How to Not Get the Munchies When High

Munchies and cannabis 32 - How to Not Get the Munchies When High

The ‘munchies’ is a often tied to the inaccurate stoner stereotype, it is a well-known result of marijuana usage.

If you’re trying to lose weight, eating an entire pizza in one sitting might not be the best idea. You’ll probably end up feeling guilty afterward.

Although cannabis users tend to be slimmer than the average person, it’s still best to eat healthily as much as possible. According to recent CDC figures, approximately 36% of American adults are obese. This means that if you partake in recreational marijuana use, overeating isn’t the best idea since you’re more likely to be included in this percentage. However, there are a lot of positives associated with eating healthily in general.

Some strains of marijuana make it hard to resist the urge to overeat. This usually results in eating junk food. To avoid this, steer clear of cannabis altogether. However, if you’re reading this, that’s probably not an option! Therefore, we would like to give you tips on how not to get the munchies while high.

One of the key takeaways is to make sure you always have healthy food options available. However, this guide also contains other great pieces of advice. And if you’re looking to indulge a little, be sure to check out our best munchies to eat while high guide.

How to Not Get the Munchies When High: Our Top 10 Tips and Tricks

Do you ever get the munchies after using cannabis? If you’re curious about why this happens, check out our article that looks into the science behind it. And now, here are some tips to stop yourself from overeating unhealthy snacks when you’re high.

1. Eat Well Throughout the Day

The simplest advice is often the most neglected. Many cannabis enthusiasts confess that they neglect their diet before consuming. Ensure you are apprised of when you’ll be smoking. For many, it’s in the evening after work; but some people smoke earlier in the day!

If you are a typical evening user, this makes it easy to schedule a list of healthy meals throughout the day. Here is a sample:

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal and fruit, water, and a cup of coffee.
  • Lunch: Scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast with mixed peppers.
  • Dinner: Sweet and sour chicken or beef vegetable stir fry with brown rice.
  • Snacks: Cottage cheese, or fruit, or a handful of nuts or a protein shake.

The above is simply a suggestion, and it might be too healthy for some! The point is that you have already eaten multiple times today. Other great options are buckwheat or quinoa since these foods release their energy slower than refined carbohydrates such as white rice or pasta. Consequently, they will make you feel fuller for longer periods of time. By the time you smoke, you may not want to eat junk food because you’ll probably feel full enough already.

2. Stay Hydrated

On average, we’re supposed to drink around two liters of water a day. However, one survey found that nearly 80% of working Americans admit they don’t drink enough water. Water is cheap and readily available, so, strangely, we often take it for granted. We waste a lot of water even though we don’t consume enough of it.

Did you know that sometimes when you think you’re hungry, your body is craving water?

Furthermore, the sensation of thirst happens when you are already dehydrated. A study published by Chang et. al in 2016 found that there was a link between obesity and inadequate hydration levels. The researchers discovered that people who didn’t drink enough water had higher body mass index (BMI) levels on average.

To quell the munchies, drink some water and see how you feel. You may find that your earlier desire to eat everything has decreased. Staying hydrated can also help with common marijuana side effects like dry eyes, cottonmouth, and dizziness.

Munchies and cannabis 31 - How to Not Get the Munchies When High

3. Keep Your Cupboards & Refrigerator Filled with Clean Food

Creating temptation-free zones in your home is a great way to make healthier choices. If there’s no unhealthy food around, you’re less likely to indulge. So don’t put yourself in a position where you have to willpower your way out of bad decisions – simply don’t buy the junk food in the first place!

The Internet and your phone will be your worst enemy when trying to eat clean while high. With so many delivery options at your fingertips, it’ll be hard not to cave in and order unhealthy food. To make things easier on yourself, stay away from electronics and instead opt for something more low-key like watching television or listening to music.

4. Distract Yourself

If you obsess over feeling famished, you will cave eventually. The next thing you know, an entire cheesecake is history! A more sensible choice is to distract yourself somehow. This might entail doing some housework or taking a bath.

Another great idea is to exploring the outdoors. Nature is always incredible, but it’s especially beautiful when you’re high. You could also go meet up with a friend. Keep in mind that it’s illegal to drive while under the influence of cannabis in all states, and there are places where you can get arrested for simply being high. So be careful if you choose to leave your house!

5. Freshen Up

If you have trouble stopping at one cookie (or maybe just one bag), there is a way to stop this behavior. Simply brush your teeth or use mouthwash after you eat junk food. This will help because once you’ve eaten something, it tastes weird and generally awful when you try to eat more of it.

