Fruits Loops Cannabis Strain Review

The name of this strain, like the cereal it’s based on, is likely derived from the delicious fruit. It has a strong blend of four strains that could provide you with a boost of energy at first glance. Fruit Loops is considered an excellent social strain because it combines four different varieties.

Modern-day breeders have met the demands of both your sweet tooth and love of cannabis! There’s been a rise in the development of sweet-tasting marijuana strains. In many situations, this flavor is noticed more than standard skunk or hash weed‘s smelly characteristics. The Fruit Loops strain is an excellent illustration of a new type of cannabis with a taste comparable to dessert (or, in this case, breakfast cereal) rather than ordinary cannabis.

What Is the Fruit Loops Strain?

mix of the following four cannabis strains: White Widow, Blue Dream, Grapefruit, and Blueberry. It’s an interesting mix because each strain has its own distinct flavor.

Blue Dream, for example, is known for having a high energy-boosting effect. Blueberry, on the other hand, may make one feel drowsy. Grapefruit has a delicious fruity flavor and is more similar to Blue Dream in terms of effects than White Widow.

With this slightly indica-dominant hybrid, you’ll get a cerebral high that works in minutes. Users often report being energized in the short term. As a result, if you’re feeling weary during the afternoon, a few puffs of Fruit Loops might assist you get through the mid-afternoon slump. Just keep in mind that it’s not appropriate to utilize it at work!!!

“Fruit Loops cannabis is a mix of White Widow, Blue Dream, Grapefruit and Blueberry. It’s known for producing a cerebral high in minutes and making people feel awake.”

You may also find that any dark clouds lingering over you disappear once the high takes full effect. Users report feeling extremely happy and content. You might also feel confident enough to talk to strangers, so it is worth trying Fruit Loops before heading out for the evening, or when going to a party.

This treatment is not just relaxing, but it also boosts blood flow and circulation to the body. Within a few hours, your limbs will start to feel relaxed and looser. At this time, you’re likely to feel drowsy. You should avoid falling asleep if you take Fruit Loops in moderation; however, it can be sedating in higher doses, so be careful.


The Fruit Loops strain is a citrus and berry mix with notes of skunkiness. You may get tiny hints of hash after grinding the buds.


When you light a joint containing Fruit Loops, expect to be overwhelmed by a thick cloud of smoke. Indeed, those who are unfamiliar with the smoking process may experience a coughing fit. Users are frequently surprised that they don’t get the expected sugary sweet flavor right away. Patience is required as you exhale and taste this flavor on your breath. The sugary cereal scent is fantastic, as is the aftertaste, which is spiced with tiny hits of heat.


The Sativa-dominant Northern Lights is a resin-rich strain with medium to large, spherical bud shapes. The bright orange pistils run through the forest green leaves. You may also see purple flecks in some phenotypes. The gleaming white trichomes cover the blooms, giving it a similar look to the White Widow Strain.

Fruit Loops Strain Grow Info

The lack of Fruit Loops seeds available commercially is one potential problem. As a result, to cultivate this strain, you’ll need to obtain clippings from a mature mother plant. On the other hand, you may skip the germination process and rush ahead by several weeks in the growth cycle due to this.

Fruit Loops is a hardy plant that may be grown indoors or outdoors. If you choose to do so, please keep in mind that this strain prefers a warm, semi-humid environment. It’s nearly impossible to tell when it comes to harvesting time. growers claim that the Harvest Ready at anytime from the end of September through the end of October

Fruit Loops takes 7 to 10 weeks to bloom indoors. If you have a limited amount of space, the Sea of Green growth technique is ideal. Experienced growers may try to bring out the purple hues in this plant by keeping it exposed to colder than usual nighttime temperatures before it blooms. Indoors, this strain can yield up to 10-12 ounces of bud per square meter planted.

THC & CBD Content – Highest Test

  • The Fruit Loops strain has a THC concentration of 18-20 percent, with 19% considered average.
  • This variety has less than 1% CBD, on average. You can expect an average of 0.8 percent, which is deemed adequate for a strain not developed for a high cannabidiol level.

Medical Benefits of the Fruit Loops Strain

The Fruit Loops strain has been used by some marijuana patients to boost their mood. As a result, you might want to give it a try if you have sadness, tension, or even anxiety. A grin spreads across your face after a few hits, and it’s difficult to remain sad for long. Please keep in mind that it is only a brief experience with benefits.

The Fruit Loops variety is also powerful enough to function as an analgesic for certain consumers. The relaxing sensation that comes over the limbs might help to reduce muscular and joint pain. This strain has the potential to relieve sleeplessness. However, it may necessitate large dosages, which can have unpleasant side effects.

Possible Side Effects of the Fruit Loops Strain

The buds might cause drowsiness, anxiety, and a headache if used too frequently. In general, sensible usage of Fruit Loops will most likely result in only red eyes and cottonmouth.

Final Thoughts on the Fruit Loops Strain

The Fruit Loops strain is another great choice for cannabis users looking to spoil themselves with something sweet. This blend of four strains is quite potent, and it may help boost your mood as well as manage pain as a symptom of numerous diseases. While growing it is very easy, you’ll need to collect clippings and grow genetically identical clones from seeds because they aren’t readily available.

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