Dirty Girl Marijuana Strain Review

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There’s no doubt about that. Dirty Girl is a provocative and thought-provoking name for a strain. What springs to mind are the images that many men enjoy, but their girlfriends despise. We’re not talking about anything as serious as a cannabis plant here.

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Despite its name, Dirty Girl is a pleasant Sativa-dominant marijuana strain. It offers a boosting mental high that cannabis users desired, but be cautious. There may be some truth in its moniker after all.

Trainwreck is the result of Arcata Trainwreck crossed with Cinderella 99, according to some sources. The Arcata version of Trainwreck has lemony characteristics that are often mistaken for Lemon Wreck.

Dirty Girl, the super-green strain created by Dirty-Girl Genetics and sold at Smoke Daddy, is a 100% Sativa. It’s got THC levels that would make Snoop Dogg jealous. The strain’s origins are from both of Dirty-Girl’s parents being Sativa-dominant, but it appears to have a significantly higher THC content. One might argue that it inherited the excellent Sativa effects of its parents while also delivering a more powerful high. However, it does come with certain drawbacks in doing so.


It must be mentioned that Dirty Girl is a powerful strain. Looking at its THC level, it has been measured to be as high as 28%. As such, the reasonable expectation for users is to feel a tinge of excitement knowing what is to come. But what are users expecting?

In general, sativa-dominant strains with huge amounts of THC provide a rushing and powerful mental high. However, the Dirty Girl strain is not one of them. She starts out as a sweetheart — she has a nice beginning that gets steadily more intense. People notice an increase in their mood almost immediately after smoking her. Many users reported feeling happier and giddy, and most were also more sociable. There’s also the propensity to chat too much.

It contains indica characteristics to balance the focus high and produce a calm, soothing physical high. It limits that further escalation of the head high before it gets out of hand in several ways.

The best part about using Dirty Girl is that it does not seem to lead to narcotic like effects, nor does it induce psychedelic effects. Even so, this is a tough girl and she has a dark side too, which is detailed in the Adverse Reactions section.


When it comes to her fragrance, we have to concur. She has an unpleasant odor, indeed, with a pungent and earthy aroma. But the sweet fragrance that blends in with a touch of fruity pineapple transforms it into something desirable.


What does the Dirty Girl strain taste like? To begin with, erase that indecent image from your head. As a result, she has a sweet flavor combined with undertones of pineapple and lemony lemon. Some people may feel reminded of Pinesol, but it isn’t particularly distinct. Overall, this is one wonderful tasting treat to the tongue.

Adverse Reaction

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This is where it becomes messy. Although the strain’s effects are mostly Sativa, it is also a difficult one to manage. To put it another way: she also has unpleasant side effects that individuals should be aware of before getting involved with her.

Marijuana causes dry mouth and eyes in many users. There’s no avoiding it, therefore users must accept it as well as drink a lot of water.

The power of Dirty Girl may be underestimated because it does not arrive on the scene like other products. However, it is also known to make some individuals dizzy.

Finally, this strain is not suggested for those who are experiencing anxiety disorders. While many strains can aid in the management of anxiety, this one does not. In fact, it may actually increase anxiety levels. It’s also one that makes individuals feel more paranoid.


Dirty Girl is a pretty odd term for medical marijuana patients. While it has the ability to induce anxiety or paranoia, it can also be used to manage sadness. In fact, that is the number one reason why medical marijuana users sought this strain. Aside from that, it is recognized as an excellent strain for stress management.

There are several more medical advantages, but they only work in mild situations such as pain alleviation.


Because we have so little information to work with, we must rely on hints from its parents. We’ve discovered that it develops in both outdoors and indoors settings thus far. Unfortunately, acquiring these seeds is difficult. However, you might be able to discover copies of them.

Flowering Time


The Dirty Girl strain should thrive in hydroponics, according to the study. As a result, it would be fascinating to try growing one using both methods. It is reasonable to expect that it will be ready for harvest in as little as 8 weeks and yield 10-12 ounces per square meter.


Our best guess, at this time, is that the crop will be ready for harvesting by early October. By then, the predicted yield of each plant should at least be 12 ounces.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Dirty Girl? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.

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