There’s a simple scientific explanation for this sensation. Proteins cover your tongue and act as food particle receptors. These particles send a message to the brain when they come in contact with drinks or food. This message evokes one of the five taste senses: Saltiness, Sourness, Sweetness, Umami (Savory), and Bitterness.

When you brush your teeth, the sodium lauryl sulfate in your toothpaste interferes with proteins that normally help taste cells in your mouth to function correctly. As a result, you may have trouble tasting sweet flavors and instead experience a bitter sensation. SLS can also destroy phospholipids, which work to suppress bitterness.

Therefore, if you brush your teeth and then try to eat cookies, the taste will be unpleasant, and you likely won’t want to finish the entire package.

6. Retrain Your Brain

Our brains are wired to take pleasure in consuming food because it is a natural survival instinct. When we eat, the dopamine neurotransmitter is released and creates a sense of reward. If we consume high energy foods such as sugar or fat, then more dopamine is produced and we receive an even greater feeling of enjoyment.

The release of dopamine is what makes high-fat, sweet foods more addictive.

When you get the munchies, it’s usually for unhealthy junk food. But if you can retrain your brain to fight these cravings, then eventually they won’t be as strong. It takes a lot of effort and time, but it is definitely possible.

7. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Two hormones, ghrelin and leptin, partially control your appetite. Ghrelin makes you hungry while leptin lets you know when to stop eating. If you don’t get enough sleep, research has shown that Ghrelin increases while Leptin decreases. Consequently, you might overeat during the day.

In 2004, Taheri et al. found in a study that sleeping for less than 7 to 8 hours each night could lead to higher Body Mass Index levels. This also provides more reasoning as to why we should stop snacking at night and go to bed earlier.

8. Use Different Marijuana Strains

If you’reungry, certain pot strains will make the feeling worse. Be mindful of indica versus sativa when buying your next strain–indica might not be what you want! Indicas usually have high levels of THC and lower levels of other compounds. These types of cannabis are more likely to result in a raiding-the-fridge session. A few appetizing options:

  • Royal Cookies
  • Critical Kush
  • Purple Queen
  • Amnesia Haze
  • Sour Diesel

Try CBD- and THCV-rich strains to control your appetite. Although it is molecularly similar to THC, THCV doesn’t cause intoxication and actually suppresses hunger. However, the main issue with this cannabinoid is its rarity in most strains. You might have better luck starting with Durban Poison or Jack the Ripper varieties.

CBD is also non-intoxicating. Cannatonic and Harlequin are two popular high-CBD strains. If you’re thinking about trying CBD, one of these might be a good option to start with.

Munchies and cannabis 34 - How to Not Get the Munchies When High

9. Make Healthier Choices

If you find that you can’t help buteat when high, there is a way to make it work to your advantage. Instead of eating bags of Cheetos and an entire pizza, opt for healthier choices. Below are some examples of what we mean:

  • If you’re needing a crunch, try some vegetable sticks dipped in hummus or popcorn.
  • Curb your sweet tooth with some fruit! Try bananas, apples, pears, grapes or strawberries.
  • A small handful of nuts. This is for those who adore savory foods while high.

If you’re in the mood to experiment, here are some recipes for healthy snacks to try. Just be sure to make them before getting high; otherwise, you may become too relaxed and not feel like cooking.

10. Get Your Exercise in Early – No Excuses!

Avoid dreaded gym time by using cannabis before you work out! Many people find that pushing themselves to complete an intense workout is easier when high. Check out our guide on the best strains of cannabis for a fitness-enhancing experience.

This leaves you with a choice: work out before using cannabis so you can ‘earn’ the extra calories you plan on consuming, or use weed and then exercise. The results might shock you if you follow the link above.

You can also combat the munchies by getting some exercise. This will help to keep them at bay for a while.

You may not crave Oreos as much after you work out if you have a protein bar or drink a protein shake instead. Additionally, when you start to train your brain to think of snacks in relation to exercise, you develop a healthier connection.

The Bottom Line

If you are a habitual cannabis user, accept that completely abstaining from the munchies is impractical. permit yourself to indulge in small amounts of junk food occasionally. As long as you do not overindulge and buy excessive amounts of chips and chocolate, moderating your intake is sensible.

Nonetheless, it is hard to know when to stop when you’re high, so use the tips we provided as a guide. We would love to hear how these work for you in the comments section below!

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