Marijuana Packaging: How to Store Weed to Keep It Fresh and Potent

marijuana packaging how to store weed to keep it fresh and potent 9 - Marijuana Packaging: How to Store Weed to Keep It Fresh and Potent

Whether you’re a seasoned or first-time smoker, how to store marijuana correctly is undoubtedly just as crucial as which strains and ways of use you prefer.

Before you light up, keep in mind that what you’re ingesting is a plant — one that has been grown, dried, harvested, and cured before it’s ready to smoke.

“Not properly storing anything intended for consumption has a detrimental influence on the quality of the item,” states Julian Webb, a senior leader at Nectar Cannabis in Gresham, Oregon. “Potency, flavor, and overall desired effects may be negatively impacted.”

Why is it important to store weed correctly?

Proper storage is critical to the potency and flavor of your cannabis. Any sort of cannabis should be kept away from children and animals. Beyond safety, proper storage conditions can go a long way toward ensuring that you get the most enjoyable smoking experience feasible.

Cannabis is destroyed by light, heat, and oxygen. “It degrades rapidly,” according to Lex Corwin, the CEO and founder of Stone Road, a California-based cannabis farm and brand. Cannabis flower should be consumed within six to eight months after harvest if properly cured and stored, while pre-rolls should be consumed within three months.

The best time to harvest it is in the early morning. When exposed to heat or bright light, [it] will dry out and become harsh to smoke, and you may get a headache as a result of THC turning into CBN. “It’ll make you really tired instead of giving you a fun and interesting high,” says Corwin.

Quick tip: In most states where marijuana is legal, the harvest or packaging date must be stated on the label. While some dispensaries sell their products quickly, others do not. Always inquire with your budtender for the newest possible product. Concentrates and cannabis-infused edibles have distinct storage instructions, which are usually specified on the package.

For cannabis flower, there are a few things to think about:marijuana packaging how to store weed to keep it fresh and potent 579x400 - Marijuana Packaging: How to Store Weed to Keep It Fresh and Potent

  • Temperature: Corwin suggests that the flower should be maintained at a temperature of less than 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Extreme temperatures — either too hot or too cold — can deplete the herb’s terpenes and cannabinoids.
  • Humidity: Cannabis may develop mold if it is kept in an excessively humid atmosphere, and it can become brittle and harsh to smoke if kept in a dry one. Maintaining the color, fragrance, and taste of your flower will be easier if it is stored in a controlled environment. Humidity packs can assist you keep track of and control humidity levels.
  • Air and light: Heat and moisture are both affected by exposure to air and light. UV rays will deteriorate your cannabis over time, which is why it’s critical to store it away from direct sunlight.

How to store cannabis flowe

There are several different storage containers on the market, but you don’t need anything extravagant to keep your drugs securely.

Glass is the most popular material for marijuana storage, according to Webb. Metals can alter the flavor and aroma of your flower, while plastic creates a static charge that destroys the plant’s trichomes, or crystal-like tips containing a high concentration of THC and terpenes.

The ideal long-term results will be obtained if you use an airtight glass container, which you may even go above and beyond by selecting a UV-proof glass container. Mason jars, on the other hand, will suffice for most individuals – simply store the jar in a cool, dry place out of direct sunshine.

Furthermore, make sure your stash fits snugly within the container. There is less room for oxygen to build up inside the jar if it’s tightly packed, which can have a negative impact on quality and humidity.

marijuana packaging how to store weed to keep it fresh and potent 5 - Marijuana Packaging: How to Store Weed to Keep It Fresh and PotentQuick tip: Use different jars for distinct strains. This will assist in the preservation of each strain‘s unique flavor characteristics.

How to store joints

Your storage options for joints, blunts, or any other form of pre-rolls are similar to those for unground nugs. Corwin claims that they should be kept in a cool, dark place and that after opening a pack you should eat the contents within 30 days to avoid drying out.

According to Webb, you may even use the container you brought them home from the dispensary since the flower has been crushed. However, if you want your pre-rolls to last longer, place them in their own appropriately sized mason jar and fill it as tightly as possible to keep airflow away.

More tips for long-term storage

  • Try vacuum-sealing to reduce odor. Before you get a chance to smell anything, it might already be too late. “If your goal is discretion, one of the greatest methods to do so would be to vacuum-seal your goods,” Webb states. You may use food packaging instead of vacuum-sealing if that’s what you want. Vacuum-sealing is also the finest way to keep flower fresh for more than a few weeks.
  • Don’t store weed in the fridge and freezer. When your marijuana is in the fridge or freezer, it becomes wet and moldable, which is dangerous. Because they are dark and chilly environments, the refrigerator causes too much condensation and exposes your cannabis to molding, while the freezer dries it out and makes it brittle.
  • Use ground flower as quickly as possible. Even when stored correctly, ground cannabis will not endure as long as whole cannabis flowers. To capture as many terpenes as possible, Corwin suggests consuming ground weed within 30 days.

