Paris OG Marijuana Strain Review

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Cannabis has caught the attention of many, not just for its physical and mental effects but also for its role in medicine. Although marijuana use is not to be treated as a treatment for certain health issues, it is still considered advantageous enough in alleviating the symptoms of several illnesses in some manner or another.

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For that, optimizing the growth of cannabis has never been more crucial. Growers are competing against one another not just for their own firms, but also as a way to earn the respect of the entire marijuana community.

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There are several cannabis strains on the market that have obtained a lot of attention for their excellence, owing to the presence of various other types. The Paris OG strain is one such example. This strain has received several awards at Cannabis Cups throughout the world.

Paris OG, on the other hand, is undoubtedly an award-winning strain that everyone would want to try. Here are some highlights of Paris OG so you may see for yourself. The Paris OG is a cross between two hybrid strains: the Headband and Lemon OG Kush. It’s claimed to have originated in Southern California and be distributed at least one of their medical marijuana dispensaries there.

While it is simpler to obtain the strain from one clinic, it is still considered a rare medical strain in many countries. This may also be due to the fact that marijuana for medical purposes is not yet permitted in most countries.


The Paris OG has much less of an effect than other strains. Nonetheless, the cerebral and physical highs are just as potent enough to provide a pleasant experience. The less powerful Sativa side begins working its charm at first, raising the mood and making people happy. Some users may even feel euphoric when utilizing Paris OG moderately in a social setting. It is possible to generate humor by using Paris OG in a moderate way at a party.

Its Indica-dominant side starts to show itself after a few weeks. Its physical body high begins to take hold, and one is destined to feel the body relax as a consequence. As a result, Paris OG is an excellent strain for napping when there’s nothing else to do because it produces drowsiness in users. It also has this effect, making Paris OG an ideal strain for using in the evening an hour or so before sleeping.


The scent of Earth OG is earthy and has a diesel-like smell to it. The combination of pinewood should appeal to hardcore cannabis users.


Paris OG’s flavor is similar to that of its aroma, though it is more subdued with a trace of flowers and pine.

Adverse Reaction

One of the most frequent complications associated with Paris OG use is dry mouth. In addition, this strain might cause dry eyes.

Aside from that, there is nothing to be concerned about. However, if one smokes excessively, it is possible to experience a mild anxiety and paranoia in rare cases. There is also a minor chance of light dizziness when using for the first time.


Paris OG does not provide relief to epileptics or anybody with seizures because it has a low CBD content. This strain, on the other hand, still has several advantages for medical cannabis patients. One of its most common applications is to alleviate tension. It may also be used to help manage sadness for some people.

Chronic pains, headaches, migraines, and muscular spasms would benefit from Paris OG’s pain alleviation. Because Paris OG makes most users feel hungry, those who struggle to sleep should find this strain beneficial since it makes them sleepy.


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Beginners might not want to grow Paris OG as their first strain as it requires a bit of experience. Even so, it should still be manageable for those who are willing to put in the time to learn.

It could be grown outdoor, but it thrives better indoor using soil or hydroponics. While there is not much information on growing available, it is safe to assume that this cannabis would grow well in a temperate to warm climate.

Flowering Time


The average flowering time for this strain is about 8 to 9 weeks when cultivated indoors. The yield will be 12 to 16 ounces per square meter after harvesting.


We learned from bits and pieces of information that the Paris OG hybrid should be ready for harvest during the middle part of October, about the last week, if cultivated in an outdoor setting. Our educated guess is that each plant could produce approximately 20 ounces or more.

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