Donegal Marijuana Strain Review

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Metdawg is a strain that has made a name for itself in the world of cannabis. If it weren’t for it, hybrids like Sour Diesel and GG4 wouldn’t exist. It’s frequently utilized as a genetic foundation to develop additional plants. However, it can also create its own unique variety on its own.

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The three-way hybrid strain is a one-of-a-kind, with appearance, aroma, and flavor being particular examples. It could also have a distinct structure and strength. Donegal is an excellent example of this.

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To develop this strain, Tweed desired a Sativa-leaning version of the original Chemdawg that was also more powerful. Donegal’s THC levels average between 18% and 19%, far higher than its parent.

The combination of these two factors is responsible for the uplifting and energizing characteristics of this strain. It also has a mild, relaxing effect that can assist users in dealing with anxiety and stress. The full effects are likely influenced by the influence of its own Sativa structure as well as Chemdawg’s Indica genes. This implies it lifts users high into the sky, then gently settled them into total calmness.

Donegal is a unique cannabis hybrid that leans just slightly towards the sativa side of things. Donegal was created by breeders at Tweed, a Canadian cannabis firm that began selling high-quality cannabis strains in 2014. The strain was named after the town in Northern Ireland where it grew. Donegal is a stable hybrid that delivers a balanced high with effects that are not too overpowering. Donegal also consistently tests for a THC concentration of between 18 and 19 percent, making it quite the competition.


The onset of diarrhea is rapid. It generates a surge of energy to the brain, eradicating any form of negativity in just a few puffs. As a result, it rejuvenates the mind and lifts one’s spirits. Users soon transform into social butterflies as a consequence of reduced inhibitions. This makes the Sativa-dominant hybrid an excellent party strain because

A stressful day at work might be hard on anybody, but knowing that you can unwind with a good joint or cannabis smoking session is enough to set your mind at ease. Because the high builds gradually, it’s easy to overlook how pleasurable it can get as it progresses. The Indica effect of the plant has begun to creep in. A warm sensation washes over the body and provides a feeling of upliftment and relaxation to the user, originating from the temples. It encourages weary people to take a rest by soothing muscles.

Donegal, in moderation, produces an intense yet pleasurable high. It frequently induces a state of serenity. However, its strength might be overwhelming. Accidentally consuming too much may cause a potent psychedelic experience in which users are totally immobilized and trapped by rapid ideas.


Donegal’s scent is quite complicated, much like that of Chemdawg. It has a pungent smell at times with undertones of skunk. In other situations, it exudes the homely aroma of damp earth and wood. However, for the most part, it emits a citrus diesel fragrance. When ground, it creates an even heat throughout the room.


The earthy flavor of freshly picked citrus is found in Donegal. There is a savory wood that takes over the palate after drawing in the smoke. Its smoke, when compared to its complex aroma and taste, is simply smooth. Beginners, on the other hand, may experience a brief coughing spell.

Adverse reactions

With regard to marijuana use, the two most common reactions are redness in the eyes and dryness in the mouth. This is due to the smoke taking away moisture in these areas. However, both effects are usually mild and are not a cause for worry.

Of course, not all strains are dehydrating. Donegal, for example, rarely causes a cottonmouth because of its citric flavors. As a Sativa, however, it can cause users to feel slightly anxious. Although, this only ever happens to users abusing the hybrid. As such, it is best to avoid overindulging its buds. Pacing the smoke can also be of great help, especially for beginners.


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Like other recreational strains, Donegal has low CBD levels. However, what makes this strain invaluable to the medical community is its psychoactive compounds.

Donegal, like all cannabinoids, has anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects that can be beneficial for persons suffering from depression or PTSD. By improving people’s moods, the plant is able to enhance their views in a good way. Not only that, but the invigorating buzz also helps to relieve tension.

Besides the behavioral changes, Donegal also has physiological benefits. As a relaxant, it soothes the muscles and aids in relieving fatigue. The same psychoactive compound also makes users drowsy. While it may not be the perfect sleeping aid, it still gets the job done.


Donegal tends to be susceptible to mold and mildew. As such, temperatures and especially humidity levels should always be kept in check. Otherwise, the two can potentially damage the plant.

Flowering Time


The plant’s seeds are mostly light yellow in color and tiny. Although, when it matures, the resin glands on its leaves produce a powerful fragrance that may be unpleasant to humans and animals alike. In general, most plants flower within 7 to 9 weeks and generate at least 28 ounces of buds per square meter. Indoor growers, on the other hand, may wish to invest in odor control procedures to keep nosy neighbors at bay. Especially since mature it has a very strong scent .


Outdoors, Donegal has little protection against mold and mildew. As such, backyard cultivators should ensure to plant the viable seed in sunny climates. By October, the seed will mature into a full grown plant that yields more than 28 ounces of sugar-coated buds per plant.

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