How To Smoke Hash For The Smoothest And Best High

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If you come across some hash, you’ve come to the correct place. In this article, we’ll look at what hashish (hash) is and how to smoke it in a variety of ways, as well as the best method to consume it. Hash is commonly believed to be the most powerful and concentrated form of cannabis. This is due to the high amounts of THC contained in hash, which are generally significantly greater than those found in marijuana; however, THC levels have been rising in marijuana recently. Let’s investigate why by looking into hash further.

What is Hash?

Hash, also known as hashish, is a cannabis concentrate. It’s created when trichomes (resinous glands that cover the surface of cannabis plants) are scraped off and refined into a concentrated form. This is usually accomplished by compressing or rubbing them together to make a brick, slan, or rolled portions.

Hashish or hash can be white, green, brown, or yellow. It’s usually chocolate brown, dark green, although it may also be greenish khaki or sandy brown in color. Hashish is a solvent-free extract. This is due to the fact that trichome removal is achieved using physical manipulation and temperature changes rather than chemicals or solvents.

Because Hash has been in use and smoked all around the world for millennia, it’s been used and smoked in a variety of ways.

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How to Smoke Hash

There are several distinct ways to smoke hash. We’ll go through each one so you can try them out too if you like. Some processes necessitate the use of supplementary equipment or tools, but we do have a method or two that only need what you have at home, so keep reading to learn more.

Method 1: How to Smoke Hash in a Joint / Spliff / Blunt

This is one of the most popular methods for smoking hash. Unfortunately, because you cannot use hash alone with this approach, it is rather simple. Simply consider yourself rolling a regular joint; you’ll just use a little less marijuana than usual.

Start by laying down your paper, ready, and if you add the tip in before then get that ready. Second, sprinkle a little amount of flower on top of your light layer of flower; tobacco is also an option if you don’t have any flowers. Sprinkle hash crumbles or perhaps roll the hash into long thin snake-like forms into the middle of your paper and you’re done. Add another light layer of flower on top and wrap it up; voilà, you’re ready to smoke.

Method 2: How to Smoke Hash in a Bowl (Bubbler / Bong)

This is another popular approach. Whether you’re using a bong or a bubbler, this technique works for any waterpiece. Because of the water filtering, it should be less harsh on your throat as well. All you need is a bong/bubble, hash, and a lighter to get started!

A screen at the bottom of your bowl will allow you to get the most out of your hash. Simply put, after that, a tiny piece of your hash in the bowl on top of the screen, and you’re done! If lighting the hash is difficult for you, you may now smoke it as a normal bowl; try using a torch lighter since they’re more powerful.

Method 3: How to Smoke Hash in a Dab Rig

This method may be one you didn’t know was feasible, but it is! Because hash is a concentrated form of cannabis, it works effectively in this technique. To do so, you’ll need your dab rig, a blow torch, and some hash. Make sure there’s water in the reservoir of your dab rig to keep the harshness under control. You’re not burning the hash here; rather, you’re vaporizing it, which makes it a healthier option than smoking!

To begin, heat the banger with a blow torch (or e-rig if you have one) to the desired temperature. Insert your piece of hash into the banger using a dab tool once the required temperature has been reached. When dabbing hash, we recommend placing a carb cab over the banger and drawing in while preserving the cap until you breathe out.

Method 4: How to Smoke Hash in a Vaporizer

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This technique is how to smoke hash, but it will be how to vape hash when completed. This is a significantly better form of consumption than smoking hash because you won’t need any equipment other than your hash and vaporizer. Simply fill the chamber with your desired amount of concentrate and attach the appropriate attachments, such as a concentrate pad, which is available as a spare with the Nectar Gold and Nectar Platinum vaporizers.

Turn on the vaporizer, remove the chamber cover, insert the concentrate pad (if necessary), then place your hash in the chamber. You may now close the chamber lid and begin breathing through the mouthpiece while appreciating!

Method 5: How to Smoke Hash Using the Hot Knives Method

The hot knives approach is a technique that old-school stoners will be familiar with. You’ll need two knives (butter knives are nice), your hash, and access to a source of heat (a stove or a blow torch). Then, either utilize the top half of a water bottle or a straw, depending on your preference.

To begin, if you’re using the top of a water bottle, you’ll need to cut it in half and keep the top portion for later. Next, heat up your knives on the burner or with a blow torch until they are almost burning red. Take care! After the knives have cooled slightly, lay a little piece of hash on top of one and press them together. Place the straw or bottle top (if available) over the knives and inhale. It will immediately start smoking, so grab your straw or bottle top to suck in all of the smoke! Simply lay the straw/bottle on top of the blades (but not on them), and take a puff.

Method 6: How to Smoke Hash Using the Cup Method

Another ancient approach to smoking hash, this is a classic! This method is ideal for when you don’t have any of the usual required equipment and wish to smoke some hash. All you need for this technique is a cup/ glass, your hash, a pin/needle, a little piece of cardboard (or anything else that will hold it upright with a pin/needle, such as a coaster) and a lighter. You may also make use of a straw; however, it’s not necessary.

