Different Types of Bongs By Design

So, now it’s time to get down to business and discuss the various sorts of bongs based on their design.

Keep in mind that these designs were created over time to make water pipes more appealing and useful.

Although several designs are available for both ceramic and glass bongs, only straight tube and beaker base acrylic, metal, and silicone bongs are currently available.

Also, keep in mind that a single bong may have many characteristics, such as a beaker base and a percolator.

1. Beaker Base Bongs – Tough & Reliable

The beaker-shaped base is a very common water pipe design, of course featuring a beaker as its foundation.

This design provides a lot of stability and the foundation, allowing these styles to grow taller and produce larger hits.

2. Straight Tube Bongs – Simple, But Reliable & Smooth

Simple to make and requiring only one straight tube of blown glass, straight tube bongs are simple to construct.

The majority of the time, this sort of bomb is thicker than other bombs since to make it more durable. Straight tubes are generally taller, ranging from 8-24+ inches in length.

Percolators, diffuse downstems, and / or ice catches are common features of straight tube bongs.

3. Percolator Bongs – Smooth Smoking Experience

Percolator bongs are known for their percolators, which distinguish them from other bongs.

Because this is a very specialized subject, we won’t go into detail about what percolators are and how they function here, as that is a complete topic in itself. In essence, they cool down the smoke before it reaches you and filter it more effectively than conventional water pipes.

If you want to learn more about the many sorts of percolators and how they operate, read our complete guide to percolators.

4. Round Based Bongs – Stylish & Reliable

A round base bong is a water pipe with a rounded base. This, like beaker base, is designed to provide for taller designs by allowing for a larger, more robust foundation.

I understand what you’re thinking – how does a circular base provide for a solid foundation? The foundation itself is flat, and the bottom chamber of the bong is simply shaped like a ball rather than a beaker.

Overall, this design is often used with a straight tube or a percolator, but it is frequently utilized with zong designs, which we will discuss in the next section.

5. Multi-Chamber Bongs – Even Smoother Smoking Experience

Multi-chamber bongs are a more expensive option than basic straight tube water pipes. They frequently have intricate glasswork that moves smoke from chamber to chamber to assist cool and purify it for smoother drags.

Water pipes of this sort come in a variety of shapes, some of which look fantastic while others function in amazing ways. Bubble observing is a spectacle in itself, and the hits you get are out of this world incredible.

This is the correct option for individuals looking for a high-end bong who are prepared to spend more than $100 for a fantastic piece of glass that is both durable and smooth.

Because of their high price and complex making, you may frequently discover extremely thick glass designs that are quite creative and nearly one-of-a-kind – which makes them perfect collector’s items.

6. Recycler Bongs – The Smoothest Smoking Experience

Recycler bongs are simply multi-chamber bongs that have been designed to be more efficient in terms of water usage. Most people would consider them to be a distinct variety of multi-chamber bong.

The second chamber is where smoke is transferred to after being mixed with the water in the first chamber. This distinguishes them from multi-chamber bongs, which do not recycle smoke through the same chamber; instead, they transfer it to another chamber.

Bongs manufactured from recyclers are not as clean or pure as those made from non-recycled materials. They work by passing smoke through water in the same chamber and percolators multiple times before transferring it to you. This all happens very quickly, with 5-10 cycles occurring in seconds. But when played at slow speed, it’s quite something else.

There are dozens of types of recycler bongs on the market, each with its own set of features and unique style.

In the long run, this is a fantastic bong for someone searching for the smoothest smoking experience or who wants to dab in the future. They’re simple to outfit, high-quality, and long-lasting. The only disadvantage is that they’re frequently some of the most costly bongs available.

7. Bubblers – Portable Miniature Bongs

Bubblers are the bongs’ younger sibling. They’re a cross between water pipes and bowls, and they’re tiny versions of bongs. This allows them to provide the convenience and ease of use of a hand pipe, with the smoothness of a bong – all for an affordable price.

Bubblers are ideal for on-the-go usage since they’re small, lightweight, and easy to transport. If you don’t have time to fill them up, bubblers may also function as hand pipes. Another advantage of bubblers is that they come in a variety of designs.

Bubblers with percs, on the other hand, are more difficult to use and come at a higher cost. They also don’t have percolation, which is a problem for some people.

Bubblers are a fantastic option for someone looking to switch things up. Someone who prefers to smoke on the go but wants a smoother alternative to a hand pipe while remaining cost-effective and transportable.

