.

The leaves of a Chemo plant are large, bright green, and stand out from the rest of the plant. Chemo’s leaves are one of its most noticeable physical features, as well as one of the main things to look for when searching for a Chemo plant.

Chemo Strain Grow Info

Chemo is a fantastic plant for novices, and it’s simple to grow both inside and outside. Chemo plants are resistant to a wide range of molds and bugs, making them easy to germinate from seeds and enabling few issues during their brief lifespan.

Chemo strains are most suited to cooler climates and suffer in hotter conditions. This makes sense, given that Chemo is thought to have originated in Canada and is not accustomed to the heat that other strains may require. It’s best if plants are kept inside if you live in a hot environment so they don’t get scorched.

Chemo has a quick growth duration of around 7 weeks and can be harvested in as little as 7 weeks, although some plants may take somewhat longer and require a few extra weeks to reach their full potential. Chemo strains produce a surprisingly large yield given their fast development period, which is due in part to the strain’s high THC concentration.

Chemo plants can be harvested between early and mid-October when grown outside, producing up to 25 ounces per plant. Indoor Chemo plants produce varying amounts and appear to be dependent on the environment they’re kept in as well as how much light they receive. Some plants may give out as few as 15 ounces per square meter, while other people have reported yields of up to 30 ounces.

  • THC Content – Highest Test

Chemo has a THC concentration of 29%; hence, it is the most potent form. This places it at the top of the THC ladder. Chemo’s high THC level is responsible for its strong and effective effects.

  • CBD Content – Highest Test

Although the exact CBD content of Chemo is unknown, a reasonable rule to follow for all strains is that when THC levels are higher than average, there is a lower than 1% CBD presence. This appears to be the case with Chemo, as its CBD levels are nearly undetectable.

Given the recent surge in popularity of CBD oil as a health and wellness treatment, most people believe that if a strain has a low CBD level, it must have little health advantages. This isn’t always the case – Chemo is primarily a medical strain with several other therapeutic effects.

So, why should you consider Chemo as a medicinal strain?

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Medical Benefits of the Chemo Strain

For individuals undergoing chemotherapy, Chemo is a strain that is particularly intended to alleviate the negative effects of therapy. Chemo is frequently advised for patients who wish to reduce the adverse effects of chemotherapy while avoiding the need to supplement their bodies with any additional man-made chemicals.

Another benefit of Chemo is that it aids in the reduction of nausea. This can be a serious issue for patients who are undergoing chemotherapy, since eating a full meal and maintaining their spirits is difficult while they are experiencing this impact. As the Chemo effects start to take hold and your body becomes relaxed, you’ll begin to feel better, giving you several hours to relax.

The appetite-inducing effects of Chemo make it easier to follow a healthy, planned diet. This strain’s nausea-reducing, hunger-boosting properties make it ideal for taking before supper so you can get all the nutrients and minerals you need.

Chemo might be used to alleviate aches and pains, especially when they are associated with numbness. Chemo can also help with general feelings of tiredness and exhaustion that seize you when you’re run down. Those who aren’t going through chemotherapy but instead want to use natural health supplements instead of pharmaceuticals may use it as a painkiller.

Chemo is a high-CBD strain with a strong indica character. It’s excellent for nighttime pain relief and helping you nod off quickly while taking it. When you’re feeling stressed or worried, it’s almost impossible to fall asleep. The combination of pain alleviation and sedation allows you to emotionally block out physical difficulties and sleep well.

Some people believe that the Chemo’s uplifting mental effects can help to numb the pain of depression, especially when linked to one’s physical health. While not being the ideal strain for treating depression due to its strong sedative effects, Chemo might be useful during the evening, after you’ve completed your day’s responsibilities and just want a few hours of genuine relaxation.

Possible Side Effects of the Chemo Strain

Chemo’s unwanted side effects include dry mouth. This is, unfortunately, a typical adverse effect of most types, and Chemo has yet to prevent it.

It’s also important to remember that you must constantly drink fluids when you’re on Chemo. However, compared to all of the wonderful things that come from smoking Chemo, a somewhat dry feeling in your mouth for a few hours can sometimes be a welcome difference.

One of Chemo’s drawbacks is headaches, which might surprise you since it may be used to treat pain. The strain’s high THC concentration, which can be difficult to manage in larger amounts and produce unpleasant side effects like as migraines, is responsible for this. This is more probable if you have a low tolerance for THC.

Dry eyes and dizziness are less frequent symptoms, which most individuals experience after a few hours and do not lead to long-term illness.

Some users report feeling anxious when smoking Chemo in high doses; this is again more typical among those with a low THC tolerance. The impacts can be somewhat diminished by ensuring that you are surrounded by people you like and that you are in a secure environment.

Final Thoughts on the Chemo Strain

Cannabis chemo is first and foremost a medical marijuana strain with numerous health advantages that can make life with severe ailments just a bit easier. This isn’t to say it can’t be used and enjoyed recreationally; if you’re looking for a calm, full-body high, there are certainly other strains available that will offer a far more soothing and pleasurable experience.

Chemo is a fantastic strain for chemotherapy patients since it can minimize many of the unpleasant side effects that therapy may produce. A few puffs of Chemo in the evening, perhaps followed by a couple hours of rest and quiet, might be all you need to feel like your old self again.

Although Chemo won’t be receiving any awards for its bouquet or flavor profile, it still has a pleasant flavor that tickles the taste buds of your tongue and is more flavorful than typical medicines.

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