Cryptocurrency and Weed: What Is Marijuana Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency and weed 33 - Cryptocurrency and Weed: What Is Marijuana Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency managed exclusively for the marijuana industry is called Marijuana cryptocurrency. Just like a gift card, it allows users to exchange cash for later use on something related to marijuana discreetly and securely. This type of cryptocurrency circumvents banking concerns that may arise from participating in the industry. Unlike cash or other physical currencies, cryptocurrency is entirely digital and stored in a digital “wallet.” This wallet can be accessed as needed for transactions or maintained as an ongoing account.

A specific form of cryptocurrency that is being used exclusively within the marijuana industry.

Cryptocurrencies, similar to their older digital currency brothers and sisters, were created to help people make anonymous transactions in the marijuana world without having to stress about being looked into. This makes it possible to buy and sell without putting your card number out there for everyone to see. You can get hold of marijuana cryptocurrencies simply and then use them as you would cash with various businesses that accept them.

These currencies were designed to protect all parties in a transaction. For example, it allows people to participate in the legal marijuana industry without tying their name to it. Dispensaries can accept payments from major banking institutions using an indirect currency conversion. Rather than getting in trouble for breaching banking policies, these businesses can easily rely on marijuana cryptocurrencies to carry out their business. Cryptocurrencies are also secure for the person purchasing them, which can be beneficial if a person does not want anyone to know that they are transacting within the industry.

Cryptocurrency and weed 32 - Cryptocurrency and Weed: What Is Marijuana Cryptocurrency?

Purchasing Marijuana Cryptocurrencies

While you may think that marijuana-based cryptocurrencies are tough to come by, they’re actually quite easy to get ahold of. So long as you meet the minimum requirements and have a form of valid identification, you can trade your typical currency for these innovative coins. Some organizations, like PotCoin, allow users to complete this process online; however others must be done in person at dispensaries. In fact, some of these companies even offer physical cards loaded with a marijuana industry-specific currency through the use of a simple app. The process to get your hands on these digital tokens is quick and easy– as soon as you purchase your new tokens, they’re ready to spend at any location.

Most marijuana cryptocurrency options have a user-friendly site or application that makes itsimple to make your purchases. You will need to set up an account with minimal information and then log in before deciding how much cryptocurrency you need. If you’re planning on making online purchases, remember that you’ll likely need to convert the item cost from the original currency into crypto form.

Before you next make a purchase abroad, use one of these helpful tools to verify the currency conversion rate.

Numerous dispensaries are now involving themselves with marijuana cryptocurrency companies to help their customers pay more easily. Usually, dispensaries were only able to accept cash or have people use an ATM there. But thanks to marijuana cryptocurrencies, now people can pay using a card instead of worrying about if they brought enough paper money. At the dispensary check-out, you will be able to utilize a tablet that walks you through the purchasing process of cryptocurrency. This simply involves swiping your card, putting in a PIN, and agreeing to buy the marijuana cryptocurrency. The dispensary employees will cover the cost for you beforehand so that you are aware of how much money will be taken out. As soon as approve

the transaction after seeing the amount, the dispensary gets paid using Cryptocurrency, you receive your products, and then that’s is the end of the purchase.

What Makes Marijuana Cryptocurrency Any Different Than Bitcoin?

The biggest difference between the newer cannabis cryptocurrencies and more popular ones like Bitcoin is simply branding and target market. These new tokens are specifically geared toward people working in the cannabis industry. At their core, all cryptocurrencies work in similar ways. The people who created cannabis cryptocurrency tokens are no different from any other creator of digital currency–the main distinction is that these creators align their products with the cannabis industry. In the same way that not every store takes Bitcoin, weed cryptocurrency is only accepted by businesses within the marijuana industry.

Popular Marijuana Cryptocurrency Options

The recent rise in popularity of marijuana has given way to multiple versions of marijuana cryptocurrency. These digital tokens all have the same goal—to provide a secure and efficient way to handle transactions in the cannabis industry— but each one operates slightly differently. Every type of coin is accepted in different places and has its own unique strengths and weaknesses that investors should take into account before investing. When choosing a cryptocurrency, you must take into account which type of transaction you want to carry out (buying/selling weed, paying for goods or services, etc.) and who your target audience is (dispensaries, growers, consumers). With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you – but with a little research, you’re sure to find the perfect fit!