8. Zongs – Different Design for Diffusion

Zongs are named for their Zig Zag form, which is usually in the form of a Z. While this may appear to be merely aesthetic, there are several intriguing performance advantages to this sort of bong.

First and foremost, the Z section serves as its own ice catch in a thin tube. It also provides an easy position to grasp big bongs. Finally, this part allows smoke to cool somewhat before reaching you, resulting in a smoother smoking experience. There’s also the fact that these things are just fantastic, like something from space!

There are a few drawbacks to the design, however. Some Zongs can be top-heavy, which might be an issue without a solid foundation. Other times, they may be simpler to break because passers-by may easily knock them over with ease.

Zongs are a little superior performing than rigid straight tube bongs in general. They can be broken with less care if not handled properly. In terms of price, they’re generally the same as glass bongs, so people often pick Zongs because of their cool style.

9. Scientific Glass Bongs – Sturdy, Smooth & Expensive

The chemical makeup of scientific glass is what we’re talking about. This bong is made of borosilicate glass, which helps to keep the temperature fluctuations at bay.

Without getting too technical, toughened glass is superior since it will not break as quickly as regular glass when subjected to rapid temperature changes and will not become as fractured after long-term use and heat exposure.

This sort of bong is typically a little more expensive, but it’s definitely worth the money if you can keep it looking nice over time.

Scientific bongs are generally developed to be high-performance products and often feature diffused downstems, ice catchers, percolators, and other features to improve the smoothness of your smoking experience. They’re also usually built thicker in order to be more durable.

Overall, this type of water pipe is ideal for those searching for a high-performance item that will last a long time. They may be somewhat costly, but you can save a lot of money by shopping with an established headshop online.

10. Inline Bongs – Intricate Designs, Strong Bases, Excellent Percolation

Inline bongs are uncommon, owing to the fact that they are typically rather pricey when compared to other sorts of water pipes.

The vertical percolator is an essential component of this sort of bong, which is characterized by theirinline percolators, which are horizontal percolators built into the glass – generally in very inventive and intricate ways. This usually results in another percolator being added above to make the experience even smoother. As a result, it’s technically regarded as a quite unique form of multi-chamber bong because of this.

Inline bongs are some of the smoothest-hitting water pipes available. They are generally enormous and feature a hefty straight tube constructed of scientific glass. The finest ones are rather costly, but they’re well worth it for individuals who take care of them and collect glass. For those that are prepared to spend $200 or more on a piece and want the cream of the crop when it comes to smoothness, this is the type of bong to get.

11. Dab Rigs –  The Next Evolution of the Bong

Dab rigs are relatively new. This sort of bong was created for dabbing wax concentrates, and it has some really interesting designs to handle the heat and intensity of dabs.

As a result, most dab rigs emphasize on recycling and percolation, with intricate designs that assist to increase airflow and cool the smoke.

Dab rigs are generally smaller than bongs in order to make them easier to transport. They’re also designed to allow for easy upgrade of dab rig attachments, allowing you to enjoy dabs in a variety of ways.

Overall, dab rigs may also be used as bongs. We believe that purchasing a dab rig and then adding a glass bowl to it is an easy way to get the same level of smoothness as a expensive bong at an affordable price and with the convenience of a dab rig. Our dab rig starter kit has everything you need to start dabbing or convert your rig into a bong!

12. Home Made Bongs –  Getting Creative

You knew we couldn’t write about the many types of bongs without mentioning the most notorious (and creative) form – homemade water pipes!

Over the years, Stoners have figured out how to make bongs out of just about any household item you may have lying around, including:

  • Food
  • Cups
  • Plastic bottles
  • Pens
  • And more…

These bongs, while not being particularly sturdy or high-end, are a blast to make and smoke with nonetheless. We strongly encourage any serious Stoner to attempt this at least once.

What is the Best Type of Bong?

The best type of pipe for you depends on your budget, smoking habits, and preferred smoking style. For individuals who desire a smooth smoking experience, glass is frequently the finest option. Silicone may be the right fit for others who travel more often.

Glass is our favorite material for bongs because of its durability, cost, and ease of maintenance. Silicone comes in a close second since it is durable, inexpensive, and practical.

We prefer recycler or percolator bongs with thick glass, or scientific glass to guarantee long-term durability and smoothness, when it comes to bong construction. A sturdy small bong or rig made of glass, or a silicone bong with quartz bowl, is our preferred method of smoking on the go.

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