Cherry OG Strain: The Full Review

The Cherry OG is a cross between two potent mixed strains, the Lost Coast OG and Cherry Thai. These aren’t landraces in the strictest sense, but they are endowed with some powerful characteristics that have been passed on to Cherry OG. Users should anticipate both an intense high and a cerebral high. It’s a strain that’s as energizing as it is potent. Anyone sensitive to THC should take slow and low doses of this marijuana.

The Cherry OG combination is sophisticated and lovely. It includes several floral and cherry nuances, two of which have undoubtedly contributed to its name. While it is known for its fragrance and rich flavor, some people may not be aware that it’s ideal for unwinding after a long day.

What is the Cherry OG Strain?

Cherry OG is a strain that combines the characteristics of several prominent cannabis strains. While it isn’t a pure strain, this may be beneficial for a variety of reasons. Its illustrious genealogy reads like a who’s who of the cannabis industry.

The strain’s heritage traces back to Cherry Thai crossed with the indica Afghani. The resultant offspring were mixed once more in order to create Lost Coast OG. Although it has an indica tilt and a high level of sativa, with a ratio of 60 percent indica and 40 percent sativa, Lost Coast OG is an indica-leaning hybrid strain with a significant amount of sativa.

Cherry OG, on the other hand, is more than simply a collection of parts. It establishes its own trail and provides a pleasant, full-bodied punch. This strain demonstrates that it has the mettle to provide an edgy, exquisite high. Don’t let this deter you though. While the effect is heightened considerably, it isn’t harsh at all. Instead, it has enough smoothness to include a gentle yet energizing surge that’s somewhat contradictory.

Cherry OG, on the other hand, is a fitting conjunction of contrary qualities. It has a buzzy sound without being abrasive or sedative. If you have things to do but want to relax for a while, this may be the strain for you. You’ll feel like an astronaut, with a dizzying sense of elevation and euphoria.

Emerald Triangle Seeds is the creator of Cherry OG. It has a high THC concentration, with an average of 22%, owing to its Emerald Triangle origins. Despite its THC content, it has some traces of CBD at 1%. The Cherry OG strain is ideal for producing fast results in agriculture since it blooms swiftly and provides big harvests.


Cherry OG is well-known for its pleasant odor. Its unique yet pleasant aroma is powerful. It has tones of deep, dank earthiness to it, but its overall character is one that is fruity and sweet. Users claim that it has a candied, almost dulcet smoke tinged with notes of cherry and diesel. It doesn’t have too much acidity without being sour or tangy.


Cherry OG is just as delicious as it smells. Perhaps the reason it’s so well-known is because of the first draw. A distinct flavor of cherry emerges on the tongue, accompanied by blueberry and strawberry. The tart, fruity flavor of diesel surprisingly goes well with it.

The fruit and sweet tastes, however, go well with this flavor. Vanilla notes can be detected as well as a sour citrus zest. The taste of dirt might be perceptible in users’ mouths at the conclusion of their exhales.


To others, the look of Cherry OG is unexpected. It has big buds with a lot of trichomes, which gives it a sugary, somewhat crystalline appearance. It also has a distinct hue to it. The dense clusters are saturated with oranges, crimson hints, and various hues of green.

Cherry OG Strain Grow Info

Cherry OG seeds are sturdy and durable. This strain has traces of its forefather, the famous indica Afghani, as well as Cherry Thai. Its backstory adds to its attractiveness as a crop. It can endure a variety of irritants and pests, including mold and mildew, without being harmed.

Cultivators have a lot of control over their plants. It may grow both outside and indoors. However, like many other strains, it flourishes best in a hot, dry environment similar to its Afghan parent. Temperatures should not be less than 85 degrees Fahrenheit for cultivators.

It gets tall, therefore growers will have to adapt to it. Growers should keep in mind soil quality and the need for elements like nitrogen and magnesium when attempting to produce a larger crop. This strain blooms in about 9-10 weeks and has a fast cure time. It has some high yields (up to 14 ounces per square meter) and can produce buds with a beautiful pink hue that are ideal for consuming or smoking. Cherry OG is adaptable to other techniques of cultivation, such as SOG (Sea of Green).

Cherry OG may require up to 12 hours of light for optimum development. To promote ventilation and light, trim stems as needed.

THC Content – Highest Test

  • Most estimates average around 22% THC.

CBD Content – Highest Test

  • It has low CBD that comes in at about 1%.

Medical Benefits of the Cherry OG Strain

Stress and anxiety are treated with Cherry OG marijuana. Users claim that it reduces stress while improving energy, attention, and concentration. It is not commonly used to regulate sleeping behaviors or to relieve symptoms of depression, although it has been shown to help people sleep better by reducing depression-related disturbances.

Cherry OG is a pain and discomfort-relieving strain that has also been used to treat pain and bodily ailments. It is highly regarded as beneficial for reducing muscular spasms, boosting appetite, and alleviating anxiety. Consumers have stated that this marijuana strain may help with headaches, social anxiety, and nausea.

Possible Side Effects of the Cherry OG Strain

Cherry OG has a high THC content, which means there are certain disadvantages. Dry mouth, paranoia, and headaches are possible side effects of Cherry OG. Dizziness and dry eyes could also be experienced as adverse effects.

Final Thoughts on the Cherry OG Strain

The Cherry OG strain is named for its cherry aroma, which has a cerebral high that is both powerful and invigorating. Despite its euphoric effects, it isn’t a harsh or bitter plant. THC sensitivity sufferers, on the other hand, should take caution while using this marijuana strain. It has a THC level of 22% and low CBD levels of 1%, owing to its strong origins as an indica and sativa mix. The potent parents include Cherry Thai, an Afghan Sativa variety, and Lost Coast OG.

Cherry OG is a potent hybrid strain with an uplifting high and no mind-bending sensation comparable to other strains, making it ideal for getting through the day. It may also be taken in the evening, which helps to decrease social anxiety. In light of this information, Blueberry is a wonderful strain for catching up with friends and relaxing.

The taste combination of cherry, berry, sour, and diesel is popular among consumers. It’s also a fast-growing plant that blooms in just 9-10 weeks. It thrives under both hot, dry conditions as well as indoors and outdoors. Indoor growers can use a variety of techniques to enhance color and increase productivity by paying careful attention to soil composition and providing plenty of light. Up to 14 ounces per square meter may be achieved by paying meticulous attention to soil content and using plentiful amounts of light.

Overall, it’s a great strain for people that want to unwind while also getting things done. You won’t have to be concerned about being dragged down or weary from couch-lock. Its uplifting buzz will certainly help you get your creative juices flowing and finish out your day-to-day tasks.

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