The 10 Best Ways To Keep Your Weed Fresh And Sticky For A Long Time

We all know that most of you don’t keep your marijuana around for long, but some people may be wondering how to keep their cannabis fresh for a long time. Storing your marijuana is not difficult, but there are some mistakes that you can make that might affect the quality of your smoking session.

Let’s move on to the actual topic: figuring out how to keep your stash fresh and sticky for a long time.

1) Keep It At A Cool, Dry & Dark Place

To prevent the loss of THC content and maintain it at the ideal balance, choose a cool and dark location to store your stash.

Depending on the type of container you choose, keeping the container itself in less-than-ideal circumstances won’t help you any.

2) Make Sure To Store It Properly

marijuana packaging how to store weed to keep it fresh and potent 2 674x400 - Marijuana Packaging: How to Store Weed to Keep It Fresh and PotentWhen it comes to storing anything, you must make sure that the condition is kept. As a result, before putting your grass in a jar, it must be in excellent form.

Before you seal your stash away in any container, make sure it is at ideal humidity and freshness, or you risk mold formation.

3. Use A Sealed Glass Jar (Mason Jar)

The name says it all. For a reason, sealed glass jars are a classic. Sealed glass jars may be ideal for keeping your stash dry and fresh, as they seal out moisture. Mason jars may be used, but plastic sealing is even better. If you want to keep a few strains on hand, you might prefer these small jar types rather than one big jar with many different strains in it.

Before placing your marijuana in jars, make sure it isn’t too wet; mold may develop if the weed is excessively moist, and wet cannabis does not produce a pleasant smoke.

4) Incognito Storage While On The Road

There are a variety of distinctive goods available for the 420 enthusiast who wants to store their marijuana, including storage containers. If you’re searching for a hiding place, consider disguising it as deodorant, air freshener, or even a can of pasta.

We don’t suggest using these for everyday storage, but they’re a handy method to store your cannabis while traveling (particularly in countries where cannabis is still banned).

5) Use A Medicine Bottle

The medicine bottle, like the Zip Lock bags, lacks odor control and airtightness. Medicine bottles do, however, allow you to transport cannabis without shattering it.

It’s a good idea to have your cannabis in the medicine bottle while you’re out and about. In extreme circumstances, the Zip-Lock bags might rip apart, but keeping a medicine bottle secreted away inside of your gear is more likely to endure abuse. Just make sure it does not come in contact with heat or sunlight.

6) Use Sealed Bags

marijuana packaging how to store weed to keep it fresh and potent 7 386x400 - Marijuana Packaging: How to Store Weed to Keep It Fresh and PotentZiploc bags are another excellent option for keeping your marijuana fresher. Anyone who has stored their supply in these plastic baggies knows they aren’t fully sealed. If you have a powerful strain, the odors will seep out of the pores of the bag. Using a few layers is an alternative, but a completely sealed baggie also keeps smells inside. They’ll give you with the ideal seal, ensuring that your bud is fresh for each session.

7) Get A Humidor

You’ve probably heard of a cigar humidor, but did you know that there are various types of cannabis humidors as well? These devices keep your cannabis at the proper humidity level for optimal satisfaction and are highly popular among marijuana enthusiasts. Despite their high price, they’re a good investment for any daily smoker, and there are several more affordable choices available. If you like to keep a big stock on hand and spend in top-quality weed, this is the best choice for you!

8) Don’t Put Your Weed In The Fridge or Freezer

This is conventional advice, and it makes perfect sense. When we want to keep other vegetables fresh, we put them in the refrigerator or freezer, of course this does not imply that it applies to cannabis. Here’s why: The temperature of your fridge will vary when you open and shut it several times a day, causing your cannabis to moldy and mildewy.

You must remember not to store your stash in the freezer since this will damage the trichome resin heads before you can consume it.

9) Don’t Buy More Than Would You Need For The Next Month

We understand that this isn’t an option for everyone, and when you have the chance to make a purchase, you must strike. If you must buy in bulk at once, follow the other recommendations on this list to ensure that your last puff is as fresh as your first.

10) Keep It Away From Sunlight & Heat

There’s a reason we smoke marijuana or make it into edibles, after all. When cannabis is heated, THC is released, so keeping it in the sun or near a heat source will simply deplete the THC. As a result, when you go to smoke, your weed will be somewhat less powerful. Keeping your stash in a hot environment will also cause it to smell stronger and make your home an easy target for thieves.

What Can You Do If It’s Too Late?

If you’ve exhausted all possibilities and your bud is still unspoiled, there is still hope for it to improve. The key is to restore moisture to the bud, and there are a few methods to do so. Make sure not to wet or come into contact with water when dealing with cannabis. Allow the product to absorb through the container instead. You might find this article on how to rehydrate cannabis helpful as a source of inspiration.


Storing your cannabis correctly will help to preserve the quality and potency of your product. Keep them in a dark, cool place and store your plant in an airtight, glass jar as tightly as possible. To keep pre-rolls fresher for longer, store them in the container you bought them in or a glass jar. Vacuum sealing is recommended if smell is an issue or if you want to keep some flower long-term.

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