SunRocks VS MoonRocks

The Sunrock and Moon Rocks battle rages on, and it’s getting a lot of attention online. A lot of people are claiming to have found a way to double or quadruple THC levels by performing particular methods that have been surfacing on social media lately.

The Moon Rocks are a stunning variety of marijuana cultivated in the United States since its inception. SunRocks buds, which are stronger and more varied than previous versions, have been regaining popularity over recent months. The differences between Moon Rocks and Sun Rocks are numerous because they’re created using two different processes with varying THC concentrations and appear to be distinct varieties.

Sunrock VS Moon Rocks: What are Moon Rocks?

Cannabis leaves have also been used to make rope. To make a cannabis leaf rope, add cannabis buds to hash oil (or spray it with it) and roll them in kief. It’s quite simple to do, and it’s a good way for seasoned users of marijuana to dabble in the art of making hash oils. Because most experts believe they contain around 51% THC, you’ll need it! That’s more than twice as powerful as many strong marijuana strains.

According to legend, a dispensary named Starbudz60 was the first to introduce these strong balls of happiness. Kurupt Moonrocks, on the other hand, are well-known in the West Coast rap scene, and there is even a registered trademarked “Kurupt Moonrock.”

His partner Dr. Zodiak, who has been tagging along for the last decade, will be familiar to lovers of hip-hop. He was formerly signed to notorious Death Row Records in the 1990s and brought his buddy Dr. Zodiak with him. Today, all of

Don’t assume that all moon rocks for sale are of the highest quality.

Unfortunately, there are lots of shady people selling low-quality goods. These unscrupulous vendors will make moon rocks out of their cheapest nugs, and beneath awful oil. The strains used will have a different impact on each rock, as well as cannabinoid and terpene concentrations.

There are many trustworthy vendors for moon rocks, but it’s worth attempting to create your own first, as we’ll show you how below.

How are Moon Rocks Made?

Although you may produce your own Moon Rocks at home, you’ll need certain components that only the most experienced of growers or individuals working in specific cannabis industries have access to. Cannabis oil will be required to cover the bud, resulting in a honey-like sheath surrounding it. Then, another layer of kief must be applied over the surface to give it a sandy texture.

The Moon Rocks’ disadvantage is that they are difficult to detect, making it simple for the buyer to fake them and the buyer will be none the wiser until he or she opens up the bud. It’s as easy as putting any sort of oil on a bad bud and rolling it in a terrible hash to make it appear like a Moon Rock but yet unburnable. We recommend buying Moon Rocks from reputable dispensaries where marijuana is legal since many Moon Rock merchants do not allow you to open the bud before purchase.

Who Makes Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks may be found in virtually any marijuana store. They can also be obtained from an online cannabis dispensary. Many companies produce them, but Caviar Gold takes the cake when it comes to Moon Rocks this year. The organization is the largest supplier of Moon Rock strains, with Sativa, Indica, and hybrid varieties available.

Caviar Gold not only redefined the term “Moon Rocks,” but it also revived it. The firm owns the trademark and is known for cannabis production throughout the state. It uses a proprietary extraction technique that distinguishes its buds from those of its rivals. Its kief differs significantly from others’. Caviar Gold’s beautiful, beautiful stones fill a void in the market.

Moon Rocks Safety Tips

Before employing Moon Rocks, it is critical that you first complete any necessary activities. Even one puff of this potent dust might leave you unconscious, dazed, or even catatonic. First, double-check to see whether there are any outstanding tasks to do. Furthermore, eat something before using Moon Rocks for the sake of your health. It can assist with nausea and “munchies.”

Keep yourself well-hydrated. Even snacks should be included in your luggage. You’re most likely to have a dry mouth, therefore keep a bottle of water on hand at all times. Furthermore, the environment is significant. Be in an attractive location that rejuvenates you and makes you feel alive again (a refuge). It’s important to maintain a good level of energy.

What are Sunrocks?

Some other celestial cannabis goods have debuted recently. Big Tray Dee and Apollo SunRocks are among the few producers selling SunRocks these days.

While the two products appear to be quite similar (a bud covered in concentrate and sprinkled with kief), SunRocks’ material is of higher quality.

Both manufacturers utilize top-shelf buds, with OG or Girl Scout Cookies being one example. These high-quality blooms will be coated in a sticky layer of cannabis extract before being finished off with a sprinkling of kief. Big Tray Deee’s Rocks are usually less than 80% THC, while Apollo’s Rocks are more often thicker and include approximately 60% THC.

How are Sunrocks made?

The buds from this strain are distinctive; one example is that the plant material used in the bud is always OG Kush. The first step is to choose a great bud and get some BHO extract; make sure you get high purity and as few impurities as feasible. Then, using BHO, cover another but thinly so it’s difficult to notice unless you look closely at the bud.

Aside from providing a rather more potent concentration, the flavor of this cannabis is also considerably richer and more pleasurable than BHO; instead of just one terrible pull, you may smoke a joint comfortably rather than just one excruciating drag, providing for an even greater mental impact as well as a pleasant aroma experience.

How To Smoke A SunRock

Unless you want your grinder to take in all of the kief and oil, you’ll have to come up with a different approach to split up your SunRocks. To carefully cut it into smaller pieces, we recommend using scissors. It may then be smoked from a pipe, bong, or even a blunt wrap depending on your taste. Because SunRocks are more powerful than Moon Rocks, treat them as such.

Sprinkling Moon Rocks into a joint with ordinary marijuana may improve your experience. Moon Rocks were designed for people who want to smoke more than they could by smoking flowers. SunRocks are for those who want to go higher than they would with Moon Rocks, but not quite as high as a fat dab. We recommend that novices to cannabis use caution. According on Snoop Dogg, Moon Rocks were too powerful for him, so we can’t say what will happen with SunRocks.

Sunrock VS Moonrocks: Conclusion

Hopefully, after reading this explanation of Sunrocks vs Moon Rocks, you will be able to navigate the cannabis market with confidence; keep your chin up and beware of people trying to sell you phony Moon Rocks or sunrocks – see you again soon!

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