Lady Liberty Marijuana Strain Review

The legend of Los Angeles’ notorious “female” cannabis strain, a 50/50 hybrid with a reputation for potency, is well-known among growers and consumers today. THC levels in this cultivar generally range between 22% and 23%, however they can quickly go above that if the grower’s skill level and growing conditions are suitable.

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The perfect separation of this herb achieves the best of both Sativas and Indicas. The cerebral effects of this strain energize the brain, sending users soaring above the clouds. Instead of dropping them back to earth,

Despite its appeal, the origins of this work of art remain shrouded in mystery. No one knows who the breeder masterminded this magnificent creation. Adding to the insult is its unknown roots. Lady Liberty, on the other hand, has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of cannabis.


The cerebral rush of Sativa combined with the physical buzz of an Indica is perfect for individuals who want to enjoy both. At first, the bud has an uplifting yet clear-headed sensation. It removes bad energy and organizes thoughts, allowing people to access their creativity’s full potential.

With a clear mind, focusing on activities becomes easier. Users are able to concentrate intensely as a result of the mental stimulation. For some, it may feel like time stopped while they became more interested. It’s generally easiest to have food accessible for convenience; however, encouraging the brain’s full potential might often result in hunger.

The high peaks of the head effects gradually roll in, as the body high fades. It relaxes muscles and loosens joints. A feeling of heaviness has set in the limbs without the user being aware of it. As the sedated user drifts off to sleep, everything takes on a hazy appearance.

Lady Liberty is a Janus-faced strain, with two faces. It will send the brain into overdrive if you use it excessively, and it will glue the body to a full-on couchlock. As a result, the bud must always be treated conservatively.


Lady Liberty has faint tangy notes of lemon. But, as the buds break, the sweet citric scent is overpowered by the strong fragrance of damp earth. Together, they produce a homely aroma that is reminiscent of breakfast in the country side.


When Lady Liberty’s buds are smoked, the faint lemon tang fades away to reveal an intense citrus flavor. It is more than ugly; it is freeing to the senses. Its sweetness in the mouth is balanced by a flavor that was once quite powerful.

Adverse Reaction

The adverse effects of ‘Lady Liberty’ are sparse. Despite this, it’s reasonable to assume that, like every other strain, it causes a mild case of dehydration. It has a cottonmouth but the eyes can also redden. These are typically nothing major, but if the discomfort persists, a glass or two of water should enough to solve things.


The perfect genetic split of ‘Lady Liberty’ allows users to experience the medical benefits of both Sativas and Indicas. As a result, it may be used to treat psychological and physical pain.

It has a relaxing, calming effect and reduces anxiety. It serves as a mood booster and an eliminator of pessimism. It becomes a helpful ally for people who suffer from depression or PTSD when it removes the blues. The strain can also be used to relieve tension and mental weariness.

The flexibility of bamboo paper allows you to fold it into numerous shapes and sizes. It’s useful for sharpening the mind because it aids those with ADD/ADHD, or those who have trouble focusing, in finishing activities. Its capacity to allow free-flowing thoughts is a nice touch.

However, the humming of its body high might be beneficial for muscular tension relief. Its calming buzzing has a restorative power that can help with cramps, chronic bodily pain, and even stomach issues. It relaxes stomach contractions and restores one’s appetite by sooth[


Finding seeds and cuttings of Lady Liberty is a challenging task. However, the sight of its splendor is well worth it.

Under the sun, Lady Liberty glows—literally. Its thick layer of sticky trichomes demonstrates its strength. However, just beneath the frosted crystals is the olive and moss-like green of its buds. Its purplish undertones, only visible up close, deepen the earthy hues while its orange hairs enhance its brightness.

The shape of this pot is also quite intriguing. It comes in a variety of sizes, but the same popcorn cast remains. When held in the palm, its density becomes the center of attention. The bud is fluffy and compact overall.

Because there is minimal information to go on, novice growers will have to be inventive in terms of caring for their plant. Lady’s slipper, as its name implies, is a difficult plant to cultivate. It flourishes best when cultivated in an artificial environment where it can be protected from temperature shocks and pests. This isn’t to say that the herb doesn’t grow well outside. To the contrary, it produces copiously outdoors. However, the grower’s skill and quick thinking are completely essential for its success.

Flowering Time


Lady Liberty’s lemongrass scent is a jolt of fresh air for apartment gardeners. Carbon filters are not required until neighbors complain. With that said, Lady Liberty blooms between 7 and 9 weeks depending on the size of the area planted. It may take as long as 8 weeks to reach full bloom under optimum circumstances, since it grows slowly when compared to other strains.


Lady Liberty blossoms on schedule and with the adequate amount of sunshine. Each plant is ready for harvest by October, yielding more than four ounces of fruit per flower. Have you ever smoked or produced your own Lady Liberty? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts about this marijuana variety.

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