  • CannabisCoin — This modern form of digital currency is only one type of many marijuana tokens that can be utilized for medical marijuana purchases. They provide digital wallets accessible through a Windows, Apple, and other platforms.
  • CannaCoin — Cannacoins are widely accepted for purchases related to cannabis, including flowers, smoking elements, and grow products. They’re commonly used within the industry as an all-in-one payment solution and have generally positive online reviews.
  • PotCoin — Unlike many other currencies, this one was designed with community outreach in mind. Its cryptocurrency was made to be the go-to coin for all of your cannabis needs. Whether you want to buy something from a dispensary or find other goods and services, this coin can help you do that. PotCoin is focused on giving the industry stable income so it can grow successfully.
  • DopeCoin — Bitcoin is a unique cryptocurrency not regulated by any government. Individual investors interact with each to Bitcoin’s value. The lack of regulation is part of the appeal for many users. Currently, it is exploring new ways to help the marijuana industry.
  • HempCoin — This kind of cannabis currency makes it easy to buy things at different dispensaries. It was designed for use in both the medical and recreational parts of the business, with a focus on making it easier for dispensaries to manage their costs and sales.
  • PotCoin – Our cannabis token is the solution to your every need.

Why Do We Need Marijuana Cryptocurrencies?

While it would be amusing if marijuana cryptocurrencies became popular simply because they are unique, the fact is that this form of cryptocurrency was created to serve a very real purpose. Most banks and financial institutions will not work with the cannabis industry because of federal regulations, so this provides an alternative way for businesses in the industry to function. Although marijuana is slowly gaining legality in the United States at the state level, it is still considered illegal under federal law. This puts any financial institution working with the weed industry at risk of being held accountable, though no such significant cases have arisen as of yet.

While it may not sound like a big deal that banks don’t want to finance the marijuana industry, the severe reality is that this lack of involvement from financial institutions can prevent companies from selling online or accepting debit/credit cards in store. It’s amazing that the cannabis industry has been able to grow at all without banks, but we’re lucky enough to live in a digital world with other options.

Some financial institutions are rather cautious about getting involved in the marijuana industry. However, there is a solution: cryptocurrencies. Just like people can use Bitcoins for anonymous transactions, businesses can use cryptocurrency instead of real money to make purchases related to marijuana. In the past, businesses such as dispensaries in the weed industry would have to only use cash transactions or risk their accounts being shut down. However, cryptocurrencies now enable these companies to easily exchange money, so they can focus on making other improvements within the industry. Without being able to partner with banks, the weed industry would severely stunt its growth. However, recent developments in marijuana-themed digital tokens give the industry a fighting chance and provide reimbursement for those who risk their safety to carry it out.

Cryptocurrencies make it easy for marijuana businesses to exchange money, which in turn helps them improve the industry as a whole.

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The Benefits of Marijuana Cryptocurrencies For Buyers and Sellers

Given that it’s taken some time for the general public to come around on cryptocurrencies, the best way to show people their benefits is by looking at how businesses in other industries are utilizing them. For marijuana companies, they can streamline bookkeeping and employee payroll while also safely conducting transactions with customers and other industry vendors.

Even though marijuana is becoming legalized in many places, dispensaries still can’t accept traditional debit or credit transactions. For people looking to buy weed, this is a horrible inconvenience. In the modern world, very few people carry cash on them—and even fewer have enough cash for a proper trip to the dispensary. Being able to easily purchase cryptocurrencies on your card in a dispensary is much more convenient than having to try to guess how much you will spend or give yourself a specific budget that also leaves enough over for an appropriate tip for your favorite budtenders. Even though it takes a few extra steps compared to using cash, it’s still worth the effort.

How These Cryptocurrencies Impact The Marijuana Industry

In an effort to bring 800 crypto-ATMs to stores, PotCoin partnered with dispensaries.

The impacts of marijuana cryptocurrencies are far-reaching. For small business owners who want to sell CBD products online, these digital tokens offer them a chance to get their business off the ground with less initial investment than a brick-and-mortar store would require. PotCoin worked with dispensaries to bring over 800 crypto-ATMs to stores, making purchasing easier for buyers. This means that they can easily charge the exact amount of their order instead of having to withdraw extra from an ATM.

Agricultural businesses in the marijuana industry are using tokens to sell flowers and oils from farms to dispensaries. In many ways, cryptocurrencies are helping the marijuana industry grow in the same way that other industries rely on financial institutions. Pot coin is worth over ten million dollars, showing how much money is being added to the marijuana industry through cryptocurrency. Essentially, these digital coins are furthering the weed industry’s growth and potential. As more people turn to cannabis products, they will likely desire a convenient way to pay for their items–enter cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrencies might be a newish concept, but they’re already having a big impact. While some people think of them as being used for illegal activities on the dark web, they’re also being used as currency in legal settings. This shows how powerful and useful these digital tokens can be. The use of cryptocurrencies highlights how much money can be exchanged in this booming new digital marketplace. Cryptocurrency options have become a major win for the marijuana industry, as they provide a reliable and easy way to transact business. With more financial institutions starting to support the industry, it is likely that we will see even more growth in this area.

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