To begin, roll a tiny piece of hash into a snake shape or a ball. Then secure the hash to one end of the pin / needle, putting the other end onto your cardboard or coaster to upright it with the hash in the air. Cover the hash with your cup or glass and light it until it starts smoking. If you don’t use a straw, make sure there’s enough space for the cup to pass over the edge of the surface and provide an airway; otherwise, raise the cup and draw in as much smoke as possible while breathing rapidly!

Place one end of the straw beneath the cup and lift it slightly to draw in all of the smoke through the straw. The goal of this technique is to allow as much hashish smoke as possible to accumulate within the cup before breathing it out!

Method 8: How to Smoke Hash Using the Hash Tube Method

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This method may seem strange, but it does work. It just requires a few items that you can obtain at home! You’ll need some hash, parchment paper, a glass mason jar (or cylindrical glass object), and a lighter or some really hot water. The goal of this approach is to be able to smoke your hash like a joint on its own.

To begin, form a snake out of your hash (long and thin). Place your rolled hash between 2 pieces of parchment paper. Next, warm your jar or cylindrical heatable object with your torch or place it in hot water to reheat. You should heat it until it is quite hot, but not so much that the hash or paper burns or is set on fire.Use extreme caution not to burn yourself! Wrap the hash in parchment paper with your heated item to create a flattened pancake shape. Then use the paper to roll the hash into a tube while it’s still wet. When it’s finished drying, light it and smoke it like a joint!

Method 9: How to Smoke Hash Using a Pipe

Sebsi – Moroccan Hash Pipe

The most authentic method to smoke hash is probably with a Sebsi. The Sebsi is a Moroccan pipe that was constructed from Native American pipes. Although it’s primarily used to smoke hashish, the Sebsi may also be utilized to smoke kief. Wood, metal, or reed are used in the construction of pipes. Red clay is sometimes used in the creation of bowls.

The sebsi is a Moroccan pipe that was created from Native American pipes and is used to smoke kif, a cannabis mixture sometimes combined with local tobacco. If you are fortunate enough to have one, you can buy it directly from Morocco, but if you’re looking for an alternative way to try hash smoking out of this unique art form of a pipe, then keep reading!

Spoon Pipe

Spoon pipes are the most popular pipe among cannabis users. Smoking hash out of a spoon pipe is comparable to smoking it through a bong or bubbler. This method is also great for passing around since the hash burns down slowly, allowing you to hand off the pipe. All you need is your pipe (possibly with a screen if you’re smoking alone), some hash, and a lighter!

Place a tiny amount of hash on top of the screen in your pipe, then light it until it begins to smoke as you draw through the pipe. That’s all there is to it! ENJOY!

Method 10: How to Smoke Hash Using Hookah

You may give it a go with your buddies if Hookah is recognized to be a social activity. Hash burning slowly makes it ideal for hookah smoking. You’ll need your hookah, hash, aluminum foil, and charcoal for this technique (which you should already have for your hookah).

To get started, fill your hookah three-quarters full with water and then form large balls of hash. Place the items in the bowl on top of the shisha tobacco. Cover it with aluminum foil and make a few punctures in it; this will assist you in achieving that charcoal gray-hot charcoal. You’re ready to go!

Method 11: How to Smoke Hash Using the Bottle Method

how to smoke hash for the smoothest and best high - How To Smoke Hash For The Smoothest And Best High

If you don’t have access to any other smoking gear, this is the way to go. The following procedure is similar to the cup approach in that it allows you to fill a bottle with smoke before taking a lungful of smoke. Only a water bottle, scissors or something sharp, and a pin are required.

Cut a tiny hole in the bottle with your scissors or a sharp instrument, making sure the opening is big enough to accept the cigarette. Wrap up a piece of hash and stick it on one end of the pin, then push the other end of the pin into the cigarette so that it protrudes. Now light up the hash to begin smoking, then insert the cigarettes with the hash end first into the hole in water bottle. Check to see that the lid on the bottle is securely shut, as no smoke should escape. Remove the lid and cigarette after filling the bottle with smoke, then cover the hole while breathing through the bottle top.

If you want to bring a few joints along

Which Method is Best?

When it comes to ‘which technique is best,’ there is no agreed-upon standard. However, we feel that the healthiest option is the greatest choice. This is because you can utilize the technique without suffering any obvious health repercussions or problems. The more you utilize it, the less concerned you’ll be about your health.

The Vaporization Technique is our top pick. This method is one of the most rapid on the list, requiring just two pieces of equipment: the hash – so long as you don’t include it! Simply your vaporizer. Of course, as previously said, you must ensure that your vaporizer is compatible with concentrates and that you utilize a concentrate pad if necessary.

Although this is the least popular, it’s still one of the most efficient. There are no chemicals generated, and burning is not required, resulting in a very successful device. It’s also quick and requires little effort to operate. If you can’t locate a suitable vape,


Vaping seems to be the most popular method of consuming hashish, with a variety of options for different ways to utilize it. With this essay, we’ve discovered that there are numerous more than a handful of ways to enjoy your hash! We also discussed which technique at Nectar ranks highest, and it’s definitely vaping. Thank you for taking the time to read this essay, and have a wonderful day!

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